An Unusual but Effective Study Pattern!

This Blog/content is written on request by few followers/readers, Hence I am sharing my perspective, practical approach that I applied in my college days & got a good result out of it.

Read till the end. I have kept an easy  20 step study pattern which is very much interesting & possibly amaze you. I have kept something special at the end!

I know its bit long in length (about 5-6 pages) but its really interesting, But I think it was necessary to justify the question & explain in detail. Because I don’t believe in content/videos like 1 hour to score good marks or 1 month to get rich sort of techniques. I definitely know such crap don’t work but gather lot of attention.


Guys,  I know its an Exam Time. You must sweating hard to complete your chapters , jumping from this chapter to another, from one subject or another , revising what’s done! Some of you must be Imagining about your vacation!

Let me share something which could be helpful to you in the exam time! Which I applied in my days of school, college & Engineering days. I was neither a Ranker nor Merit Holder but I was decent in score. I hold distinction & First class in all educational curriculum I Pursued in my life.

Let me share something Relevant that you can apply in your Finals, Board Exams, Engineering Exams , aptitude & entrance Exams or any exams you are appearing.

Lets jump to the idea I have to share with you –

Lets say for example you have 15 days before you have to appear for your important exams & you are not prepared at all, probably you have bought you books just now & you got aware about the syllabus just now. I know the engineering students can resemble with that , because it used to happen during my days of Engineering.

By the time this article reached to you, you might have 15 days, 10 days or fewer than that. Too many of you must be thinking,Ohh my god , I dont have enough time ,  chuck this time , I would prepare better for Next Time.but trust me there is no thing as a next time.

So let’s jump to the real discussion of this evening.

Lets say you have 10 days prior to exam or study leave & You have to crack 6 subjects & You haven’t studied at all during the whole semester.Although its not at all  recommended that you didn’t study through the semester & preparing at very last moment.

In my time, we hardly used to get 8 to 10 days as study leave & 1 day between two papers but I cleared exams all the time With Average 6.6 CPI for 4 years, 8 Semesters, passing over 50 subjects. No Drop, No KT. (I know its not that sort of achievement but for many Students nowadays it seems pretty difficult because they are surrounded by whole lot distractions like Girls, Mobile Gaming, TV, Youtube, Whats App, Musically, Snapchat, Money, Parties & many more, fortunately I was not at all distracted by any of these.)

How I did it ? I cleared my exams all the time very easily without any hassle & strain Because even though I didn’t have much talent & interest in it, but I had good sense of Planning, Focus & Time Management skills.

Let me share the steps to get some good results.

I would take some data common for us .As per my habit & Hobbies Pattern. For E.g. I have 10 days, I slept for 6 Hours, I played for 1 hour, I took nap for 20 mins, walk , tv for about 30-45 mins  (I really used to do this)

Sr No Parameters. Hours Hours
1 Total Hours 10*24 240
2 Total activity Hours
Sleep 10*6 60
Play & entertainment 10*1 10
Necessary Chores, lunch, bath, dinner 10*2 20
Misc activities 10*1 10
3 Total Available Hours 140

So, sometimes even though you feel that you have 10 days as lot of time , you have only 140 hours with you , if you are bit lazy, addicted to gaming or TV, the Time is even Less. You can change the equation as per your availability of days. If you have 15-20 days & more days , plus a few bonus days between the then you can have an added advantage. If you have lesser days, then you got to be bit strict about time because it would deplete soon. I never had study leave more than 8-10 days & 1 day in between the papers but there was a bigger advantage of this short timeline, The advantages of such short time were –

1.) There was no scope of procrastination.                                                                                      2.) We were all connected in those days. There was no scope of Switch in – switch Off.        3.) We were fresh & able to deliver instantly, we never had to revise much. I never got time for revision due to my different study pattern                                                                      4.) since time was less, level of Seriousness , focus, value of hours was very High.

