Change by 1%!



All change is Hard at Beginning, Messy at Middle & best at the End!                                – Robin Sharma.

In our life sometimes Change looks easy (not that difficult) to undertake but Change rewards only in the long term Game. Once, my friend asked me how can I get good physique. I said do 50 push-ups a day. He said only 50 push ups . Its very easy. I said trust me its not easy. How ? see, Doing 50 push ups 1 day is not much of deal almost everyone can do that & will not make much of a difference, but doing 50 push ups over a course of a 10 years can give you a physique of superstar & if you sustain the pattern you can remain like a muscular personality for the rest of your life.

Remember the cycle-> Initiate the Change – Elevate the Change – Sustain the Change!

Folks, Change is always Hard, sometimes it seems we can change our life over night on the spike of some inspiration , by betting on our will-power towards a particular Goal but its not that easy. Initiating the change is not a Big task, it just a inception of crusade in the journey towards success. Continuous change, step after step, a slight advancement day by day create a lot of difference. still its not enough. we still need perseverance to sustain the undertaken change in roller-coaster Journey of life. Sustenance plays pivotal role in reaching to the Mountain top.Life can give 100 reasons to give up the change but you got to hold on. If you can sustain the change in hardships , you would be unstoppable in any endeavor of your life.

people always misinterpret the process – They feel they have initiated the Change & they are going to reach their Goal and change the course of life.But they never try to elevate the change undertaken. (probably They get stuck in the feeling of achievement of change), the change has become a new comfort zone for them.They forget to elevate the change & sustain it over a long period of time. Soon they give up & get back to their old despondent life.

In the journey of Existence ,You are the driver of your own life. The life is equivalent to a vehicle. People feel – since they are in driving seat of their vehicle, they can rotate the steering anytime, anyhow and take a sharp U turn to change the course of their life immediately. I am well aware that you are driver of your own vehicle but you are underestimating size of the vehicle. The Vehicle is not a small car. our life/vehicle is like a Submarine. you cant take a sharp turn to change the direction of Submarine. You can change direction of submarine only by slight degree of shift in angle at a time, You can change the direction of submarine & your life only by 1% at a time. If you want to really accomplish something .Decide, make a plan and start working on it & grow by 1% change at a time, day after day. in next 5 years , you would be almost 2000% ahead where you started. The progress would be unbelievable.

Be the Ace, Everyday Change by only 1%!                                                                                     – Mahendra Kapady

Remember , Rome was not built in a Day. It was built through advancement day after day. How ? By placing Brick over Brick ,Hour by Hour, Day after Day, Month after Month, Year after Year.That s how the extraordinary & gigantic structures are Made. You cannot change your life by 100 % overnight but you can definitely change by 1% over night & withing next few months or years , you would be 100% Novel person. Never underestimate the importance of small intentions. The intentional change of 1 % can create a lot of difference in Designing New You.

see the graph attached below, Just 1% change in positive direction over time can great a gigantic elevation in your life but at the same time a slight 1% shift down the line is a recipe for a disaster in long term!

Related image


You cant change the world on your own, but you can change the world that you Own! – Mahendra Kapady.

Be in-charge of your own world. Be the Change! Change by at least 1% every day!

– 1Beginner!


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