Do you Really want to be Successful ?


Whole World is fascinated by this term!The Success! everybody want to achieve this State! Most of us look at the end product of Success, the materialistic rewards like wealth, Money, abundance, Cars, Luxurious life, comfort , relaxation and many more.                  But success doesn’t necessary look like this or a Final State of Achievement. The materialistic things said above can be outcome/part of successful life but cannot be termed as Genuine Success!

Success is process of being somebody worthy. Actually Success is a sort of Phenomenon! Success is an Elusive Thing, probably there is a different definition of Success for almost everyone around the world. If you ask people you might get thousands of versions about Success!

In life-

We all wish to be Successful?                                                                                                      We all hope to be successful?                                                                                                      We all expect to be successful?                                                                                                        Isn’t it? The answer is yes, Of course!

But Do  you Really want to be Successful?                                                                                    You might say the answer is still Yes, but if you see from actual perspective. I am sure majority of People wouldn’t give any answer.Because the Word Really creates a whole lot of difference.

Let me dig deeper through a real life instance/Story.

In one discussion, I asked my participants (only around 15), I asked them a different question. I asked them who want to live Unsuccessful & Mediocre Life? then I told ,  Please raise Your Hands? People felt confused ? They, Started looking at my face? They thought I am confused & jumbled with my speech? Few made face like “Are you out of your Mind.” Then, I apologized & acted as if I forgot what I have to say , thereby asked a wrong question to them!

Then, I asked them a regular question that they got really used to ? They must have heard this question numerous times in their lifetime?

Do you want to be Successful? (but I warned them that this question would have 4 follow-up questions.)  Still, In unison all hands went up. I heard the Roaring Sound of Yes, A Loud Yes! There was lot of enthusiasm. I felt pretty ecstatic to go forward!

Then, I asked them ” are you ready for 4 follow up questions ?”, then I exclaimed those who said yes before are compelled to answer for these 4 question?

Related image
Four More to Go!Follow Up Questions?

So, to see the further excitement ? I asked- How many of you are ready for Follow up question? Only few hands came up! I asked why so few hands? what happened to other Guys? I have no answer! I assured them these are pretty simple question! You can answer them in one line!  Still no good Response!                                                                           I decided to go ahead with those participants who were ready for the Follow up Questions.

I asked them in loud voice (Like a Military way)

1. Do you Really want to be Successful?                                                                                           All said Yes! (Still somewhat excited)

2. Do You really, really want to be Successful? Really ? (Emphasis On Really)          Still, all said yes but excitement was little less!

Now I warned them- Beware,The last 2 Questions are really very Difficult.

3. Do  you really, Really want Success& desperate to be Successful?                             No hand came up, after a while slowly 1 hand came up.(Even that fellow was not pretty much excited & sure whats going to come next

4. Do you really work die Hard to be Successful?                                                                 No hand came up! The whole Class was Silent.

I hope you got my point, what I have to convey you through today’s discussion. Most of the people wish to be successful because they see somebody living a good life & they feel even they can do it & live successful ! But if you ask them very seriously about How do they define by success & how they are going to do it? If press on this same question (Do  you Really want to be Successful? 4 to 5 times, you would definitely get a different answer.Some people might remain silent, they wouldn’t answer , few would get uncomfortable. See not answering is like Saying No in different way.

In this experiment, You are seeing this from 3rd person Perspective. I hope, you can see , I asked same question , the only thing I added is bit of vocabulary to appear & sound bit difficult. Same Content, only different formation & way of expression!

So, These questions were Simple but they were not Easy ! There is a whole lot of difference between Simple & Easy. Success principles are simple to understand & apply in you life but they are not easy. They are simple if followed over long time with faith, belief & determination gives unbelievable results.These principles are pretty simple but process to follow it rigorously over a long period of time is not at all Easy.

So, the Questions were all the same. Do you want to be Successful?  but Words like Really, Really , Desperate & Die hard made them appear more fierce! and the result was nobody was willing to answer them. Even though the answer for all question could have been Same! Yes! but at the End, I didn’t even hear the single Yes! Why ?Because these words (Really, Really, Desperate & Die hard) Were not just words, but they were asking for a sort of deeper commitment from you! Hence, almost everybody backed out! because they all wished to be successful but No body want to be Committed from deep within. I guarantee even if I conduct this experiment with 1000 people,Hardly few would say Yes till the End!

Success is not about hoping for something good it in your favorable times but its all about how badly you want it despite of your condition, Situation & circumstances. Good, Average or Adverse.

Related image

Why I am giving emphasis on these questions?  because Success is not about a straight line towards your Goal , its a twisted line with lots of ups & down towards destianation. If you are not prepared , you wouldn’t hold on in unfavorable conditions. you would immediately give up!

Image result for success

Its been said that the difference between Try & Triumph is Little Umph. The extra push, additional efforts to be given to life over a period of time.

From Weak People’s view Success can be achieved by having Talent, good Ideas, Good timing, ample resources , Luck, favorable situations, help from family friends but in reality success is only achieved through Lot of Hard, Hard Work, Mistakes, Persistence, Patience, endurance, Sacrifice, Overcoming the Failure, Bouncing back, through Love, selfless service, Happiness & by Helping People.

Image result for success

Are you Ready for it ? Remember the words of Swami Vivekananda ” Arise, Awake & Stop not till your Goal is Reached”. this in my view is ultimatum to be Successful! You have to keep walking till the time you reach your Goal despite of hurdles, challenges, Setbacks, oppositions you may have to face on your way!

You must have to have a mindset of “whatever it Takes” if you really really want to be Successful!

You have to answer these question Honestly. You got to be brutally honest! Then only success is Possible.

So, to conclude the discussion, Now I would ask you final 4 question?

Do you really want to be Successful ?
Are you really determined to be Successful?
Are You really committed to be Successful?
Are you wiling to work hard, put blood & sweat together to be Successful?

Are you Willing to do whatever it Takes , To be Successful?

– 1Beginner.

1Beginner@2018, All rights Reserved.


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