Live Beyond The Golden Cage!

Can you remember When it was the last time you did something Uncomfortable? When it was the last Time you did hassle for something? What was the last uncomfortable activity that you did voluntarily? When it was the last time you decided to go with right than easy and chose discomfort for worthy reason? In round, Have you done anything that made you bit stressful, made you anxious & Uncomfortable in last 30 days? Sounds complicated? Isn’t it?

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I would make it Simple? Go with simple questions? Have you tried to wake up 1 hour earlier for at least 1 day in last 3 months (without any reason I.e for yourself)? Have you Read a complete Book in last 3 months? Have you taken any new learning or course in last 1 Year? Mention a deliberate learning done by you in last 1 year! Have you taken a difficult responsibility in your Office? Have you tried to communicate with a difficult customer? Have you voluntarily done anything different which literally pissed you off for a while? Have You?

So, don’t you feel that we have become addicted to Comfort Zone? What is Comfort Zone! Comfort zone is a place where Humans live in Half- alive stage, where they are not happy not even dead and not even completely alive but still prefer to live there. The comfort zone is like a Golden Cage with all luxury inside & transparent ceiling and glass walls, has Shining Gate & somebody requesting you to get inside, which seems pretty alluring from outside. But have you seen what happens to the Birds in the Cage? Once they locked in, They Eat- They sleep & They repeat – nothing Else. They live like Half-Alive. For them life just stops in the periphery. After a while they lose their enthusiasm & faith to Leap in the Sky. Why ? Because Golden cage is still a Cage!

In our life, even we are stuck in comfort Zone. How can we define that? It can be simply identified as Staying at One place/state for a long period of while. Sometimes staying at one place even though you never really want to but staying for sake of it, because it’s feeding our needs, luxuries somehow without much of Hassle. You cannot breathe new Air, You cannot see a New View, you cannot experience the World that you want to live in, you can’t do what you really want to do and you are just stuck up at one place. Don’t you feel that way?

Comfort Zone is a dead Zone. Where you go inside Alive & escape only when you are dead if you don’t put much of hassle to step of it. In our life the walls of comfort Zone are not seen with naked but they do exist, they are nothing but the limitations set by ourselves on our Own. When you understand that you have to do job than you want to do the Job. Then it’s a time to understand that you are stuck in the Comfort Zone!

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I was really stuck in comfort zone for about 5 years. Just in Rat Race. Doing nothing, not looking for any responsibility. Neither had a vision in personal nor in professional Life. I was neither progressing at office nor at Home. Just living day by day for sake of it. Enjoying weekend was the only indirect goal I had set in my mind. I was learning something but it was optional, not which I really supposed to do. Every day I was feeding my mind the Garbage & excuse which was confirming my long stay in the Comfort Zone.I was just Going, Going & Going but leading nowhere! Then at a point of time life kicked me Hard, really hard through some people. I got a tight slap Financially, Physically & Mentally. Then I understood it’s really high time to stop fooling around with my life & step out of this comfort Zone.

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Nothing great happens inside Comfort Zone. Sometimes you feel that you are doing too much, still not getting anywhere? Why? Because you are still hassling in your comfort zone. May be you are juggling at a place where you are not supposed to. Remember, awareness about your life is what really matters! In order to learn, grow you got to step out of comfort Zone. I decided to live my life out of the Golden cage.

I threw a glance through all areas of life. My Habits, My Personality, My thoughts, My Health, My Attitude, My Knowledge, My Spiritual & Mental Well Being. I discovered something that I couldn’t accept and something that I don’t wish to see 10 years forward in my life. I did rewinding in my mind, I got to know how the comfort zone has taken a toll on My MPS (Mental-Physical-Spiritual) Health & most importantly on my attitude towards life. I saw myself as failure in various areas of life. I decided to get uncomfortable. I decided I would choose Growth over comfort, hassle over laziness. I worked on my life day after day, week after Week by working on diverse aspects of my life than giving in to excuses of mind which could have lead me back to the Comfort zone. As of Now, I am working at the same Job with same people but I am really a different Me from Inside & Outside.

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Even at this phase of your life. Despite of doing same Job, with same relation, with same people & society, you can defiantly step out of your comfort zone by transforming your thinking, altering your actions little by little by employing a new attitude towards Life. Before you Step out of the Job or step of out of any Situation you got to step out of your Mind, Before you step out of any comfort zone you got to step away from your mental comfort zone I.e. cage of you mind, which has kept you locked long time. Make your Mind a great storeroom to bring out beautiful things in your life than a stinking dumping yard.

If you want to Succeed, You got to Disturb yourself deliberately. Sometimes nothing great would happen immediately when you step out of comfort zone but it would be really worthwhile about the different travel, the path you chosen. You would feel proud for a difference that you have created in your MPS Life. You got to associate your life in uncomfort Zone.


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