See Yourself As Complete!

See yourself as complete, nobody on this earth can complete you than yourself!         – Mahendra kapady.

Do you see yourself as Complete ?

I know the answer, It could be bit spin-off question for most of us. Any guess? it’s No for the majority of the people. Someone would say we are not but we try to make ourselves complete & that’s the way we progress, we grow & move ahead in life. Is it true? Does our efforts complete us? Do our persistence, hard work, determination complete us at any moment of time. You reach from one point to another, reach one milestone to another, still you feel something is missing.

I knew the answer for majority of people is No, because people are seeing the  Completeness in their life through the glass and views of other People.They really don’t understand what makes them really complete?


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Something is Missing ? But Why ?


To be very honest we never see ourselves as complete because we are seeing the world though the Glass or views of others. We always see in our surrounding and find somebody is doing better in some field, we feel we are incomplete. We see an person who is more fit than us at same age of ours, we feel discontent, we see somebody is having better skills than you we feel we are not smart enough, we see somebody having more achievement than that of you at very same moment, we feel we have to reach to that level then we would be complete! I am not saying you shouldn’t grow and settle where you are.but it has to be in some different way, not through the way of mediocre (typical) thinking of comparison, unnecessary competition or by envy or jealousy, it should be through the feeling of betterment of your life with an motive of creating a difference in your existing life.

I wish to mark out is- You should grow, inspire yourself to be better you! Different you (than that of yesterday) , not to like or be like somebody! You should see yourself as your own competitor, you verses the better You every day, day in day out!

lets get to the Real View – Standpoint of the Discussion.

Buddha was looking for wisdom, peace, knowledge in the world which would complete him. He traveled a lot, He spent his years, his energy & lost his Health in this search from outside. Then he discovered it within himself. He pursued the Inner engineering & I got  aligned with what he was really looking for. He felt complete when he change his standpoint from outside to Inside! But it took him years to discover this Wisdom.

In same context- Super successful people always see themselves as complete. They see themselves complete from Inside, may be not from outside. They never feel like they lack something, they always have the inner feeling of completeness, that’s why they reach to the level nobody can ever imagine! They honestly compete with a complete people just like them, so they grow enormously.

They strive for success but in totally different way, that is what makes them unstoppable!

Successful people always compete with the previous version of themselves, so they always raise the bars bit higher, they reach the milestones nobody could have ever imagined. If you compete with somebody you would be going through horizontal approach but if you compete with yourself, you have taken the Vertical approach. In the graph of life, you would definitely come to know which approach is better.

On the other hand unsuccessful people always feel that they are always incomplete, like they don’t have the physique like the superstar, they don’t have bigger car like the neighbor, they don’t have comfortable life like his neighbor, they don’t have bigger house like his boss, they are never satisfied no matter how much they achieve in their life, even they achieve what they were looking few years back, they would never be happy because they are living their life through the view of incompleteness. They would compare themselves with the person who is now on the higher level than theirs. They always operate with limited energy, limited ideas because all their energy, ideas, enthusiasm gets drained out in unnecessary feeling of lack, discontent & resentment about themselves, they are always half-operating person who pose themselves as successful human being. Just like the image shown below.


They see the world through limited mind-set or incomplete view that’s why they always feel that their life is in-complete, they feel that there is some problem with the world or their life but they should understand that it’s not the problem with the world or things, it the problem with their view, view of incompleteness.

I do understand that our life should be Improved upon every day, the journey of improvement, betterment should be never ending. but

Life should be definitely a Work in progress Project but it shouldn’t be driven through indexing of incompleteness.                                                                                            – Mahendra Kapady@

You must see yourself complete from within ! Then only the external conditions would improve in some way. Else you would be always discontent no matter what you achieve in your life!

We all know that we are not Perfect or complete from outside, that what makes us Human being & to live in a society, to help each other & grow day by day But being complete or completeness is an inner feeling, you can definitely see yourself as complete if you feel that way.

If you worry about the problems you are facing, how your neighbors, relatives are living relaxed? Somebody else is doing better than you, having more financial success and material objects than you , you would be always discontent with the feeling of incompleteness but if you see the brighter side of your life with attitude of Gratitude, like having a good family, beautiful job, in condition Health , you would definitely feel complete.

You have to feel that way ,” you are complete!” that would make your mind, calm, composed & focused, it would help you to work with different views, new ideas & never ending enthusiasm. You would see the world with New view!

Every morning, you got to get in front of mirror & affirm                                                         “I am Complete & I love Myself” Thank you for this life.                                                         This doesn’t stop you from growing but makes you feel great.

So, no matter wherever you are, with whatever you have, you must see yourself as a complete, because if you don’t how somebody else can?

See yourself as Complete! Nobody else can complete you!

– 1Beginner.


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