What I want To Be ?


“Be what you want to Be instead of what you should Be.”                               –   Mahendra Kapady.

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Results for the Matriculate & higher Secondary education are out , few have completed their Engineering  or degree examination.My phone started ringing from last few days. I started receiving calls from People in my vicinity, relatives &  mates. They were just asking me one question, which career My lad should Choose? what should I do now, I dont know, I feel confused , I want to do this but my parents………. , I am not comfortable in this but…. I managed to answer to few of them with some eccentric way but I thought I should share my view on the current instance. So, My today Blog is directed towards the students & the next/day after would be directed towards the parents, if you have someone in your family or circle who is bit worried over this scenario please share my view ,I am sure it would be really useful & eye opening.

So, Lets Begin ? This Blog would be dedicated to students, Aspirants to today- I take responsibility about my writing & its totally my real perspective.I not not compelling anyone to accept this or dumping my ideas on you. Its all a voluntary but its definitely worth giving a try because its not a dry talk, its the idea that I have applied to my life & I would definitely suggest to someone in my family if they are willing to understand my perspective –

For Students– 

First of All my Hearty congratulations to all of you for your score , irrespective of the number of percentage you have got! Because even though I always scored good marks, I never focused on them too much & never did compete with anybody for sake of Marks.

So, You have got your scores out now. There is no turning back now. So, Stop thinking about what you should have done ? how you could have converted your 80s into 90s. or your 60s into 70s. Accept the Fact. Time is passed. Accept what you have got & move forward.If you haven’ scored well equivalent to your potential because you didn’t study well , take this mistake as learning experience to score well in the near Future. Life conducts too many exams knowingly or unknowingly. Have a willingness to move forward with whatever you have in your hands right now. Trust Me, have a Hope. The Best days are Yet to Come! 

Now, irrespective of your course i.e. whether you have finished your 10th or 12th or Graduation, Engineering or degree in any discipline. You can be in the bracket of 16 to 23 or 30 or 40s! Now, you have a bigger question in-front of you which field to choose or what to do now (if you have completed one degree) ? Whether to go along with your friend ? or follow the path of your elder brother or be like father, uncle or take an entire different path like a Your Role model. Whether to go for a Safe job or Degree in masters or specialization, A course very different than your existing curriculum or to take a chance on your your gut-feel or pursue the Hobby, Art you really want to Do. Most of you must have this experience – the rumbling of thoughts in your mind.Bombardment of the comments , suggestions by your friends, neighbors, relatives & some serious talk from your parents, elders in house.

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Now, I would honestly suggest you should –

