Be You & BIY!

“Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken.”

– Oscar Wilde.

 We all have image of someone successful, Beautiful or worthy in our Mind. We All want to be successful. We either wish to be genius like Elon Musk or entrepreneur like Bill gates. We either wish to have a personality like brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie or like the beauty pageant holder. We want to live like Hritik Roshan or Priyanka Chopra. Long story short, in our lives we all want to pose like somebody we admire. We all hope to live somebody else all our lives.

Do we even see ourselves as Worthy ?

If I put an emphasis on our thinking, you can see – We all want to be like somebody but not ourselves! Why? You may say because I am average, I am mediocre like too many of us. I am not so special. Let me ask you who said that you are not special? Are you a Machine? Only machines produce same products. Humans never produce same Human. We are all different, the problem is with our perspective! God made us all different, that’s what makes us so Special! Do you know how special you are? You have a probability of getting born is 1 out of 400 Trillion. (In my view- in scientific terms just a moment here and there you could have been landed on this earth may be as Bird, As Animal, As Fish, A tree or a very different specie altogether.) If your probability of landing on earth through your parents was so less, why do you feel you are not Special

My Experience , My Story –

In my early 20s, I wished to be like the Hollywood Heartthrob Bradly Cooper. I did numerous experiments to copy him or just look like exactly him. Even I got compliments few times from my friends . I got a comment “you look-alike Bradly cooper” & for a while I was like Ohh God – thank you. In reality, No matter how hard did I try but I never felt complete, I always felt discontent. I always felt I am not that good, I am not so special. I have already discussed about this in my earlier blog –See yourself as Complete. Please click on the link mentioned below- “

After a long while I came to know the fault in my thinking, the disastrous view of incompleteness. In early years I drifted a lot to experience the Glitter. Then , Instead of being Somebody, I decided to be Myself! I always wished to evolve as better personality but I was going a wrong way. So, I decided to accept myself in my own Skin & kept working on myself to become better version of Me instead of being second version of Bradly Cooper.

I came across a quote – “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.”

It’s really true. We should always strive for excellence but not at the cost of losing ourselves in order to be like somebody. You must Be You! You should always know your self-worth, you should always treat yourself special. We should never sell yourself short.. You must understand that you count, you are put here for a reason. You can never be Mediocre until & unless you term yourself as Mediocre & label it on your own. Sometimes, People call me Eccentric & weird but I don’t feel disappointed. I take is a compliment because I know I am somewhat different & special in my own way. Its not necessary to make them happy. People are entitled to their Opinion  & It doesn’t matter to Me what they feel About Me. Don’t be somebody else to make few people happy, Just Be You let people know Who You Are!

Yes, I do have some flaws in me and you may have some flaws as well, work on them to be Better You but before that Be you!

Do Not Trade Yourself To Be Like Somebody Else!                                                                   – Mahendra Kapady.

Now, What about Your Belief, I am not talking about your religion or culture. You must have heard someone saying I Believe in You & You must have said – “I believe in you “ to your loved one to raise his/her self-esteem. But what about Your Belief in yourself? You got to Believe in yourself before somebody else can believe in you. You must believe in yourself then only you can be you! No one else is going to come & offer you the hand of faith. You got to believe in you .The Pathway for Better life, Better You originates from inside, there is no point looking for it at some other place. “Be yourself & become a better version of yourself.”

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Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali said   ” I am Greatest, I said that Before I even knew I Was”. Isn’t that astonishing? he said that when he was a not a world class boxer but just a Beginner, that was his level of belief in himself from Beginning. What about Us? If He did it , Why Cant We?

You got to know your self-worth, raise your self-esteem & you got to explore Better version yourself.

“Be You” & Believe In Yourself!


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