Hold On To Your Dreams!

We are either born with a Dream or we give birth to a dream in our childhood or in teen days. I hope you have heard the speech of Martin Luther king – “I have a Dream.” If not please listen to it.it can help you a lot to understand what I have to say about.

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I have A Dream ! Do You have One?

Life is all about Dreams, Isn’t it? If it’s not about the Dreams then it’s not really a life it’s just a matter of survival like animals. Animals live in a survival Mode but god has blessed human beings to live a life through Dreams Mode. I feel privileged to be a Human being because I got the power of Dreams.

I have a Dream, We all have Dreams!

But –

Do we really live them?
Do we really work towards their Accomplishment?
Do we even take the time to reflect over them?
Do we take time to nourish it & necessary efforts to keep it Alive?
In fact after a while do you even think that you have a Dream or you had a Dream?

Do you even remember your Dream? Or it has washed away with the years or you have killed it with the ignorance?

I still have a dream! Do you have a Dream?

Majority of Humans don’t have a Dream or they ignore it to live a comfortable/lazy life, that’s why they live very little, they never explore the grandness of life because of their limited vision, so they live with frustration, pain and regret. They carry the heavy load of unrealized dream on their shoulders till they reach the graveyard, till the end of their life.

Those who take time to nurture & survive their dreams, One day able to live it. Sometimes they fall, they work often and they fail often but they Hold on to their dream and sooner or later they make their dreams come true over grand Scale.These people are called the legends, the super achievers! They pull of the tasks that most of us can never even imagine.
When we have a Dream, We have to keep working on it by some means, some way, by smallest action every day and push it forward at least by an inch. Don’t let it catch the dust. If the dreams get covered under Dust for long time, over a while you may not even remember there is a dream lying below the dust of your indolence. You have to keep it Alive in our difficult times & in order to make them flourish in our best and favourable times. No matter what, you have to Hold on to your Dreams!

I know life is tough, all days are not same. Some days are bright, some are dark, too many are dull and still few are very exciting. Life is not a travel over straight Road, Life is journey on unseen track with lot of turbulence, unexpected stops, traps and pitfalls. If you aren’t going through the best of your time its okay, something really important is at its stake & you are not able you to work for your Dream wholeheartedly. Okay, you have to keep it Alive within you in order to give them life in the outer world in the near future & in better time.

We are in charge of our Life – Sometimes We Towards our dreams, we work hard, we work after hours, we work day in day out, we work with our sweat and blood, we work really hard still we feel the dream isn’t in our reach, we feel disappointed, we feel disheartened, demotivated & feel the temptation to give up & settle for safe and mediocre life. We feel like that’s enough, it’s not possible. But I urge you to come out from that feeling, Stay away from such killing thoughts, May be your Hard is not Hard enough , don’t get stuck over a hurdle, You got to jump over it or slide underneath from it, else take a detour, change your ways to reach a Goal or Dream. Don’t conclude the path of your dream abruptly. Don’t let your dreams slip out your hands, May be it cannot be realized now but sooner it would happen with the consistency. Sometimes more than anything your dreams need perseverance. You got to hold on to your Dreams.


My Experience/Sharing – I shared my enthusiasm over my writing obsession with my friend. He curiously asked me how my blog is going? I shared- its going pretty good, I feel ecstatic every day to write. He asked – how many views you are having every day? I said, I don’t know it could be probably 50 or 60. He said do you think it’s good, is it going to work? You should leave this & start something different. I said nope, he said then what you are going to do then? It’s not going to work. I felt bit disheartened for a while, I thought is it right? I am not getting a good response. But later I took inventory of my thoughts, I thought it would be too early to judge and basically I am not doing this for views or for people to like me or to get famous. I am doing this because I really love it. I love to express my ideas, my views. I am doing this to create a value and difference in lives of people around Me.If my blog helps even 1 Person, it’s good. This is my Dream. It’s always too early to Quit. So, I am not going to leave my dream for any reason or over the views, opinions and comments of other people.I am going to hold on to my Dream.
We all have problems –

  • May be you are not in great physical conditions right now,
  • May be you are struggling with your finances,
  • May be you are struggling with family & personal issues.
  • May you are not going great in your Education, career or in your Office.
  • May be the people around you are not supporting you.

And there could be thousands of reasons like this to give up on your Dreams –

Still, You got to hold on to your Dream!

May be-

  • You have a dream to have excellent Physique, to get healthy ,
  • You have a dream to start your own venture,
  • You have a dream to own a business,
  • You have a dream to become a Business Leader or a good speaker,
  • You have dream to become an adventurer,
  • You have a dream to write a book,
  • You have a dream to find your dream partner and have happy family,
  • May be you have a dream to become wealthy & financially independent.

And right now you are not in the great Physical/financial or personal condition to think about it – still you got to believe in you, This difficult time too shall pass, Stick to it the way you would hold on to the hanging rope tightly when your survival is at stake.

See, we got to take actions on our dreams & must give our 1000% towards realization, Make this as the ultimate goal of life.

I feel, in direction of your dreams.
Whatever it may be, Either you are winning or failing, climbing or crawling ,
Rising or falling, You must be trying, doing something, learning something,

You must be trying, Trying, working, working on it day in day out but never sit idle.
Because the Dreams not acted upon turns into Nightmares of Resentment.

Remember Your Dream, Work on your Dream & Most Importantly You Must Hold on to your Dream!

– 1Beginner!


1Beginner@2018, All Rights Reserved.





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