My Story Of The New Beginning!

What Matters Most is How you See yourself ? Special or Mediocre ?

You need to see yourself Successful before Somebody else can identify you as Successful Being! Hence, I am starting with my own story!


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Hi, I am Mahendra Kapady would like to bring you the very different but simple perspective to look at your life & change the course of life with this New view.

Let me start with a Why? Because that’s the most important question that all of us should have?  the Big Why? Why I have decided to write this Blog  & now it’s in your hands, was that all necessary? let me share you my story!

I had a good childhood, my parents raised me well & fulfilled our basic needs decently. I got graduated with a degree in Engineering, got placed into a good company & started earning a handsome salary. First few months were like Ahh-haa life, I was going in a full swing, like there is no limit to do but days started turning differently after few years of working. The feeling of uselessness, good for nothing & what sort of life is this ? feeling started growing within Me. After 2011, I never knew how my years vanished from my life, like somebody has flipped the calendar turned into year 2015.Like 6 years vanished completely after my graduation.



Just like most of the people, I have spent my days and years cursing my life, months after months doing nothing, cursing my luck, God, blaming my parents, situations, people around me for my failure , to ascend the life that I dreamed of, but after 6 years of my working & gather maturity, I have realized that this way of life isn’t working, I am not going anywhere, I am simply falling little bit behind year after year. When I started reflecting to this I realized that I have already lost my 6 years with this sort of thinking which I don’t have any control over, getting dragged & pushed here and there. I started asking myself a question why I am living like this? I got to know that if I continue to live like this I would land nowhere other than into my own grave made through my own hands. I visualized my life , by fast forward for 10 years , the picture that I saw was not promising, in fact it was not the picture I had dreamed of, it was not the life I saw when I was in my childhood!

I asked myself where the problem is, I asked again & again.

Is it due to my weak financial conditions?

Is it due to my depleting bank balance?

Because I don’t own a House?

Because I don’t own a car?

Because my parents don’t support me?

Because my relatives try to pull Me behind?

Because my company is not good place to work?

Because my boss is not helpful?

Because I am single & I don’t have a good partner?

Because my friends are selfish? Because no one helps me?

Because everyone takes advantage of Me?

Because My parents are not Rich, there fore I cant quit this Job Now! & So on.

Like above numerous questions were rumbling into my mind, which made me restless. I started working over these problems but I was still going nowhere, I still had the same question, why I am not happy? Something is still missing from my life, why I am living like this?

After lot of outward search & futile attempts to find the answer, I decided to do some different search in some different Area? I kept my mind open enough to absorb new things. After weeks , Months of search & hunting, I don’t know what to say it , I would say it as an insight, I got to know that the answer is within Me, An Inward search is necessary! The problems I have are very common & millions of people have on this earth.

Too many successful people had same problems or worse than this, still they emerged high & elevated the lives of themselves & people around them.

The insight was, The problem lies with my thinking! I have to work on my Attitude & thinking! But I was 26, How can I change now?


I came across the quote by Marcus Aurelius ” Our life is What our thoughts Make it.”

“What you think is What you become” the words impressed on my mind.

I see that most of the people around us live their life with their fingers crossed, waiting for miracle to happen, waiting for circumstances, situations to change, people to change but not willing to change themselves. Running away from opportunities & challenges with “Why Me? Attitude & Sour face” then I decided to bring the change within me.Upon changing my thoughts, philosophy I started noticing some change, things, life, people, my parents & everything around me started looking beautiful.They were all the same but the only thing that changed is ” My Perspective.”

During this whole process I did pen down the revolutionary insight I have got & few of my experiences, changes & philosophy I have inculcated in me in my journey so far. I got so excited that I started working on my philosophy & went on the quest for Personal Development. Throughout this years I continuously revised my philosophy, worked on my attitude extensively.

I got extensive help through my mentors Like Sir Jim Rohn, Napolean Hill, Brian Tracy , Jack Canfield , Wayne Diar, Les brown , Joel Osteen. Obviously through their books & Audio tapes. I literally revolutionized my way of thinking & I truly believe my life has changed from that point.

So, let’s see the world through New Mind-set & experience the brighter colors of life with the New View!

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The Picture says it All !

I see My self as Successful, It doesn’t matter what people think about Me, doesn’t matter what people say about Me!  success isn’t about Your designation, the Car you drive, 7 figures of Bank Balance or Big mansion & Wealth you have acquired ! That’s the Materialistic Success. What about the Inner Success, Real Success! because more than anything Success is a Feeling , Its the Sense of fulfillment that comes from within! Success is an inside out Job! Nobody else can give this feeling to you. Before somebody else can say for you , you got to originate this feeling within You!

This is My Story & This is just a Beginning! What is Your Story ?

Thank you!

Mahendra Kapady.

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