Benefits Of Smile!

Since last 3 years, Every day In the morning, I begin my day with different note altogether! I put my first foot on floor say Thank You god for the Beautiful day , then I go in the Mirror & Give myself a Broad Smile!Smile for about 4-5 times, probably for 30 seconds to 1 minute by experimenting with my face!

This thing has really worked for Me & I came out of the feeling of hopelessness, ohh my god just another day feeling!

I have experienced too many benefits of Smiling in my real life, this is my personal experience, I would be very precise!

  1.  I really feel very happy, Relaxed & wonderful!
  2.  I feel very enthusiastic about going for any activities, problems and challenges in  my life & office!
  3.  I feel I am in a good control of myself! Get in responsive state than reactive!
  4.  I feel very young, charming! I can see my skin is glowing & my face is refreshing!
  5.  Sometimes by forcing myself to laugh/smile for No reasons, I get away bad emotions immediately and jump to working on what is necessary!
  6. I have managed to stay away from too many worthless arguments, verbal fights just by offering them a gentle smile and not replying back to their comments or Taunts
  7.  I have made few friends with a genuine smile followed by a healthy conversation.
  8.  I gave a willful smile to new people, They smiled back & I experienced really wonderful conversations with them, which charged my day!
  9.  I have became pretty courteous, Warm in my approach towards other people.
  10.  My relations with my family, friends, colleagues have improved substantially over a period of time!

–  One Beginner!

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