W.T. Vs .I.T. ?

“ The World As We Have Created It Is A Process Of Our Thinking. It Cannot Be Changed Without Changing Our Thinking.”  – Albert Einstein.   

In Albert Einstein’s view we got to alter our thinking in order to change the course of our life, We have to do some real soul searching & pour some thoughts to have a better life. How it’s possible? It’s possible only though Intentional thinking.

Today’s post is in continuation with the discussion we did yesterday( link mentioned below) , in my view every aspect should have practical exposure in order to validate its application in real life. I thought I should make some addition in the previous post. This is about application of intentional thinking to our life & how it can be really productive over the Wishful thinking.


Great life is possible only through the intentional thinking towards something worthy! @ Mahendra Kapady.

A brief about Intentional Thinking – Intentional thinking is a process where we take inventory of our thoughts is organized way to achieve a desired result. It’s a process where we not only focus on end goal but also do some soul searching towards the realization of the Goal which channelize our mind to get into action Mode. It en grafts our Goal with possible ways & action measures to achieve the desired Result. Whereas wishful thinking involves only a blurred image or cheesy mental film of the Desire which can be self-deceiving. The possibility of achieving a good life through Wishful thinking is minuscule but though intentional thinking it’s very likely to happen.

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Intentional thinking is where we focus our Mind, Brain & Senses towards the desired result. Intentional Thinking is not something that comes automatically to our Mind over some influence or opinions, but it is something that we bring to our Mind by deliberately & meditate over it.

You have to classify your thinking. You have to check whether you are doing Wishful thinking or Intentional Thinking. Your wishing does not necessarily imply to realization. Your wish is just a wish, it’s not a constructive thinking though it might sound that way. You have to align your thinking into the process of Achievement orientation to get the results. Else what you dream may just remain as a wish. You have to do some result oriented thinking.

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Classify Your Thinking! Now!

To validate the difference let me elaborate an example. Let’s take a common Goal for majority of people in this generation, the reason why I have chosen this example is because people in every age group can relate to this. I wish – “To have an excellent Physique, Body Posture.” This is common Goal for Majority of the people which nowadays become a part of Wishful thinking. People just think over it, they never worry act to over it. Too many people spend their months just thinking about having a good body, just like their favourite actor/actress. They just have a wish to bear a physique like them. They spend their months & years behind the wish & continually cheat themselves with the deceptive notion that someday they would achieve it. Result Orientation, action measures none. This is wishful thinking- Only Desire, No direction, No Action, No Results, End product Zero & lot of regret.

On the other hand – How I went ahead with intentional thinking? To be very honest, I spent few years of my days in wishful thinking, procrastinating this activity over many reasons such as Money, Time, not necessary , busy but I always has a wish for an erect posture, Lean-muscular physique & confident personality. I decided to go ahead of wishful thinking & took some real steps to achieve the desired result through some intentional thinking.

So, What I did –

  • I penned down the benefits that I can have with a Good & Healthy Body.
  • I met & had some discussion with Energetic people with good physique to understand benefits of Fitness & Healthy Body.
  • I gave a visit to nearest Gym & did my B.M.I. analysis.
  • I kept a Goal in front of Me.
  • I was travelling a lot at that time for my job (3-4 Hrs every day), so I rescheduled/wiped out few activities in order to fit my Exercise regimen in my daily life cycle.
  • I started to show up at the Gym & worked out seriously.
  • I pursued various activities such as Running, Skipping, Cycling, Weight Exercise, Floor exercises to avoid mundaneness of work-out.
  • I met a dietician & started monitoring & following diet. (I got this wisdom 1 year later)
  • I made out a plan-B in case if I couldn’t make it to gym for any particular reason. Like Stretching & Simple floor exercises.
  • I take brisk walk for 2 km after Dinner.(doing for about 10+ years)
  • Recently, I hired a Personal trainer to monitor my progress & align my efforts in proper direction.

The results are bit fascinating – It has lot of ups & downs in it.

Through first 4 years of weight training I gained some good weight. I was 57 kg in 2010, then I was 71 Kg in 2013 , then I gained some more muscles & reached to 77 kg In 2015. I felt I am losing my flexibility in sports, so I decided to reduce the weight. I developed my interest in cycling & running. due to over enthusiasm my weight dropped below 60 kg. I did consult with my Dietitian again. After a while I decided to pursue the combination of activities & developed a balance in activities.I weight 71 Kg with a lean physique & Confident Posture. The others benefits include high Endurance, increased stamina & freshness in mind & lot of Vigor, Vitality & Never Ending Enthusiasm towards life.

I achieved a too many benefits in terms of health through the Intentional thinking! What do you want to do? W.T. Or I.T.?

Think Intentionally, Live Wilfully! @ Mahendra Kapady

–  1Beginner!

Mahendra Kapady, 1Beginner@2018, All Rights Reserved.


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