The 4 Question of Why!

We All wish to be successful but Do we really want to be successful?                                  We All Want to be Successful but do we really Act Successful?                                                     Only you can answer these questions for yourself, Nobody Else ?

One of the Successful Attribute of Successful people is that they Ask right question! They always hit straight to the point. They don’t pardon themselves for any reason! They even ask questions to themselves!

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Let me Share with you a short story. I hope you must have heard this story. It was a normal Sunny day, People were walking on Road, Suddenly a guy tumbled, lost his balance , fell on Ground, The reason he lost his balance was a Pothole on the road which was not clearly visible due to the bright Sunlight. All people were laughing at him, he felt bit uncomfortable, ashamed because he became reason for people to laugh & he left cursing & blaming his luck. This scene happened with too many people over an Hour. After a while another gentleman was passing from the Road, On the same location he did put his feet at exact pothole. He lost his Balance & fell flat on his face. people were laughing, making fun of him, passing comments, few were feeling pity about Him as another victim of that pothole. But this gentleman was different. He saw in the eyes of people & ignored their laugh, comments. gaining his balance he stood up & saw the place where He did Fall! He didn’t cursed his Luck or blamed anybody for the pain he got. He started seeing the Pothole & asked Himself – Why Did I fall? Why couldn’t I see this Pothole with my Eyes ? Why this is not worked  ? How can I Resolve it ? So, He collected some soil & poured into the pothole & leveled it somehow to avoid any further inconvenience to other passerby’s.

Wasn’t that a wonderful story ? It must have happened with you somewhere, somehow similar or with some different perspective of life? Which role did you play at that Time? Role of Helpless people or The Role of that Gentleman.

So, What did you learn from this Story! Same event happened with so many people!All reacted differently. Few blamed cursed, few abused authorities, few abused people who were laughing, few felt ashamed & left murmuring, saving their face! But what about his Gentleman? What he did? He responded completely different? He didn’t blamed people, luck or anybody. So, what he did differently ? He took that bad happening as an Experience to learn. He asked the Right Questions & worked on it! He asked Why Did I fall? (instead of blaming or cursing anything.) Then , He Acted upon the problem and moved ahead towards his routine.

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That’s How Successful People Excel ! That’s where Successful people are Good at, They always ask themselves Questions? Right Questions! No Clutter, No Mess ! They hit straight to the point. They Think Rightly ! They Act over it, the Resolve & They Succeed!

The problem with most of us is we always run away from the questions! We dont ask it & we don’t even feel comfortable to answer it. We say, We are not prepared for Questions! But, You should be Willing & mentally prepared for difficult questions that life throws at you! You should ask yourself some tough questions! You must ask yourself tough question very often. No Mercy, You got to ask it to expose yourself by your own!

When I was struggling in part of my life over few reasons. I was blaming my parents, my luck , the people involved in my life for the problems I was into. I kept on doing this for about a year. After a while I got some wisdom , I discovered that its not going to work out this way. I need to change the Way of life. I feel pretty fortunate that I really discovered the way Genuine way to look at the things & altered the course of life.

I went through lot of experiments, asked for help from people. Training, learning & brainstorming. But my Life really changed when I head the valuable lessons of life from my Mentor Jim Rohn. I listened to all his experiences, Read his books & every article about his life & speeches. It really changed my view towards looking at my problems & situation. His words still rumble into my mind.I feel I am grateful that I discovered him somehow.

Then, I heard a fabulous speech from Sir Jim Rohn . Where he started with the line.   Why ? Why pay the price? Why work this Hard ? Why go this far ? Why try to do it all ? I heard that speech for about 30 days maybe 7-8 times a day, I felt like this is written for me, Questioning my attitude. somebody is asking me questions & I really don’t have an answer. So, I took it very seriously. I started asking myself these 4 questions? Which really transformed my life.

The 4 Questions written by the Legendary Philosopher James Allen are –

Why? Why Not ? Why Not You ? Why Not Now ?


I applied these 4 questions to all situations, aspects of my life. I started working on my attitude, facing my fears, started taking bold decision, following good habits, associating good people. Every time I discovered something worth, risky or felt stuck in Problem or went through undesirable situation I took as an Experience ?                                                   & I asked Myself – Why ? Why Not ? Why Not Me ? Why Not Now ?

So, instead of saying anything about it , I have shared link of his speech about the same, I suggest you must listen to it! May be for 2-3 times, then only you can understand the gravity of Asking The Right Questions!



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