Rise Beyond The Labels!

“Labels are for Filing, Labels are for clothing but Labels are not for People”.               – Martina Navratilova


I had a wonderful childhood but some pieces of my childhood life created a bit hassle for my life during teenager & later days. I don’t know why but somehow I struggled throughout few years prior to do what I really want, maybe that’s why I felt I should share my brief story with You!

I would narrate in a bit different way-

Mummy, I want to play cricket.  No kid.  It’s very hot outside; these elder kids may bully you.

Mummy I want to join gymnastics. No, it’s hard. You won’t be able to do it.

Mummy I want to go to picnic, No you may fall sick, don’t you remember last time you fell sick after the picnic.

Mummy, I am in 8th std., I want to learn riding a bicycle, No, you might fall from it while riding, grow enough.

Daddy I want to ride A motorcycle, No you shouldn’t, and don’t you see so many accidents happening on roads!

Mummy, I want to buy car, No, not now!

Mummy, enough is enough, I am 22 now, I am not a weak child anymore, let me live the way I want!

This is bit of a walk-through from flashback to present of my life!

I Origins !

I was born on Year 1988 and there is a story associated with my birth. My mother got admitted to a hospital at our native Nasik of 28th expecting a delivery next day, but a doctor said that probably the child is slow & weak, it might take 3-4 more days. I don’t know how doctor can say like that ? Considering his advice, my father brought my mother home & left for Mumbai for work. But, ……. there was a surprise. My mother went into labour, and again rushed to the hospital. And …….here I came. Maybe I didn’t like what doctor said about me. I took things in my hand & came into the world a bit early than their prediction. i still follow such things very religiously by surprising people.

Its been said that “Labels are for Filing, Labels are for clothing but Labels are not for People”. But I struggled with the labels that people applied on my Head throughout my childhood. I don’t know how they did it? but knowingly or unknowingly these labels were glued on my forehead by them & I was feeling itchy over a long period of Time in my personal life. These people were not my enemies, in fact they are my loved ones, my parents, doctor and teachers, my well wishers.


As the doctor had already said, I was damn slow; it took me almost 3 years to speak a line. I was one of the most shy & cold kids my parents had ever seen. When I was 6 year old, I felt dizzy, fell at the bathroom & rushed to clinic citing anxiety disorder. And this time again doctor labelled me as a Weak Child & advised my parents-  he is a weak child, has anxiety issues, let him live smoothly and don’t pressurize him over anything. And this is the reason my mother became extra cautious and protective about me. Like she got convinced that my kid is weak & I got to protect him by the Time I am alive.

My parents are very simple people. My Mother is a Home-maker, and my father used to work with BEST undertaking.(Thank god by the Doctors advice this time), my parents never pressurized to study & maybe that’s the reason I loved to study & I excelled in the every course & education I went through. But they were too much protective about Me, Like I still remember My mother was there with me till my board exams waiting outside exam Hall to check whether I am comfortable writing the paper. It was their love with too much fear & their over protection started disappointing me. I was never allowed to take try something different, take any risks & live freely because of all the fear & label of weak-Eccentric Child!

Increment from Dumb to Hyperactive!

As I grew up, I got few more labels, but this time very opposite. Label of being hyperactive, someone who can never settle at one place. Can you see, now the label is exactly opposite? This time too my parents believed it! Teacher said you got to do something to slow him down.He never settles at one place, to make an emphasis they started writing this point on my Results.

Throughout 20 years I lived with labels such as weak, slow, and then hyperactive, not smart enough, Egoist, ADHD, A.D.D. & so on.

Now, when I graduated from Engineering college and got placed in a good firm with good people to work around, I thought I would be independent now. But … these labels kept following me & prohibited me from doing what I actually wanted to do. I got so fed up that I wanted to be just myself. No more Labels.

Attempt to Leap beyond the Cage of Labels – 

So, in a lot of frustration & feeling of getting suppressed over the burden of over-protective nature of my parents. I decided to take control of my life & started working on myself. Started taking decisions, started working on my inner-self with association, experience, lots of new Ideas & inspiration.

One of the things that I did was I bought a bicycle for me at the age of 22 leaving all my friends laughing. But, I was undeterred, took every decision without seeking approval from family and friends. Countless choices went wrong, some misfired. But I didn’t give up, because I have decided that in the book of my life, I am neither going to borrow someone else’s pen, nor allowing anyone else to write the story of my life.

Image result for labels quote

My parents being well wisher and over protective , doubted all my decisions, from buying bicycle, to join sessions, helping others, to self-development, buying vehicle till buying a house. For them I am still a weak child, the label is deep rooted in their mind but I have decided that these labels are not going to dominate my life; it’s me who is going to define Myself! & I am living my life above the labels that people tried to stick on me!

I feel very proud about it.

I ask you, Are you living by any label that your Loved people have placed on you?

It’s time to Rise Beyond your Labels!

– 1Beginner!


-1Beginner@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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