Now, You have calculated your available time, now lets see how can you fit subjects in these hours.

Follow the steps for your study execution, You have to calculate the minimum time required for covering the whole subjects, syllabus.

  1. Never directly Jump on to study. Collect all the necessary Data, Resources & Plan.
  2. Know your strength & weakness about subjects.
  3. Give your 6 Hours of 1st day entirely for the planning of the study, syllabus for next 10 days. Remember planning is the name of the game in every aspect of life.

Image result for if i have 8 hours to cut down a tree

I used to spend whole first day (12-14 Hrs) in planning, collecting data, Resources, getting books (if urgently required), Copies of Important things/Zerox, Notes, last year papers etc.

4. Pile up all your Books/material/Notes at one end of Wall, which you have to study in next 9 days. Pile up every every thing.

5. Now separate out  your easy subjects at one end & hard subjects on other side. be very honest & practical. This can be very useful.

6. Lets say you feel 2 subjects are tough out of 6. Declare that you would be devoting more hours , % hours on the difficult subject. Like 60 % on Tough subjects & 40 % on easy subjects.

7. For 1 Subject – Calculate topics & hours for it it might take to entirely study it. Be honest ,you just write the no of  hours (on index page) it might take to complete the topic at your pace.

8. Do this for all Subjects. Write the hours it could take for you to study all topics in every Subject & total of hours needed for the whole Subject. Do this with pencil on 1st page or at index page of the Subject book.

Subject – e.g. Mechanics Time(in hours)
Chapter 1 2
Chapter 2 3
Chapter 3 3
Chapter 4 1.5
Chapter 5 2
Chapter 6 2.5
Chapter 7 3.5
Chapter 8 4
Chapter 9 1
Total Time required, 22.5 Hours.

9. Now , Once you have calculated for all the subjects, now Sum up the time required for all subjects verses time available for you.

10. Now I have a news for you, If time needed to complete the syllabus is more than time available with you , the you are doomed. if time available with you is more then its good, you have bit of relaxation with you. (I said relaxation not for distraction)

Type Hours Need Level
Subject 1 31 Difficult
Subject 2 41 Difficult
Subject 3 27 Moderate
Subject 4 18 Easy
Subject 5 21 Moderate
Subject 6 14 Very Easy
Total 152 Hours.


11. Now, if your time available is less than time needed to complete the syllabus. You got to take the tough call to drop few topics. but no need to worry, you can definitely figure it out as per chapter weight-age or pattern from last 4 for a Specific Subject for a particular chapter, weight-age is only 6 marks & its taking about 4 hours to prepare (you know from last few years this contributes only for 6 marks). else you can prepare the only question which is getting repeated form last 4-5 years, this could save your couple of Hours.

Now, final stage getting into execution-

You all must be wondering how few guys study for about 12-14 Hours A day. All of you must have heard such stories in newspaper interviews from Merit Rankers. Even I used study for about 12-13 hours most of the times but in very different way. I would show you my way, the way I did it. (Even today I am working ,still I do study about 6 hours including reading , Writing, value addition, this Blog.) This is just a different way , i am sure you would love it & get results if you can apply it.

