The Battle of Beginning!

In continuance with the previous post Be A 1-B!

I am taking it forward, here we would discuss about the battle ground & battle inside us that takes a toll on our energy, enthusiasm and drain our batteries.

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The battleground is a familiar place to us, that’s our mind, yes our mind is said to be biggest battleground where the battle is between our holy mind vs. evil mind is happening every single moment, in modern context we say the continuous fight between positive mind & Negative mind, which leads to chaos, unrest and confusion in our life. The mind we feed dominates your personality.The battle is between the two wolves in your mind, the one whom you feed the most wins & this wolf control you for the rest of the day & rest of your life.

Let’s go forward-

We all have dreams, we all have ideas, we all have something different that we wish to deliver it to the world, that would create our legacy or at-least make our mark. We all feel that we have the great idea that can give us the breakthrough, it can really change course of our life, and it can convert our dreams into reality! That’s a like a million dollar idea!

When we catch the spark in our head, we feel yes this is the one, yes it’s the worthy one, but after a while, probably a day after two we do nothing over it. Then may be week, months or years after, we feel that we are stuck. We feel like helpless, it’s not that great, I don’t know whether I could really make it. Like I am not worth it, I am not that big to have such breakthrough idea, I am not going anywhere, I am not going to make it & so many life depriving or derogatory thoughts! You evil mind say loudly to you over and over that you can’t do this, look at you do you feel you can do this and take so much responsibility & force you to join along with supporting garbage from your own mouth like – I don’t have experience, I don’t have money with me, I can’t quit this job to pursue my passion, I am old now, I could have done that few years prior, now it’s too late, it’s not my cup of tea, what if I fail, its feel safe now with this job, I can’t afford to take this risk, such thoughts rumble into your mind. The negative thinking goes on and on! & at the same time there is a slight movement in other side of your head & slower voice is coming from your other mind which reminds you, you can do this, no matter what was there in your past, you have the potential you can do this, you can definitely do this and much better than what you are doing, just start, take chance on yourself!

The one mind says “you can, just go ahead, don’t worry, new doors will open, just jump in!” Other mind says “No, You can’t, You would never be, you will get drawn, just play safe, stay where you are” you know this sort of situation and many such battles happen in your mind-battleground every day and you know which mind or the side wins , the mind to whom you feed the Most.

Let’s take a familiar example of the battle of Beginning –

Every morning the battle starts from first challenge of our life i.e. from waking up. The alarm goes boom at 6.00 am. Our Holy mind says wake up, It’s time now, do some exercise and do something for your dream. Evil mind say, you slept bit late yesterday, you did lot of work yesterday in office, you can do exercise from tomorrow. Still if you try to wake up, it whispers slowly slip a little while, 5 more mins, 5 more mins, 5 more mins and we keep on hitting snooze button over and over again. Aren’t you familiar with this experience?

Waking up early is the battle of beginning for a good day which leads to a Good life. I have heard too many comments from my friends and relatives about waking up early in the morning, they say, it’s very difficult to wake up every morning, they feel very tired and have endless reasons to justify their stance. And they say You are different, you are gifted, I don’t know how you do this? & they are not able to do this over the years.

You know why it happens?  it all happens because they lose the Battle of Beginning!

So, the very first decision of your day went against you, you lost the very first battle of your day! Trust me, Waking up early could be the sort of Battle of beginning of Good day, Good life for most of folks, that’s the battle they haven’t won yet and the thing that’s holding back too many people in their life.

But I have decided I am not going to lose this battle, I am going to feed my Right mind every day over and over and over again & I win this battle every morning, no matter How tired I was on the previous day. Its the real challenge not to feed the Bad Wolf in your Mind.

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people say “I can’t afford to take risk” but you cannot afford not to take the risk, because the pain of regret is higher than the price you may to pay to live your dreams through risks , discomfort & pain.

Aristotle said “Well begun is half done”, In addition to it I would say, “Do not wait for well beginning, just begin, it would occur in the process “

Its sounds confusing but Majority of the business ideas remain undiscovered, in the other words they Go to the grave because the lose battle of beginning, yes beginning is the battle itself.

We have to go beyond our mediocre thinking, cross all the barriers & deception of our limited thinking and pessimistic attitude, so go forward & give it A Go! It’s a leap beyond the fear of Failure! It’s a jump start to your new feature. The beginning, the first step. We must conquer our fears and rise beyond our failures and limited thinking with the leap of faith.

We all know, it’s been always said that the first step is always difficult! Yes, it is. Every long journey begins with a small step, still we hesitate a lot to begin! We procrastinate day after day. One of the major enemy that plays a dominant role in this battle & stands very front between your & your dreams is the perfection! Its dooms you to the failure & never allows you to begin! You feel he is standing by your side & gonna support you climb to the new heights. No, it’s not that way bit it’s going to push you in the valley, with your ideas, into the final destination, the graveyard!
The battle of  I  Can vs I cant ? would be there with you every day, every moment. This is common with everyone, but you have to focus on the faintest I can & start running towards your Goal.

Remember every biggest organization in the history has started with one idea, one person, One action, one movement, yes it all started with one person, with action. The major & defining action of the person & of that organization is The Beginning! The beginning is a major action taken by any individual who changed the course of his life & created history!

The Microsoft, apple, ford they all seem like gigantic corporation pouring & dealing with multimillion dollars but rewind few decades behind. They all started with one person, one idea, one beginning! One great beginning from the person of will & determination. If you be a one beginner, you would never be lonely, the opportunities, abundance would join as business partners to reach the new heights & to achieve your goal. See, you have to take chance on yourself.

Take chance on yourself, because nobody else is going to offer you!”               – Mahendra kapady.

It’s not how bigger or creative your idea is, the thing that really create a difference in your future is when you begin it. It must begin with a simple path from your head to the paper, the paper to the Action, action to repeated Action, correction, repeated Action. Then this massive force of action takes momentum towards the destination.

So, Jump & give your dream a breakthrough start, it’s now or never! You are not going to live forever, your time is limited, and you don’t know when the sand of your hourglass go empty?

Don’t lose the prime most challenge, The battle of beginning!

– Mahendra Kapady                                                                                                                                  One Beginner!

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