Two Difficult Things Needed!

You must have heard numerous articles about 7 attributes needed for success, 7habits of highly success people & many more.

They are all true, I have learned & referred them a lot. But I came up with slight different view.

In this fast moving world & astonishing changing times. I feel there are 2 difficult things are needed in this times to achieve success in any endeavour of life.

They are Focus & Patience(perseverance towards the Goal. In fact they are pretty relevant to each other. its the one yields another. When one grows another Follows!If you lose one you tend to lose both!

So, Focus & Patience! These 2 things may sound pretty simple & easy to achieve. These two qualities may be easy to access and understand but these are very difficult to implicate in your life. Let me share How? Can you say confidently that you can remain focused for few days without losing patience?

Do you Know your Focus?

In this 21st century, it’s very difficult to focus towards anything in your life because we are surrounded by the attractive distractions. We are surrounded by TV, Ads and Social Media. Through this someone is continuously peeking into your life or you are into theirs first, so in turn they peek into yours. Either you are continuously updating your status and not settling at place, want people to know about you or people update theirs and shout in your ears to appreciate them like the way they did for you or vice versa.

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Where is Your Focus?

Focus is becoming very difficult to attain, becoming very rare to be found in our generation and youth. Why? How can you focus when you are surrounded by these delusions? You are carrying the weapon of destruction (I meant to say weapon of Distraction) everywhere with you. Whether you are walking, Studying, talking, eating, Meeting, Sleeping, even in toilet. You carry your Mobile phone everywhere with you. The phone is always pinging. The blue or green light is always blinking & we crave to check what is there that we have received? We keep on refresh our mobile to check or receive notification, if we do not get any either we disturb somebody or type to someone & ask him/her to feed the distractions. So, fall into this loop.

I don’t understand what we achieve when we refresh our phone every 5 minutes & the last seen Ago is always just few minutes ago. Some people feel proud about saying that I am very spontaneous, I am always online, I never miss the things. I don’t where the generation is headings!

If you feel getting focused is attainable, But How ? can you try to live your life without carrying a cell phone for 24 hours. Many of us can’t even think about it, because it’s not our need anymore, it’s our addiction. The sweet addiction! Even if you can do this for few hours, it would be really something worth to praise.

Its time for the Patience –

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Do you have Patience? Its time to Test Yourself!

Another thing which I feel very difficult to attain in this fast moving time is patience or perseverance towards the Goal. In continuance with the first attribute Focus, I need to say we live in the world of instant gratification, we just don’t want to wait for some good things to happen. We want everything fast. Because the world is operating in that way. You order the thing , the thing is at your doorstep within few hours, you ping your friend, he responds you instantly or within few minutes. You ask somebody for something, either he provides you the same thing or if he couldn’t you immediately ask others to give you the same immediately. The advertisers claim to use a cream & look fairer in minutes, someone claims to use their tablets, to lose 10 kg in 30 days & have figure like a beauty queen. If you buy something in 30 mins, you would get 15% discount, our minds are getting molded these ways. The videos with titles and content like “1 minute to change your life”.  “10 minutes to become successful”. “5 tips in 5 mins to score good marks in exam” receive the millions of view. The 7 mins to become millionaire or 10 ideas to become millionaire in 6 months has become a sensation despite of its ethical application or realization isn’t Practical. Have you ever thought about these things?  These things may not look or sound that dangerous but what they are really doing to is – they are attacking on our patience. We are getting too much impatient. I have seen people lose their patience if they have to stand in Que for more than 10 mins, they become hostile if they don’t get served within few mins in the Shopping Malls or Restaurants. I know you must have seen that, I hope You are not behaving like that! If you are, it’s an alarming time now!

Image result for waiting in que
Its a good time to test your Patience!


Waiting in a Que at Grocery Store, Shopping Mall is a good way to test your Patience. It’s a good time to control your emotions, Monitor your emotions, observe your breathing, your behavior towards other people whether it’s selfish or co-operative towards them  and with sale staff. Do you smile with People or Just furious about management who is not serving you very very promptly like in a flash.

In my view these 2 things are interrelated to each other, if you work on one you would definitely develop another. if you have intentional focus you would develop Patience & if you develop patience while working on your Goal & Dream , focus would join along indirectly to help you Grow. I heard somewhere Patience yields Focus.

Image result for focus yields Patience
I read it Somewhere! I find its very true!

(I don’t know how many of the readers have reached till this point & kept patience to completely read this Article)

I know these things sound pretty easy but they are very difficult to impose on somebody if He/She is not aware about the happening & un-willing to adapt the change for himself.

It really high time to know your Focus & work on your Patience!


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