So, Here we Go-

  1. Know your Goal & Study Accordingly!  You got to define your Goal, like Scoring 85% or 95 % or 9.5 as CGPA or 60 % or Pass class. For me Scoring too much marks was never a Goal. I was always interested in practical experience & curious about new things. My Goal was having first class & To learn, Play hard nothing else.(Very Honest -isn’t it?) (I was very actively involved in sports). But because I was natural & enjoyed my study, I even scored beyond 70 % ( 7.0 CGPA) in 4 semesters.You got to set practical Goals & you have to work accordingly. If this/degree is not your interest but you still wish to complete it because you enrolled for it, then accept it ,Go ahead with decently. Don’t strain yourself by unnecessarily competition with your friend or Topper. Be realistic. May be I never wanted to do engineering, so  I accepted this fact & enjoyed my 4 Years. (Please note even though I didn’t like engineering too much, but I living a good life because of experience, wisdom, Time management skills, discipline I learned in engineering). I suggest complete this degree, you would have confidence & support of Money. later do whatever you wish to do in your life. The way I am doing now.
  2. Enjoy Study! This is one of the important thing you have to understand it, no matter how much time you have with you, you have to enjoy your study. If you doing for sake of it, then its not going to work. Study is learning, its a Enrichment, Gaining Wisdom. Don,t see it as Punishment. Do it from your heart, from the your own will. Don’t do it for the sake of somebody like you Parents, Teacher or to beat someone.
  3. Wake up at 6.00 Am every day & Prepare schedule for that day.   I know we have already prepared a schedule but if its disturbed by some extent, re-work on it. Just do 10-15 mins of workout or stretching. This, would not let you sleep, once your blood started pumping into your Brain. (I used to take bath immediately, at 5.30 Am to avoid re-sleeping disaster.)
  4. Study with Split Time pattern. Use blocks of time to study. Like Seat for 2 hours max, then take a break. If you are sitting at same place with same subject more than 2 hours at a place, then its sure that you are just Physically at a place not mentally roaming somewhere else( not involved in studies). Sitting at 12 hours at place doesn’t practically works. Never worked for Me ! I don’t know Why?
  5. Know your Maximum Attention Span- Its been scientifically proven, Humans have the maximum attention span of 11 minutes. Still, if you focus for about 2 hours somehow its really a great achievement.
  6. Sit Appropriately. table-chair is preferable. Never ever study on Bed. Else switch positions after a while, don’t stick at same place.
  7. Prefer a quiet place. Corner in the House or Library. try to do study alone. For me group studies never worked out because I used to get distracted a lot by noise or chats & I was slow learner , I used to get a feeling of lagging behind because my friends were bit fast readers & from English Medium.
  8. Do not Keep distractions with you. Sit for study at corner. I used to sit in Kitchen! Don’t keep your Mobile with you. Trust me,its not an emergency, You can check it after 4-5 hours.
  9. Don’t try mix & match study pattern. like listening to music & reading. Seeing Tv & Solving Maths problems. Our brain & Mind is not compatible or good at multitasking, you might feel that you are studying & enjoying as well but you are not doing any thing right. You are just wasting your time.
  10.  Study Quality, Not Quantity! I used to study for about 10-12 hours every day but it was equivalent to 2-3 days of study of few students I saw now-a-days, because it was really free from distraction & tremendously focused.
  11. Use Diversity Pattern– Try to Study 4-5 subjects in one day , instead of doing 1 subjects for whole day, this way you can avoid boredom of a Subject. This way by the end of your study leave, you must have completed your 80-90% syllabus. If you do only 1 subject for full day then another there is a possibility that you have completed your 2-3 subjects & others are yet to begin from scratch.
  12. Start from difficult subject in the morning! I used to give 2.5 to 3 hours of Morning for very difficult subject. where everything is quiet, no distraction & brain is in fresh and receptive mode, functioning at its Highest capacity.
  13.  Know your Learning Pattern! We all have different brain cells. our learning pattern are very different. the patter that works for your brother, your friend may not at all work for you. Like sometimes your study pattern, grasping pattern changes over a while , you have to identify it. Like reading out loud & by-hearting chapters pattern worked for Me till 10th Standard but it never worked to me from 11th standard, therefore I struggled a lot in my 11-12th days & in my 1st year engineering. Then I changed my study pattern In a way { A- To Read B- Understand & C- Take notes , D- Make & Write bullet points as Revision}
