You Are Nobody ?

 If I say ” You are Nobody” would you like that, I would say nobody would agree with Me, but I have to share this discussion with some different view!

We are somebody all the time! But we are never why we are really brought here to be! The Cheerful, wonderful Human Being instead We always carry the façade of the labels, Money Tags, classification, designation, Social Class, accolades, identification over wealth, social materials and about our belongings the society have offered to us over the years. I mean we are never really a true, spontaneous, natural Human Beings which god really made us To Be!

You are like a somebody with a Special Label all the time. You are the executive! You are MNC executive, You are Ranker, Some lucrative job, degree, PHD holder. You are the Manager, You are somebody who is working at some top designation in some organization or you are somebody who is working on some important profile at a some designated position, You are Team leader, may be few nos. or 100s of people are working under your work instructions. May be you are CEO, you are MD or you are chief or you are VIP. The bottom line is you are somebody what society feels as a person with higher society credentials.

Automatically, we start living your life around & under these title in your office, at your Home & in the society, with people around you. That’s where we lose the prompt joy, natural state, simplicity of our lives. Because we start seeing the world through these Labels or titles & expect all people should treat us special & the way we want to be, mostly all the time. But in reality does it happens, nope, it doesn’t! Sometimes people don’t care what we are! What social or organizational class we belong & we end up feeling discontent, too much frustrated.

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You are Nobody ! Give it a Try!

I know these roles or titles must be making you proud, making you feel good, making you feel happier but actually they are not! The more you start building or living your life around these titles, then unknowingly you start needing & demanding unnecessary respect & expectations. You start needing more & more respect, attention, importance.

In case you don’t get it, somewhere you feel disheartened, some people even get furious.

Haven’t you seen people making arguments such as “ Do you Know who I am?” I am working in MNC as —– Position, still you are not helping me out. It feels like they are begging to other people over their career Titles, they don’t seek attention, actually they are requesting, needing & begging the attention desperately.

In my view, the People who live with the Titles in their Head, mind & Brain always live on the upper floor of life, for them everybody else is living at ground Floor. Can you imagine you are standing on first floor & talking with somebody at ground floor, still you are expecting a Healthy conversation? Is it possible! If you are carrying a title difference between you and people, you would never have a good conversations, Blooming feelings & healthy relations.

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But remember if you are living beyond such titles; you are a jovial, lovely and good human Being. You become Joyous, Natural, Spontaneous, co-operative, compassionate. You start moving more freely amongst people. This isn’t a one way process, in return you get un-divided attention from people, Genuine Respect & Lot of love & happy feelings. In my view, sometimes Being Nobody is a “Feel Good Factor” for Me.

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When you are not in your workplace try to live your life in a way like “I am nobody but Myself ”, you will be very pleased, you will become more approachable, more open, More flexible, more free from burdens, More on ground. More people will love you, they will want to be with you. Because, I believe most of the good people want to spend their time with a person “who is nobody”, who is really just like them, a humble human being. (Not with CEO, Chief), who makes them feel special.


By living this way you will get the response and ultimate respect which will definitely surprise you! Don’t forget “You are Nobody but very much approachable” is always much better than “You are somebody but unapproachable!”


I applied this to my life , never carried my credentials , visiting cards , reputation in my social Life & it really allowed me to get mixed-up with people, experience their real feeling and real respect for Me (not for my some fancy Title”. In some events I deliberately under-dress & get along with so called common (but in my view very special and Humble Beings) people.

Just give this thinking a try for may be 24 hours may be you would discover what people really respect You. To the Real You or to the Title You!

“ I am Nobody.” Are You ? Feel like ” You are Nobody “, give it a Try!

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