Change 1 Step Further Every Day!


” A Journey of Thousand Miles begins with One Step”                                                                 – Lao Tzu.


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Imagine yourself running a Half Marathon (21km). You have a good Stamina, Lean- Muscular Physique, Excellent body posture & you have successfully completed the Marathon with leading position. You are cheering with other Runners & your family members are appreciating you for your effort & endurance. How does that feel? I guarantee it must be feeling of delightfulness. If only a thought can give you that feeling, imagine how in real life it would be, if you get into such posture. You would definitely feel ecstatic & enthusiastic about life. I have my personal experience.

So, in order to achieve an excellent body structure what do you need? All you need is process! A process of Intentional Change! How? Let’s discover?

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We all wish to Change, We all wish to be better version of ourselves. We all wish to stand for something. We want to be somebody distinct! We all want to be somebody in our lives but do we really change? Nope. In real life, we don’t want to change we just wish to change! So, there is a substantial difference in Wish & Want. One is just an optional feeling, other is sort of need for an individual. So, why don’t we really change towards our Dream or the anticipated Goal? I do agree most of us begin the process but they never achieve notable results, in short they never really Change! Why? Because there is a lot of problem with our entire conditioning or the way we undertake the Change.

We must understand- Change is not an Event, it’s a process. (I hope all of us know the difference between Process & Event.) So, in order to be somebody or achieve a particular Goal. What we do? We become over enthusiastic. We all Dive in & try to do everything! But after a While We Quit. Why?

How we do it? We wake up, we plan, We jump in, we give our 100% or even more than that, we try to do most of the things with all our efforts & enthusiasm like we are in desperate need of Success. Then what happens? Over a While we feel overwhelmed, Too much tired, not seeing the desired results, We feel demotivated & We quit. The whole enthusiasm doesn’t even last for more than 90 days in 95% of the cases when people undertake some personal/challenging Assignment.

The problem here is the inappropriate Approach. Since the whole process mentioned above was driven by over enthusiasm to achieve some particular result faster, but as soon as the Enthusiasm starts fading, the feeling of overwhelming starts emerging & sustaining the change becomes difficult, end result people give up immediately. For example I have seen numerous people who did set a high goal or losing 10-15 kg, gaining muscle & 6 pack abs in 6 months. They go pretty over enthusiastically & fast. They even visit the Gym twice a day. But these guys disappear from gym within next 3 months.

See, there is no problem with your Enthusiasm, intentions & efforts. These things are vital to undergo the change. The problem is with our mental conditioning. You may try to push your body from outside within a short while but how would you convince your mind to undertake the change so rapidly.    You got to train your Mind to accept the change willingly & swiftly. If you try to bombard your mind with drug of over-enthusiasm & force it to work towards something, it would dissolve your enthusiasm slowly & slowly. Before you would know it you would be outplayed & you would be sitting on the couch with that same old belly fat.

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Why so ? Because you just took a chance but you did not undertake the change properly!

I somehow understood the process to undertake the Change Effectively. It’s a simple decode. It can be a bridge between the Old you & New You. The hopeless you vs Bright You! See it as a Cycle. I have explained in 4 simple steps as-

Old You!

  1.  The willingness to change!
  2.  To initiate the Change!
  3. Elevate the change!
  4. Sustain the change!

 New You!

Can you see the above process? Most of us cross first 2 rounds/steps & they quit, because they do not understand the importance of last 2 steps. Actually first 2 steps are actually only 5 % of the work but the last 2 steps are rest 95% of work for the accomplishment of your Goal.

See the real hint is not about initiating the change but it’s about elevating the Change.

What do I mean by elevating the change? – It means once you Initiated the change, give yourself a slow & comfortable go in beginning (I didn’t mean to say Laziness at all), then gradually increase the efforts, start pushing yourself a bit further without much of a burden to do something. Go just 1 step further, every day. in short its change 1 step further every day!

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+1 can make a make a whole lot of difference in long Turn.

Robin Sharma said “if you change by 1 % every day you would be 365 % newer person in next year.” Isn’t that true? Give yourself  one day 1 % change target. Like One day One+ change! As easy as it sounds! No Rocket Science.

My Story- How I started running for 7 km through this Process?

I never ran more than 1 km in my entire life, my Gym trainer enrolled my name to dream Marathon by local community (7 km) & convinced me that I can do it. I took it as a challenge. On first day I tried to run with low speed ( like jog) for about 7 km in one stretch. I managed to jog for about 2.5  km. I was exhausted. I thought it’s impossible. I would not be able to do it. But I decided that I would not give up, so I applied this formula. I decided to increase just 1 more round in my jog every day. One round was about 400 m. in next 10 days , I was still exhausted but I managed to complete the 5+ km very confidently. I applied this to my life, I got results out of it. If you want to run for 5 km, set it as a Goal. If you complete say about 1 km first day, it’s okay, I congratulate that you started. next day keep a goal of 1Km plus 1 light Pole , next day 1Km plus 2 light Poles & so on, increase it day after day, within a month you would be comfortable enough to complete 5 km in one Go. Now, I comfortably run for about 7 km every often.

If you have initiated the change it’s wonderful, now I suggest just Elevate the Change & Sustain it for the rest of your life to see wonders!

So, keep a goal of Change by 1% every day. Change day after day.

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Change 1 Step Further Every Day!


Remember If one step can change your life, then one additional step taken every day can elevate your life to an entirely different level!

Trust Me – Just change yourself by 1 step further every day!

– 1Beginner!




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