Stop Polluting Your Mind!

“Every day you have to stand guard at the door of your Mind.” – Jim Rohn.

We are worried about how to avoid things getting polluted in our life. We are too much cautious about the Air we breathe in our house, the water in our tank, the water we drink I.e. Condition of our water filter, the Air circulating through our Air condition, the stale air that’s entering our house through windows. The smoke/odour that’s entering in our car due to a terrible vehicle standing next to us at a traffic signal & the food what we eat.

We live in a 21st century, there are many things we have to stand-guard, else it might affect our Health, Wealth & overall Life! I guarantee that we all are taking numerous precautions to avoid things getting polluted that might affect our health.

That’s alright but What About Your Mind?  

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Have you noticed how this precious commodity is getting polluted every day ? In fact how it’s getting deteriorated day after day through the pollution. The pollution which cannot be seen through naked eyes.

The unacceptable, non-tolerable pollution of pitiful thinking, nagging, bragging, thoughts of envy, jealousy, Unnecessary & irrelevant competition, Gossips & petty little thinking about our neighbor, co-worker, complaining about our boss, too much talk about a bad person.

No only this but what happened In life of your neighbor, what he did wrong, what he should have done, why he isn’t so successful ? How he isn’t working appropriately at the job. The wrong doings of your subordinate or co-worker, his problems with his life & numerous unnecessary, unfruitful discussions between the groups. That sort of all unnecessary & de-energizing discussions pollutes your mind every day.

Such discussions happen around us every day. Sometimes you initiate them & ask people to join you. Otherwise somebody else of the group initiates it & you join along with all enthusiasm, add your inputs to lengthen the discussion.

Gossips/Unnecessary talking is not a relaxation – 

(I am so tired, I worked a lot today) You think that let me chat for a while, so that I would relax from my hectic job. This discussion knowingly or unknowingly lasts for 15-30 mins or may be for hours. It could happen in the bus, in your car or in your cabin or at the canteen, Hall, everywhere you allow it to happen. But have you noticed after having such discussion how do you feel? Do you feel fresh to restart your work with much bigger enthusiasm? No, definitely not, because you haven’t relaxed your brain or mind, actually you have dumped it with the wrongdoings, negative feelings, excuses, problems of somebody else in addition to something necessary what was already rumbling in your mind (that you have to resolve on your own).

After such negative & totally inharmonious discussion over a long time & repetitively over the time  your mind loses its charm, enthusiasm, spark & all its capacity to think something creative about your life, new ways to resolve your challenges or new ideas to reach your dreams. It becomes numb to respond to life in new ways or creative ways. As the principle of life- “ what goes inside, same radiates outside.” Your mind would give you the ideas, solutions, views or thinking the same way you have allowed/dumped in it through you thinking throughout the day. You have allowed the pollution & garbage of impure & filthy thinking through those lousy discussion, so it’s going to throw away or deliver the same garbage outside when it matters the most, when you wish for some different sort thinking, creative solutions, genuine ideas for your life.

You have a Garden, Cultivate It Intelligently – 

Sir James Allen said our mind is like a garden, we have to take deliberate effort to grow the Flowers, Rose & Orchids otherwise weeds would grow automatically. You have a garden with you, its up to you whether to cultivate it intelligently or let it grow Wild.

But nowadays we not only allow weeds to grow but we invite them to ruin our Mind by all those corrupt, inharmonious & unhappy thoughts. You mind would lose its harmony by discussion that involves complaining, bragging & disruptive and negative & non-courteous acts of somebody. See your discussion without involvement of that person is totally damaging you & it’s not going to help/change him by even 1 percent. If you want that person to change and do something better (if his wrongdoings or acts are affecting your life or performance) you must confront him by some way. Either softly or through direct attack.

There is another type of thinking that pollutes your mind. It’s through the association with people known as Naysayers, Complainers or unnecessary critics of your life. It’s the thinking that you voluntarily allow for your mind to rumble & attack the peace of your mind.

The polluters view towards life –

They say it’s not possible, we are going to stuck in this job, company isn’t going pay the rise.You may not get promotion? What’s the point of having promotion ?  You can’t do that, you can’t start a business, it’s so hard, nobody has done it how you are gonna do that, you would fail if you leave the job to pursue your dreams. Why are you wasting your time for that thing? Business is slow, life is so dull!  Many more derogatory & demotivating statements about You, your life & their life.

See, such people have already gave up to their dreams & hope. Same way they are asking you to join them, not through direct efforts but slowly, indirectly by polluting your mind with such wasteful & uninspiring thinking.

As rightly said by Sir Jim Rohn every day you have to stand guard the gates of your mind & You should never allow such Derogatory thinking, to avoid decay of your fruitful mind. You have to voluntarily deny the participation in such group discussions. Either you have to excuse from the group or run away them. You have to leave naysayers even he is your pal from long time. You might say he is your best friend I can’t do that. See, if somebody who is not aligned with your goal or dreams & he isn’t supporting to reach your dream, he is not & never would be your best friend. He is just a sort of associate! That’s the strange fact. Know this & move on. You got to differentiate between friends & sake of friends sort of people.

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Source- AZ Quotes.

During gossips in office or anywhere, Some people say I would just stand there but won’t talk about it, see even if you’re not talking but your Mind is doing all his work. It’s listening, talking, Grasping & rumbling. Its doing his work internally, processing the Garbage that went inside & its going to deliver you the same equivalent very soon. The damage is done knowingly or unknowingly because you have allowed it to do so.

Hey, don’t use such in between ways. Just go away from them somehow, as we all know out of sight is out of Mind. You have to put such discussion, talks out of Your sight so that they would be out of your mind. Your life would be in the harmony & your mind would be in peace & performing at its peak level. Every time I feel, I am getting involved in discussion that’s moving towards Gossip or Bad essay about somebody, I run away from the place hurriedly stating some urgency.

In My view –

Most of the people complain that they have no creative ideas in their mind, but the problem is they have dumped their brain with so much of garbage & waste from another people that no space is left for their own creative ideas! All they have to do is clear the clutter, vacate their mind in order to have space for new ideas to blossom! @ Mahendra Kapady.

You have to keep your mind Healthy ! All you need is to protect it from the pollution of Negative & derogatory thinking. You have to fight with every polluter you come across every day, The polluter can be anybody. It can be You, Your Evil Mind, your friend or your colleague or anyone. Do not let the Mind Garden grow wild! You have to cultivate it Intelligently.

Try this for 90 days & experience the all new different life.


Written by Mahendra Kapady.

Thank you for reading, I believe you would definitely give a try to this view in your life. If found the article interesting please like, Share & Comment.please Subscribe. Invite others to join & Subscribe. Thank You!

– 1Beginner@2018, All Rights Reserved.


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