It All Comes Down To One Thing!

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I have a question for You –

Why Successful People are Successful ?  What makes them different ?  What do they have in them that we Don’t ?

I have read numerous books, listened, absorbed to few legendary people & studied some super successful personalities very curiously. The question I always had-  we all are born as kids, so why there is substantial difference once we grow up! Few become legends & rest remain Mediocre! I used to & still ask the question what did they do differently that made them so great! & How can I do that or something equivalent to that, through which I can create a difference in lives of people around Me? I studied Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther king, Marcus Aurelius, Jim Rohn to Modern day athletes, entrepreneurs, Artists & Many more. I found one strange thing – Even though these people were/are hardworking, patient, talented, Smart, genius & extraordinary , and their skill set varied from person to person as per their specialization. But there was something very common between them. Its a Marvelous Attitude! If you peek deeply in the lives of Successful people, You would come to know that at the end of the day it all comes down to One thing –The Noble Attitude! Its their Attitude towards their Work,Passion & towards Situations, life & people. It really make them Great and Admirable.

Just like everyone , I used to feel my Attitude is perfect , I don’t need to change but when I took inventory of my life, I saw some flaws that I couldn’t see for along while. I got to know that life this way doesn’t feel alright, I got to change from Within. So, I literally changed the course of my life in three years by refining, re-working on my attitude towards Life excellence.

Hence, I am sharing some attitude Quotes that really made me feel great & I refer to them very often to keep my feet on ground.

Your Attitude, not your Aptitude would determine your Altitude!                                     – Zig Ziglar.


“Good Attitude is an Essence of the successful Life.”                                                               – Mahendra Kapady.

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I suggest you to Preview your life & be in the driving seat. work, Rework on your Attitude in order to live a damn good life. Great life is waiting for you but the key to be there is through you, only your Attitude can unlock the doors of hidden treasure. Its not your Talent, skills , money or potential, its about the great Attitude towards life. You Attitude can elevate you life to the next level even if you are lagging on few of those traits

Finally, it comes down to one thing- Your Attitude!Because Attitude Is Everything!

– 1Beginner!

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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.


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