Live Upto Your Name!

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We are all born equal, as Infant. When we grow up there is one Special thing that separates us from each other. What’s that? It’s our Name! It’s our title! It’s an identity that our parents offer us in our childhood. It’s the only thing that remain /stick with us for the rest of our life. It’s just a few letter word we wish to hear again & again. It’s really a special word for You, Me & Every individual. When it’s been called, announced & mentioned we feel like special. Its one of the sweetest word that we wish to Listen.

How You Got Your Name?

What do you think? Was it spontaneous or deliberate? Let me tell you, Your Parents did some hard work such as deep thinking, soul searching, Hunting to Name You. It didn’t happen automatic, like you were born and something catchy came out of their mouth & they named you for sake of it. Lol.

You must have heard diverse kind of names of people around you, they are usually derived over something. I have tried to sum it up as –

  • For most of us it resembles with Name of our Gods, Goddess.
  • For few ones Their Name is derived from some quality.
  • For few its integration of someone equivalent, A bigger version.
  • For few ones it’s an abbreviation of some special character.
  • For few it’s about their spark, attribute their parents have marked during their birth or Infancy.
  • For few its combination of 2,3 or Many special names.
  • Or it can over the Dream person that our parents want to be.
  • Sometimes it resembles with Hope, inspiration or Grandness.
  • Or it can be inspired over a role Model or Ideal.

We all know- Human beings are intelligent species, our names can be derived, inspired over anything beyond that as well.

I have few  known examples to share, with their meaning-

  • Mahendra – Lord Indra, king, open Being ,Lord Vishnu
  • Anirudh – Masculine, the grandson of Krishna, Avatar of Vishnu.
  • Pratik –  Prestigious Symbol, Mark of Love, victory.
  • Sanjay – Victorious, Triumphant, Krishna.
  • Santosh- Contentment, Satisfaction, Happiness.
  • Vinayak- Lord Ganesh, Buddha, Over-ambitious,
  • Kalpesh – lord of Perfection, creative individual & Helpful.
  • Sunita – One with good Morals, Righteous.
  • Mitali – A beloved friend, Friendly, Sweet Person.

Like above, there are countless people (special names) exist in this universe but every name has a distinct attribute & feature associated with it. There is no Name without any meaning. We all have deep meaning associated with our Living Title.

My whole emphasis of this discussion is, Our name is special, Unique & resembles with something great, a magnificent quality or exceptional character. We really have to absorb that feeling within ourselves and act accordingly. Don’t feel that your Name is just a title given for the sake of it, it’s a distinct feature of your identity. You have to accept the grandness within you. You have to absorb the feeling of something special attached with your Title. Your are somebody with that Name. Your name is not just a Word or few alphabets written together, it’s actually a Special gift you have got from your parents, a character you have to live. You must live up to your Name.

During the short journey so far- I came across too many teens, young people like Me, They ask me about personal development & during the communication with them I found that too many of them are suffering with inferiority complex. (How can I say that? – because I knew I had been through it & how it feels in that phase). They share their issues, challenges they are facing. So, when I suggest them something. Most of them reply “No, it’s not possible for Me, You can do that, I can’t “, when I questioned them Why? They reply because I am not so special, I am just an ordinary person.

My conversation with Sudhir –

This conversation (the above discussion) happened with a guy named Sudhir. This guy was overweight, in his 20s, getting trolled by his mates over his body structure. I suggested him a resolution, tried to imbibe a big picture in his mind & tried my best to inspire him. After a while, He replied exactly the same. I did try to convince him that he can really do it! But he did not Feel convinced. So, I asked him what’s your name? Upon listening to such a weird question He got bit puzzled, I ask him again, same question? So, with bit of Amusement, He replied Sudhir!!  I asked him do you know meaning of your name? He said something but that didn’t satisfy me. So, I asked him to Google & read out loud. He read – Sudhir means Great Scholar, wise person, brave, Essence, special & Important. So, I said- “your name has so many qualities associated with it, which are indirectly mapped with You now. So, stop whining & acting like Dumb. Start doing something what you really want to Be, You Must live up to your Name.

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Google Your Name! 

I suggest everyone to Google your name & experience the grandness associated with your name & it’s your Moral duty to live up to the Name you are holding. (If you can’t or don’t want to, then change your name that resemble with something useless or nonsense!) Don’t just use your name on registers & for correspondence, employ it to aspire you, to create a difference in your life.

Who said you are ordinary? Did God send you with a particular Stamp on your Forehead? You know the chances of you getting born is 1 out of 4 trillion. Every human being is born extraordinary! Nobody is born average Or Ordinary. All are born same as infant. It’s our mental conditioning that creates a difference. It’s we who label ourselves with some negative perception about us & try to live justifying that label for the rest of our life. In the process, we blame God, our parents, our circumstances for mediocrity. Every time you feel you are not so special – Google Your name!

In my view- Our name is the Ambition of our future crafted/hinted by our parents.

Let your Name inspire you to Leap beyond! Mirror your life as your Title. Make your life Equivalent & bigger as your Name! You must live up to your Name!

 – 1Beginner!

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– Mahendra Kapady, 1Beginner@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Mahendra, Content is Good, Message is delivered very effectively to Me.Thumbs Up ! But You need to work slightly on Grammatical Mistakes. Keep it Up. Thank you @ Sunil Patil.

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