Words Of Wisdom From My Mentor!


When I was struggling in my life (for not so complicated/unnecessary reasons )about 4 years prior, too many bad thoughts were pounding in my mind & my approach, necessary actions towards Good life were really dwindling. I used to feel that every day could be the last day of pain & somebody would come up with a magic wand & help me solve my all problems. But nothing really happened that way & I was deliberately pushing my self into depression & getting Maniac over small issues. I used to get angry for no reasons, yelling at my family members for small shortcoming, I was staying lonely,  Not having a healthy Diet , Walking (for Miles) too much, cycling exhaustively , doing too much of excursion, listening to the demotivating/sad sort of Music. I was totally obsessed with the Victim Mentality. I used to ask Why these people did this to Me ? How can I make such mistakes? Why Me? I thought how I am going to live my life ? Am I going to Survive if I continue such way?

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I don’t How but I got ray a Hope.A slight blinking ray of Hope. I thought somebody is somehow there to help Me. I came across a personality , his ideas, his views towards life, his philosophy, words literally shook me off vigorously. I experienced the fact of life – I am not the only one Who have problems, People had seemingly impossible tasks/ extreme challenges in their life, still they survived, they Fought & came out of it through immense will & persistence. Even today people have bigger problems than Me,Probles I cant even think about, still they haven’t given up! I felt like my issues are minuscule in front of them & I am unnecessarily dwelling on them, exaggerating them. I read all his books, his audiotapes, saw his seminars over & over (may be for about 100 times as till date). He is nothing but  the legendary Jim Rohn. He passed away in 2009, I never saw him or met him, still but I got connected to him through the legacy of wisdom he left behind to educate all of us. His words of wisdom, philosophy towards life brought me back to the life I was really hoping for, whatever I am doing today, sharing today I owe him a lot.

I would like to share few quotes, ideas from Sir Jim Rohn which literally changed my perspective towards life & I got transformed into some different person altogether.

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Sir Jim Rohn!


” If you want things to change you got to change” , If You want things to get Better you got to get Better”

I read this quote over & over again & wrote/glued it to my cabin Wall, where I see it everyday.

” If you really want something, you would find a way , if you don’t, you would find an Excuse”


” Success is something you attract, not something you pursue, Success is looking for a Good place to Stay”


” If You don’t like the things they are , you can change it , you are not a Tree”


” Take care of your Body, Its the Only place you have to live”


“Don’t spend your Major time on Minor Things”

I don’t think I have explain (I don’t feel I am that qualified enough) anything about these words of wisdom by Jim Rohn. they are self explanatory. Sir Jim Rohn was Genius, Master thinker , he made the principles of life & success extraordinarily simple. All you need to read it, re-read it & absorb it.

I want you to listen to this seminar, this was the First seminar I saw, I had never been to such seminar. I am short of words to explain the difference it made in my life. Just go though this, trust these 2 hours can create a lot of value in your life & may be it can ignite you to change the course of your life overnight. Because I did !



– 1Beginner!

Please Note- All Quotes are written by Sir Jim Rohn, I have just complied them for the benefit of readers.

1Beginner@, All rights Reserved.


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