Laugh On Yourself !

Laughter is the Best medicine! You have to prescribe it for yourself!

That’s my favorite thing, To Laugh, Sometimes, I laugh for No reason. Just giggling over some funny moments of past & teenage memories. May be it sounds foolish to others but I don’t care, I just do not want to let that kid die within me.

Keep the child within You Alive! All The Time!


We all love Laughing. We love funny movies, comedy shows, Stand-up performers, comedy events, circus or when we witness a funny incidence happened with somebody.

We all love to laugh, if somebody falls in a funny way (if he is not hurt), someone said some funny word, bloopers & oops situations, someone pronounces a word wrongly or hurriedly, someone said something meaningless or misinterpreted something ,we get immersed into the laughter.


Everybody loves to laugh on somebody or over something but not on themselves! Why? The blunders, bloopers and oops, fluff times & misinterpretation, slip of tongue doesn’t happen by you?  Have we thought about it neatly or deeply?  Have you noticed the difference between the laughter of people in different situations? When somebody else commits mistake the laughter is more enthusiastic & deep but we commit the fluff or mistake the laughter is very shallow or sometimes there is no laughter at all.

I feel why there is so difference?

We laugh on somebody if they make some foolish thing, blunders, slips. But when we do so some sort of foolish thing, fluffs? We want an escape, we don’t want to feel embarrassed. Why can’t we apply the same ideology to ourselves that we enjoy happening with somebody else? Why? Why don’t we treat the same way & just be within the moment with lighter perspective. Who knows if we do the same, we may enjoy it little bit than the embarrassment. Just take the situation lightly, allow others to have fun of you!Participate, even you would enjoy it.

It’s been said that laughter is the best medicine! Seriously?

So why we should borrow it from somebody else? Why we wait so that somebody else prescribe it for us or give to us, why can’t we have it on our own, through our own funny mistakes, bloopers and oops moments. We can have this medicine in abundance if we learn to enjoy our fluffs.

Kids are Good Example!


I am not saying to laugh on serious events or bigger mistakes. I am suggesting some different & lighter way of looking at few situations, there are lots of small & irrelevant mistakes arise though happenstance & instead of welcoming them, we overthink, we overreact & feel embarrassed. Waste our hours and timeless energy on the smallest situation that nobody is going to remember after 24 hours. After a while, When we turn around we feel that it wasn’t a big deal, I should have taken that lightly! Haven’t you thought this way? Yes, I had felt this on numerous occasions.

So, let me give an relevant example, Mrs. Jennifer Lawrence won the academy awards at 2013 , she was bit nervous while she was going to pick her trophy, she did tripped & fell on the stairs and on the next year she again fell on the Red carpet, making it twice in a row at Oscars & when she was made fun by the Host, she took that very sportingly , immersed into laughter on her own fall twice in a row. She really set an example, How to laugh on ourselves for our own mistakes!

Image result for jennifer lawrence laughing at herself
Jennifer Lawrence fell at Red carpet , Laughing at her own Fluff!


In my life, I had experienced such moments may be more than 1000 times in my life. From falling from the stage, tie getting stuck at printer, water getting spilled at Trousers, forgetting to unlock the pant zips, forgetting things very often and roaming at a place over and over, wondering, wearing such nice clothes and leg gets twisted while walk (happens very very often), so losing the balance on the side walk in on busy road, could be many more situations. I am saying such things happen with everyone but they happen with me multiple times. I used to feel very much awkward & embarrassed when people used to laugh on me.I used to be unnecessarily more cautious in public and used to spend my too much of energy to avoid such fluffs and falls.I never felt free, instead of enjoying the days ,all my back of the mind focus was to avoid any sort embarrassment & fluffs, so that I should not be a reason for people to laugh.

But after a while I came to know nobody gives a damn, if people laugh on my fall, let them, but I am going to live, I decided to take such moments lightly and Move on, get away with these instances very immediately, instead dragging and getting embarrassed over it.

I came up with the practice that created wonders for me. I used to get off-balance numerous times (I still do) so, before somebody else could laugh on me, I used to laugh on myself. So, when I see around even if somebody else is laughing it doesn’t create that big dent on my mood.

See, life is so short to take it seriously over such irrelevant, not so important happenings. Remember, we are here for short period of while. So, why to wait for somebody else to make us laugh. Why can’t we make ourselves the source of our own enjoyment?

Image result for laugh on yourself

The Benefit of this practice-

See, If we laugh on ourselves before somebody else laugh on us, we would never be embarrassed and the lovely, sporting side of you would be displayed, let your heart rekindle with some giggles out of your own bloopers. This very act of picking yourself from falling & taking it sportingly makes you stand above than mediocre thinking and average people. Trust me, People would definitely see you as different & special sort of person.

Advantage to yourself –

See, if you laugh on yourself, it shows that you accept yourself the way you are, with the very  good in you and with mistakes as well. Even in good times and in not so good times as well. You accept yourself with the imperfections & love yourself.

Isn’t it nice to love yourself?

Throw yourself freely. Laugh very often.

Let the lively side of your personality shine, let your Heart absorb this energy & get blossomed with these funny moments, because this self-created laughter is going to stay with you for a long while and too much beneficial than those awkward moments.

I say that what we do with somebody else should be applied on us as well. We should laugh on ourselves more often, we should laugh on our own mistakes, we should make fun of ourselves, that’s altogether a different feeling & more importantly it builds our temperament. you would never have to take laughter any therapy & any medicine to control your ageing.

So from Today on wards, if you commit a blooper, laugh on Yourself!                                 Are you ready to laugh on yourself?

Mahendra Kapady.                                                                                                                         One-Beginner!
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