  14. Learn , Grasp! Don’t Mug Up!  See, You should Learn, Have experience of Subjects. Have a practical experience. In my school days- I was very comfortable in reading out loud & remembering the things. I used to read only twice, then used to deliver in papers, scored pretty well. But in high school & engineering, I tried technique of By-heart & mugging up for a while & I failed measurably in my Unit Tests. I never took chance with this approach in my final exams. I had scored 1 to 7-10 marks out of 30 marks too many times in my Mid-Semester Tests. I suggest, Avoid Mug-up Before & Vomit After pattern, because its not at all effective. it might help to score bear enough (35-40), but I cant even guarantee that either. Since, it never worked for Me in any way.
  15. Its Okay to Be A Slow Learner! Some people are slow learner, Its okay accept it & Work accordingly. But don’t think as negative factor & stop. Don’t stop, Keep moving. Even Crawling is much better than sitting at one place doing nothing and crying over your flaws. I was tremendous slow learner. I accepted that, cried over this issue initially, took Help of my mother & developed a new study patter like- Read, Read Again with Pencil Marks on Books, Take Notes, Write Bullet Points. This thing really created wonders for Me, I owe to my mother for all her Help.
  16. Do easy Subject at the End of the Day! I was tremendously good in mathematics. I was not just good but I was too much fast in Maths, statistics , logic based subjects. So, I used to do subjects in evening or in night when there was bit of distraction, so it was okay because I never need too much attention for such subjects, I hope you remember I had used my morning span for difficult subjects.(Point no-12). I used to spend 1 hour after dinner for Maths, statistics relevant subjects.So, I never felt sleepy even after Lunch or Dinner.
  17. Take Help of your Parents! I always took help of my mother during my engineering. My mother is extraordinary talented. Now listen to the important part. My mother is just 7 grade drop-out woman but I never judged her by her degrees & her percentage. I trusted her intelligence not asked any proof of educational degrees from her. She had some very good ideas. She came up with Read & Make notes (Read-write combination to have footprint on Brain) concept for Me.I was reluctant at the beginning but it really made my study easy, comfortable & effective. I love you Mom. See, you got to trust, love & ask for help from your parents. may be they are not qualified enough but remember ever human being have something in them, all you need is to find it. If your parents are not with you, you are staying away at Hostel or somewhere else. Just call them every 2 days & talk for few moments. have their blessing, share your problems, ask for any possible ideas. trust Me they would definitely come up with something interesting. Trust me, sometime too many problems gets resolved out of love & Affection.
  18. Don’t Study Something New Just a day Before the exam or the morning of Paper/Exams ,no matter anybody had said its a damn important, because you might lose all your focus & get distracted for that 5-10 mark question.
  19. Use day before exam only for reminding Bullet points, Diagrams, make a list of Formulas, equations & something very very important. Only Practice, Sleep well, Be relaxed, Re-write all Formulas atleast two times.Do not study any new topic on this day.
  20. Final TIP- My Study Execution Pattern!  Try to attempt paper with questions comprising of numericals, equations because if you practice well they guarantee full marks, save lot of time, makes you sure about score you have .                                                                                                                                                                                    This Study pattern really worked for me , I am sure it would work for you in some way or the other.
    Time Activity Hours
    6.00 Am to 8.30 Am Subject 1( difficult) 2.5
    8.30 Am to 9.30 AM Breakfast, bath, Cartoon Network.
    9.30 Am to 1.00 Pm Subject 2(Difficult) 3.5
    1.00 Pm to 2.00 Pm Lunch, bit of Tv or Sleep 15-20 mins
    2.15 Pm to 4.30 pm Subject 3 2.5
    4.45 Pm to 6.00 Pm Subject 4 1.5
    6.00 Pm to 7.00 Pm Playing cricket, Time with friends.
    7.00 pm to 9.00 Pm Subject 5 2
    9.30 Pm to 11.00 Pm Subject 6 (Easy) 1.5
    All Subjects covered 13.5  Hours

That’s all from my end.

Guys, Best of luck for remaining Papers, if your Exams are over. Refer to this blog for your future study & exams for next semester.

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