Let’s Start with a Smile!

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Let us always meet each other with Smile, Smile is the Beginning of the Love”             – Mother Teresa!

We should always start our day with Smile! Yes. You read it right. Let’s start with a smile. Every day when you wake in the Morning, before you do anything else. Just go to the Mirror & give a Broad smile, Smile numerous times. Give your day a magnificent start with a Smile. No matter whichever way you are, where you had born, where you belong, whatever struggles, problems you have to resolve in days forward, whatever struggles you have to face in that day, but don’t forget to start your day with a Smile. It’s not funny or fancy thing, it gives you a boost, a Positive beginning to march towards your day, not the day will march on you.

In other words, it’s feeling of gratitude. You are saying thank you to Universe that it has given a Precious gift i.e. another day in your life. There must be Thousands of people who had slept yesterday with the hope to rise today & do something, live for today but somehow they couldn’t, maybe there were not that fortunate as you are.

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So, you are so lucky that you have wake up today. Just Smile broadly & make most of it. Utilize the gift of Today to make the most of it, to do something worthy.

Instead of smiling with somebody you like or for somebody you have to smile for sake of it, gift the smile to yourself every morning! The First smile of every morning should be for yourself & yourself only! Do not offer it to the TV show, any post of Facebook or any crappy joke on what’s App or a video on YouTube. Not even to your partner or parents or neighbor. you have enough with you to offer them after this one. Reserve the first one yourself & Deliver it to you in the morning with all your heart, then just see the Magic!

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In the beginning you might feel like somewhat weird, but after few days your muscles would get relaxed ,so you would get used to this practice and smile would start getting natural from within. The smile in the morning makes me forget all my problems for a while & pumps me up to jumpstart my day with all new vigour & enthusiasm.

Some people might think this as a foolishness or a cheesy technique! But let me ask them a question? How they would like to start their day? With Frowning of Problems, hopelessness or with the Smile of Hope & enthusiasm! Ohh shit its Morning!! or thank god for One more New Morning! I feel the latter choice is always better and fruitful!

“Nothing You wear is more important than Smile” –  Connie Stevens!

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You don’t need the Perfect 32 or the cosmetic dentistry all You need is Genuine feeling for yourself! Open Up & Smile!

Yes & don’t forget this tip till the time you are Alive! Just before you say good Morning to somebody, Give yourself a best Smile of the Day in the Morning!


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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.


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