  1. Do what you want to be not what you have to be?  this is really fact, if you didn’t understand read it 2-3 times.There is a difference between I want to be engineer I have to be Engineer. One is a willful choice other is a forceful or hopeless choice.
  2. Be what you really want to be in your life? Not what your parents Want to be? if you want to pursue Architecture or art designing then go for it, don’t just pursue Engineering because everybody in your family in Engineer & you cant hurt your parents.
  3. Know your strength & Pursue a field, stream, career in the field that you are confident or would be confident in!
  4. Do what you love, Do what you really want to be!**  remember, whatever you stream you choose you got to stick with it for at least 5-10 years to see the results in your financial life.I meant to say if you wish to follow your passion or the challenging field like Entrepreneurship, Start-ups, Photography, Direction, Designing, Acting, Dance or any other unorganized sector you got to prepare your mind that everything looks on the Tv might looks pretty easy & glorious but for the 10-15 mins performance you should understand that people have invested there 10-15 years in Background. The actor that seems overnight success to you had spent years with sleepless night to get the breakthrough, the director had spent 15 years in background & 5 commercial failures before delivering his first hit venture. So, you got to be persistent & you got to love it from bottom of your Heart. Because time is irreversible, there is no turning back. this could be a roller coaster Ride where you got to see lot of ups & downs for years before a noteworthy success. (** – Be careful, follow the passion, not just the Glitter or perks of the happy picture)
  5. Understand that life Do Exist beyond Engineering & DoctorateDo not lose your hope if you couldn’t get admission into Engineering or Doctorate, Life is really big opportunity to experience beyond these 2 fields. Don’t listen to people, Not getting admission to Engineering or doctorate is not the end of life! Even though I am Engineer , I don’t advocate you lot about engineering. if you didn’t get it.okay move on. its good, now you can be anything you want in your life. You don’t necessarily have to be Engineer or Doctor. This World really needs some different people than Eng/Doct, Now you have opportunity to be somebody (world have too many engineers/doctors including Me). if you still don’t believe Me search on google ” 100 rich/successful people in the world ” & see how many of them are Engineers or Doctors or Big Degree Holders.)
  6. You got to take inventory of version for your life & search  fields where you can be good at ? It can be like noting down your choices, take career counselling, Go for seminars, search all fields after 10th,12th or degree, have conversation with Open minded & people of Wisdom (not with people of Hype, Hypocrites), Talk with some experts of any field that you feel even a little bit of interest.
  7. You can Turn Around – You can always change your choices, even though I did my engineering but personality development, communication, customer service, Marketing was always my interest. I didn’t listen to people & studied the things side by side while I was working without disturbing quality of my work at my job. I am doing something now which has no relevance with my past education. I have taken a diversion after a while, Because I came to know that i am not much interested in Engineering. so, there is no problem to take a diversion or big turn in your career or the Complete turn Around. too many people did that & they got successful by their eminent efforts.
  8. Take your calls & Make Your Choices on your Own – In addition to above , I just wish to say that its your life, You got to learn to take your call & make the choices on your own. if you want to go for the field, career other than choice of your parents its okay, they can be upset over you for few days, months but everything would be alright if you really follow it enthusiastically & starts excelling at it. You got to take the tough call if you really want something, there is no point is blaming someone after 10 years later. I cracked interviews with 2 Govt fields, my Dad were working with Govt firm , so my parents advised me, tried to brainwash Me to take government job to have safe, comfortable life but I did resist & didn’t follow their suggestion & I did stick to the private job because My enterprise was big & very well organized , after a bit of hassle (because of my own faulty attitude & reworking on it) my career got shaped really well & It really turned out well after 8 years. My Friends , colleagues, relatives always cajoled me to the modern day fantasy of changing job every 2-3 years but I never got convinced with that suggestion, instead of that I looked for a voluntary change in dept/work profile in my same organization, (which is my view is equivalent to Changing a Job). Then I didn’t pursue the M.Tech or Masters from Foreign because I was never really interested in , few people convinced me to go for it, stating its need of an hour, still I didn’t go for it, because it was never my real calling. instead of it I started pursuing personality development , Philosophy & Mind mastery studies very seriously. I decided to pursue writing but everybody around made fun of Me, But I am pursuing it, because that is what makes me Happy. I write till 1.30am but that doesn’t make me tired because its not My work , it what I really love. You must strive for what you want to !
  9. Take A Break– Maybe your parents, family member are tormenting you to do something without your will & you are feeling bit of weak to resist. Like cajoling you to go for a job, to get married than to pursue Masters, To get in relationship than pursuing your passion. Your Mind must be rumbling into 1000 questions at a time about what to do? What I suggest is take a break for 1-2 days ,7 days or Month (whichever you can afford to have), You should disconnect yourself from the distractions, Social Media, Mobiles & family, friends. In this time you can really figure out what you want to pursue, because peace & independent thinking is irrational & always fruitful, may be you can see the picture, solutions, ideas or a whole vision of what you really want to do with your life. This really worked for Me , who knows may be it can work for You!
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Be Somebody!

So, Guys whichever age bracket you are in. whether 17, 20, 23 or 27 even 35. You got to make a choice by your Inner calling & “Be Somebody what you really want to Be”

With Love – 1Beginner!

Thank you for reading, if you find this useful please share! & share comments on blog or via Mail info@1beginner.com


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