Being Good, Being Different!

People have problem with Me being different, but that propels me forward in life!    – Mary Louis Parker.


We all wish to be known as Acceptable Personality in our society, We all expect that people should know us & call us as Good human being, people should approve us, we must be favorite, comfortable among everyone & somewhere we do not expect any disapproval, conflict in our life in terms of personal, professional relations. In simple words, life should be happy in terms of our any relations in the society.

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Would love to live Same? Is it possible ?

Let me ask you, is it really possible? You might feel. Yes, even I feel yes but to some extent but not to full extent. If you can ignore & completely avoid, walk away from people’s view, perspective and choices for your life and you can conserve your identity But if you stay with them knowing the fact that their views, perspectives and intentions are completely different than yours and they are trying to dump that on your life then you are doing a big Mistake. Trust me because I did the same mistake for a long while and unnecessary suffocated myself, wasted my energy, my time & got distracted from my drive, from something that I really loved.


Can you live Your life in accordance with thoughts, approval of the people in your vicinity or relations, society? It could be possible to some extent (in my view about 25% or More) but not 100%. Even if you find somebody who is living like this, I am sure that person isn’t really successful (even though he might feel so), because he has lost in individuality just to get along with approval, consent & winning the people around him(for sake of it), he haven’t reached the real height he is supposed to be. He has completely suppressed his own thinking, decisions, probably which could really affect his genuine drive towards life.

Don’t live your life like luggage trolleys/ Carts at the shopping mart, They all look same. It doesn’t matter whichever you choose.

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Same, Same all the Time!

Our society has taken the Good person perspective in total different view, For them a good person is Yes Man Person, He shouldn’t say no to anybody, he should help everybody & always do sacrifice just to make other people happy. He/she should go along with People, Listen to elders, follow the culture and obey the orders of his seniors & Parents. In short He must All Good Person All the Time!

See, I am not preaching it’s bad. It’s good. You must follow such things but the only problem I have is for word Always (All the TIME). I am saying how can You be All Good Person All the Time! Every Person is different. Even a good person has some flaws. I am working on my-self since last 10 years with all my senses open every-day. I consider myself as really a good Human Being/person, still I have many flaws. I know few of them, so I am working on it. Few are yet to be discovered, but whenever somebody let me know or I came to know, I work on it & try to evolve as Better Person.

Being Good, Being Acceptable is not bad thing but don’t live your life only for the sake of it, don’t try to live as per consent, approval and with views of others all the time. No matter whoever they are. Sometimes they can be your near & dear ones. You can politely convey your inconvenience, different view towards situation and your genuine perspective towards your life.

Why I am saying this, because I had been through this. I feel it’s the experience & learning from it qualify you to offer something good to life.

I took about 10-15 small but notable & major decisions in my life over last 10 years. It were ranging from small few like buying bicycle then not pursuing MBA & Masters in Engineering, Pursuing Personality development, joining some stupid Courses(in their point of view) to major ones like Buying Car & Buying a house. During all these happenstance, before I go forward initially I looked for my parents, relatives consent, advice from my brothers, elders & I got so weird, out of track sometimes bit demotivated response from them, So I end up of losing my enthusiasm over a period & delayed few things for months, even years which I really wanted to try & pursue. I didn’t like where I was leading, living in consent with them all time, I felt suffocated & decided I have to do what I really want to live without harming anyone. What I did, I only listened to them and kept pursuing things secretly what I want, sometimes without informing them & many times ignoring, avoiding them completely. I took the call, started living life with my perspective. Many things went okay, Few went completely wrong, resulted bit of loss for Me. It did give rise to few arguments, few conflicts, non-agreement & reticence in relations for a period but everything turned well after a period. So Here I am living as Being Good at the same Time Being Different. Since, I know my intentions are Good, I am Good. May be my drive, choices, my views for my life are bit different & it’s completely alright. Then, Why should I worry about Being Different?

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The real point what I have to make through this discussion is that you can be different while you are Being Good. You can Be Good But different!

The Standpoint is you have to respect your individuality. You have to accept it, you have to conserve it & you got to get comfortable with it! 

If you really wish to be successful you got to be different, you go to conserve with individuality & live with it proudly. Why staying common & conventional like you family, friend or Most of the people if you are not comfortable with it, what if you are meant to be unconventional? May be you are meant to do different things! Staying conventional keeps you unsatisfied just like all the other People.

I am not saying successful people are not good beings, they are absolutely good that’s why they are so Successful, that’s why God has bestowed his blessing on them (obliviously the blessings are offered by almighty  universe through their Honest efforts & persistence.)

What I really wish to express is that the successful people are Good but they are different, they are open minded, they express their feelings, their disapproval, inconvenience & emotions. They do not suppress their individuality in order to be favorite among Society.


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Being Different isn’t look Good ?


Sometimes they take tough calls. They take non-favorite, really difficult decisions but which are really necessary for the progress of themselves, well-being of organization & society.

Instead of following path of least resistance they walk on the path of resistance whenever it’s necessary. They always lead from the front. They know the difference between Good vs Right. They take Right tough steps which may not necessarily be good, favored by many people.


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Dare to Be Different!

Being Different makes my life exciting. It really makes me Comfortable to live the way I am, drive Me to live my life with lot of vigour & vitality. I feel being different makes me feel bit wonderful & lovely Human Being in my own eyes.

See, you got to live your Individuality! Don’t be like fish in the pond who have no other alternative than to swim along with the Stream! Dare to Be different! Dare to swim against the Crowd & against the Stream!



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