What If I Think ?

“Five Percent Of The People Think; 
Ten Percent Of The People Think They Think;
And The Other Eighty-Five Percent Would Rather Die Than Think.” 

 – Thomas A. Edison.


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Do We Think or Just Act like We Think ?



We all wish for an Ascending Career, for a Dream job, we wish for an solid & erect body posture and peace of mind & wellness of our Soul. We all wish for a financial independence. We wish for Good House, unified Family and strong bond with partner, solid personal relations, some fancy objects & many more. Too sum up we all wish for a better life, we all wish to have Health, wealth, Abundance. We all wish something to happen and rescue us from all our problems and we have cherished life. We kept on wishing & wishing till the end of life but nothing really happens.

Do we live the life the way we wish to be? If the answer is No? Why? We do lot of wish-work but do we take time to deliberately think over it! The answer is very obvious- No. Because We Don’t Actually think at all?

Yes, it sounding bit confusing, you might say we wish which means we think. Nope, it’s not that way, the wishy-washy thinking is too different than the genuine thinking. The detail that I would like to emphasis today is about Intentional Thinking!

 Intentional Thinking is not something that comes automatically to our Mind, but it is what we bring to our Mind by deliberately focusing our thoughts over particular aspect, Dream or Goal of our life. The standpoint of this writing is about Intentional Thinking towards your life.

Now, I reiterate the question. Do you Think Intentionally towards the life of Your Dreams? (Or You just wish for it!) Do you? You have to answer for yourself? The common answer for the 97 % of the people is No. Why? because they have too many reasons like- “because I am so busy, I have so many problems, I have too many things to do, I don’t have time, How can I think in such situation.“ That’s the excuse we all often give. How can people say like that – We don’t have time think? Like they have to say – I don’t have time for good life!


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Do We Think or We Just Wish ?


I came across a quote – “Human beings can alter the course of their life & live a different life altogether if they think but nowadays, the problem with human beings is they don’t think.” (I don’t remember the author.) See that’s the point. People don’t think. They refuse to think? Please refer to the initial quote by Thomas Edison. The whole world is Reacting to life rather than responding & thinking over a Good life! Why do we refuse to think, because it involves a work? And that’s we what want to bypass. So, we prefer not to think.

Albert Einstein Said –

“The World As We Have Created It Is A Process Of Our Thinking. It Cannot Be Changed Without Changing Our Thinking.” 


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We can create the new world, with change in our thinking. We can live a prosperous and dreamed life by intentionally thinking & working over it. I do agree. We all work a lot, that’s not a problem. But is it in the right direction? Is it really what we really Be? Is it where we would want to end up? If the answer for these questions is No. Then, what’s the point of working so relentlessly? You must work in the direction of your dreams but before that you got to intentionally think over your Dreams, the pathway, the layout to your Dream & How you can achieve it? You can achieve it by taking inventory of your thoughts through the Intentional Thinking. Our life can evolve to next level through Intentional thinking.

Good life doesn’t happen through a wish or wishful thinking, it can only be designed through the Intentional Thinking. You can design a good life If you do soem – I.T., resolve to join the group of 5% applauded by Thomas Edison.

Ask yourself a question- “What If I Think.”

Think Intentionally, Live Willfully! @ Mahendra Kapady.



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– Mahendra Kapady, 1Beginner@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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