Give Yourself Permission To Fail!



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Is Your Enemy Or Your Friend?



We discussed in last blog – You Have To Dream. You Got To Dream Big! Dreamers the Winners, Dreamers are inventors, Dreamers are Successful species. Is it true? Yes, of course. But it’s not the whole Truth. Only dreaming is not enough, there are too many small but significant aspects that contribute towards successful life, being extraordinary.

The Willingness to Experience Failure is one of them.

We All have Dream, but only dreaming doesn’t suffice. Dreams inspire us, but the inspiration need to be backed by enormous amount of efforts. You have to work. You have to learn, you have to grow and you have to persevere.

Befriend with Failure – 

While walking towards your Dream, you got to be willing to get uncomfortable every day, every often, for a long while, may be for the rest of your life. The first thing you got to do is you have to befriend with an eccentric Guy named “Failure.” You should to get friendly with this Guy, You may not like him but you have to befriend with Him. There is no point in hating this Guy. If you try to run away from this Guy, I am damn sure you would be running away from the real Success.

I have read biographies of successful people, I found one thing in common – they all had willingness to fail in order to grow bigger, leap higher. They respected failure, took a feedback, corrected their course of journey & went ahead. Read the biography of Abraham Lincoln, the Guy went through catastrophic events & numerous life-threatening defeats in his life Over the years, still he kept on walking, the Rest we know is History.

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I know, Failure is not that glorious but it’s very effective in long Run. If you are not failing enough, then you are not trying enough. I know what it feel when you fail, people make fun of you, people laugh on you and people criticize you, but it doesn’t kill you. Instead of focusing on unnecessary comments, you must concentrate on the learning, some peculiar experience from the overall event. So, you can add this experience in your next attempt to perform Better. Its only through some failures you learn something new that you would never attempt to learn deliberately or willingly. Trial & Error is One of the Best pathway to invent success on your Own.

What is Failure?

In my view Failure is an attempt that didn’t go right, that didn’t produce expected results, that’s all nothing else. Failure nothing but the feedback. Instead of seeing it as hurdle you should see it as part of Learning. You got to take it constructively. Its indicates that your attempt was not good enough, you got to try better next time, then you got to try harder, after that you got to try much harder to set a new standard.

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I do know success is Alluring, makes you famous, whereas failure makes you lonely, still it necessary because there is no teacher better than failure. Lisa Nichols said your failure/mistakes would be your biggest Teachers in life.

We have tremendous benefits from the failure. See, Mistakes or failures are part of life. Bogging down over it or bouncing back over them is an Art of life. If you are not making any mistakes, if you are not coming across failures which means you not trying hard enough, you are not pushing yourself harder may be you are playing very small & setting comfortable Goals to win, which is really a big mistake in the long Run. Swimming in stable water or in pool makes you a Swimmer but not a Good swimmer, if you have willingness to fail in the Waves of river, experience your limitations in tides of sea, it would definitely make you a great Swimmer.

See, if your Dream is Big & Goal is gigantic, you have to have the audacity to experience more failures. You must have a faith to reach your destination. You have to have boldness to go through failures willingly because that’s the ultimate way to learn. There are no tuition’s or tutorials for Success in life. Success makes you complacent, failure makes you uncomfortable. But When you get uncomfortable you try harder, harder and that’s when you break you own standard & reach to the new heights.

See, Its not a Failure when you fall but its failure when you refuse to Get up, if you fall 10 times, okay pick yourself up 11th time & start walking towards your Goal. Do not settle with the Fear of Failure. Remember there is always one More Try left.

I heard the speech of Peter Dinklage & this discussion is totally inspired from that idea & it really connected directly to my heart, I want you to listen to it.

You must give yourself permission to fail. Stop looking for smart ways, stop looking for shortcuts, Stop asking people for suggestions to avoid the failure, stop looking for 7 steps series to get successful overnight, It doesn’t exist, you can’t avoid failure in the long course of life. Stop thinking what other people might think about You, what critics, my parents, my friends would feel about Me. Let them criticize, let them Say, let them Laugh. Keep your senses open, see what’s necessary, listen to genuine feedback & absorb whatever it’s beneficial for your growth, drain out everything else. When you go through failure, you might feel lonely, disheartened or bit depressed but that’s okay. Say yourself that it’s Temporary. Throw your Shoulders back & Jump into battle ground again.

Winston Churchill said ” Success is not Final, Success is never fatal, its courage to continue that counts.”

Failure is a part of process. You don’t just go through failure actually you grow through Failure. Because you don’t remain the same, you become a matured person ,a better decision maker , you rise as evolved personality once you overcome the Failures.

In my life, I follow a philosophy- (I Have written that on my desk.)

Jump In, Make Mistakes, Fail Forward & Move Ahead! @ Mahendra Kapady.


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