Be a 1-B!


” Allow yourself to be a Beginner! No one starts off being an Excellent.”                         – Wendy Flynn.

Good Evening Friends! welcome back.

1-B, What do you mean by One-B ?

It’s a peculiar code for Inception of gigantic success and Dream Realization!                          Its nothing but “Be A One-Beginner.

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Steve Jobs- The Beginner! 

Let’s see an Example of biggest trendsetting, innovative phone manufacturing firm, now it seems a billion dollar organization, which has a million dollar advertisement & marketing campaign. They pour millions & millions rupees in their invention, Research & development, their consumer products, for their employees & for customer satisfaction as well. It’s all what we see today, but go just few decades behind, in the year 1976, when it all started with one person named Steve jobs, with one spark in his mind, one spark that he transformed into a flame in his garage, He nurtured, Nourished & Persisted to make it as unstoppable movement of creativity in field of consumer electronics, which noticed & appreciated by the entire world, known as Apple!

Yes, Mr. Steve jobs was the One Beginner for a sensation known as Apple Inc. He didn’t wait for the perfect situation, Big finances, his family support, his friends Assistance to convert his idea, dreams into reality. He did just begin with this one idea, eventually people joined & it grew day by day to a become multi-billion dollar as we see today.

Yes, I do agree with the thing that in order to go longer you have to walk in a team, still you have be one beginner to initiate your dream, if your idea or vision is worthwhile, alike & interested people would definitely join, they would not only join but they would jump in with all their hearts! Before that First you have to put your heart in it & be a one beginner & begin your movement, begin to shape your dream, destiny with all your actions.

You can Be 1- B!

See, if you be a 1-B & start, you may have some obstacles that you have to overcome in the beginning until it starts taking some shape. You have to have the uttermost faith & belief in yourself to move ahead, then people would join & it would definitely grow, but if you wait somebody to begin it you would definitely be in loss!

Remember it’s okay that you may need a support of somebody (team) to grow bigger, but don’t rely on somebody to begin your Dream! Never rely, you have to begin!

Remember every biggest organization in the history has started with one idea, one person, one action, one movement, yes it all started with one person, with action. The major & defining action of the person & of any business/enterprise or venture is The Beginning! The beginning is a major action taken by any individual who changed the course of his life & created history!


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My Story-

Let me share my own story, this is not a whole story of achievement but about the Battle of Beginning. I waited for about 5 years to write (even to initiate the writing), not even the completion, I was seeing & nourishing all excuses of mind few of them like Not talented enough, I lack vocabulary, lack new ideas, a young person like me can’t write a book, I don’t know much about publishing, how to find a publisher. It’s difficult to write 300 pages, how to find a publisher & many more irrelevant excuses. These excuses or reasons could be valid to some extent but these were becoming obstacle in my goal of writing a Book. I was writing messages, texts in mobiles, Content on notepads, quotes on bills and drafts in emails but never initiated as draft of Book. The I decided to allow myself to be a Beginner & threw away the facade of Perfection. when I began writing slowly, Page after Page, everything started taking shape and obstacles, limitation of my Evil mind started feeling pity in front of the vision of completion of this Book. Today I am in the stage of completion. I know that I haven’t made a great achievement till day but the fact I want to highlight through this, doesn’t matter what happens as a result, but I wouldn’t have regret. Because it the inaction hurts a lot than the failed attempt.

I asked myself Why Not Me? Why Not Now?                                                                                  & I ask you a question Why Not You ? When you have decided to begin?                      Now or Never ?

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Have you decided To Begin?

I have a habit of reading Wikipedia profile of every successful organization. From Mercedes Benz, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, TATA Group, Reliance, Ford, GE, Toyota, Honda & countless more. I found one common denominator in them; these ventures were born & raised through the idea, brain & hands of only one person, The One Beginners! So, I decided to use this Phrase as title for my Firm!

See, before you get pro, you got to allow yourself to be Beginner!

Even I asked my 2 friends on numerous occasions to start a firm on ideas, making youth employable but we never did find time in unison. I waited, waited for about days, month & a year. Nothing constructive happened. I was procrastinating day after day. Then, my message of 1-B moved me itself. Then one noon out of extreme unrest I decided to move on with my idea, gave myself a strict deadline & started my small firm within next 15 days. It was a week-end/part time firm with no capital. I had to vacate my house that i had given on rent, so took additional burden of 1.2 lakhs on my struggling financial condition. But I had one thing in me The Faith, the determination to get something started instead of wasting time in the fairy tale of perfection, which was making it impossible every passing day.

Then slowly one week after another all things start finding its place, the board, the chairs, the Interior, the Projector & too many small things as well. Still I was struggling through my finances but I had decided that even if I move slowly, it would be okay but I am not gonna stay or stuck at one place like I was for years in past, I am going to keep moving! The place I was stuck in was my own mind, Prison of excuses made by Me. There is no turning back! There was no finances, no returns initially, I was mentoring & giving session every Sundays to students in my place for free but I was still doing it without any monetary benefit.

Today, Even though I am in starting phase of my passion, Its feels proud that I have moved, I begun & made something out of my own. If I could have waited for my friends, right time, finances, support from family & others, I could have been in the same place after a year with regret & resentment of not doing anything.

With reference to my first blog, I would like to repeat again- Allow yourself to make Mistakes, fail a little it, Grow. there is no problems as Beginner irrespective of your Age!

The beginning is prime thing of your career, dream or Goal. Numerous people fail in their life because they wait for Right time, Right situation, assistance from friends and family, boss and many more reasons. They fail to start. They fail to capitalise the importance of beginning. They always underestimate the small little steps. They should Say let’s do this, let’s do it, I would figure out whatever I would across. But In their mind, They keep on perfecting the situation and removing the probable obstacles, over the time the obstacles grow so bigger that the idea of the dream, business seems impossible, all this happens because you fail to work on the idea on the smaller stage.

Remember, Every expert in any field was once a Beginner!
So why stopping yourself by thinking so long and so far, have mercy on yourself, allow yourself to fall often, fail a little, Be a Beginner!

Zig Ziglar Said-

See, People fail in their life and never reach to their dreams because they never begin! They never gather enough courage to Begin! The 3% super achievers in life are the Extraordinary Beginners before they become a notable success!

See, If you have a dream, a Goal or milestone to reach in your life, you have to walk alone first. Nobody is going to come you to help you in the starting point and push you to reach on the top. You would be all alone in the inception. May be you can get somebody to join along the path, but don’t expect that to happen. Its all needs a Focus, commitment and sheer Will to begin, nothing else.

You got to start with one person, i.e. with you and you only as One-Beginner!

Don’t wait for anybody, not even for your own Shadow, if you wish to create something, Move yourself! Make a Move, Make it now!

Your Dreams begins with You & only You, Nothing Else.


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So, don’t just wait! Lets Begin Now, Be a One Beginner!

– One Beginner!

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