I Would Figure It Out On My Way!

“I would figure it Out.”

We all crave for successful life, we all crave for good life, the Life full of joy, Peace & happiness. We all live in 21st century, the modern era, the success here is not about Food, shelter & clothes. Now, it’s not about the fulfilment of basic needs, we have moved far ahead. (I still feel disheartened about 22% of Indians are struggling over the basic needs, for them the fulfilling basic family needs is the accomplishment of life) but for us successful life is about accomplishment, living our dreams , creating a legacy. Success here is about Make your Mark.

Success in any endeavour of life is simple but not easy. All you need to follow set of few natural principles which are simple. But majority of the Humans spend their entire life looking for the Easy way. They really don’t understand the difference between Simple & Easy.

In this simple path of accomplishment of your Goal or Dream, there are too few Hurdles or challenges you may come across such as –

  • Lack of Time.
  • Lack of Money.
  • Lack of Education, knowledge & Experience.
  • Lack of Support, resources & opportunities

But, I feel one of the biggest hurdles for Success is the ideology of Perfection. In any endeavour of your life, there is only one thing that delays your success & diminishes the possibility of getting successful – it is the bad habit of waiting to attain the perfection. The vague notion of getting expert even before beginning to avoid problems. Isn’t that true? we all try be expert in our mind room before we even start a business or a walk towards the Dream.

My Vague Views of the Past

It’s not looking good, maybe I would wait for a While to make it Perfect!

Something is worth doing if it’s done perfectly, else it’s not to be done!

You must have heard this, experienced such views through many people around you. In fact for a long while I was preacher of this nonsense philosophy. I was a firm believer about notion of being perfect in doing what you are! So, I waited for about 7 years to give myself a permission to do what I really want to be. In fact it was a permission to fail which was necessary. I had habit of thinking too much about the problems that might arrive in the future & how can I avoid them or resolve them now. Why such unnecessary work was happening in my mind? Because I am perfect, what people would say if I make mistake, what if I fail?  Too many what If. Finally when I decided whatever it may happen, Let It Be! I am not going to allow perfection to get in my way towards Dream.

Read my previous blog in relevance with this post-  https://1beginner.com/2018/06/12/give-yourself-permission-to-fail/

People Think, Think & they Think. They prepare too much in their Mind-Room (Imaginary business Board Room) & wish to start the business in which there would not be any problems. They think so much about the problems that might occur in the near future that they lose their large share of enthusiasm over it (something which may not happen at all) after a while they become so dull that they don’t have energy left to aspire.

Image result for perfection is the enemy of good quote voltaire

 Perfection is The Enemy of the Good!. Don’t be perfectionist. Don’t think too much over something that may go wrong or which may not work out. Don’t get too much engrossed in resolving the imaginary problems, something that might occur in future. Don’t get paralyzed by the Fear of going wrong. You got to give yourself a Go!

If you want to do something do some homework for a while & jump into it. You would make few mistakes on your way. In fact not few but many mistakes would happen along the way. Because it’s the ultimate way to move forward. Start Imperfect! Sometimes starting imperfect is the only perfect way to Move forward. There is no perfect strategy, there is no perfect plan to success. The only plan should be to start with imperfect plan, make mistakes, have experience, correct the course of action & march towards the Goal.


“Do It, Then Fix It As You Go.” – Paul Arden.

After a long while, I have this wisdom to say this – whatever idea, whatever spark, any dream or any ambition you have in your mind, just give it a go. Don’t carry them till the end, to the Graveyard with you. Don’t hold yourself back due to the fear of making mistake or by being perfectionist to avoid making mistakes.

The View of Paul Arden-

“Too many people spend too much time trying to perfect something before they actually do it. Instead of waiting for Perfection, run with what you’ve got, and fix it as you Go.”   Isn’t that true?

I decided to Do It –

I had this idea/my blog to express my views, I had many hurdles (may be just in my mind) to stumble upon and still I jumped in. Lack of Time, No funding, lack of Money, too much to pay for Bills, still I jumped in. I had many questions rumbling in my mind –acceptance from people, how to handle the website, My blog, the structure of blog, my writing skills, My grammar, My vocabulary, My unavailability on Social media, not having too much friends, lack of skills to handle Social media platforms but I decided to give it a Go. I said to my-self “I would figure it out on the way, I am smart enough to correct my mistakes.”


Related image

I do admit- Despite of lot of homework & excessive mind work I made lot of mistakes, in fact I still make few mistakes. I still find some grammatical errors in my published posts, so I am correcting myself day after day. I am learning new things. I cannot afford to be perfect & wait for a long while to completely avoid the mistakes. I have decided that I would figure it out on the way.

Image result for progress not perfection
Strive For Progress Not For Perfection!

See, you are smart enough. That’s the specialty of Human Beings. We know how to survive & how to grow. I suggest stop being perfect, don’t even think about it. Try to pursue excellence, Try to be better version of yourself every day. Don’t wait too much to have favorable time, good conditions, finances & support. Somehow it would come but before that you got to Begin. Start Imperfect. You are smart enough, You can figure it out on the way! If you are doing any business make sure you carry a sign Work In Progress at your office & in your mind-room everyday, because that’s the way you grow infinitely.

I Repeat – Start Imperfect! “Sometimes starting imperfect is the only perfect way to Move forward.” – Mahendra Kapady.

–  1Beginner!

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Written by Mahendra Kapady, 1Beginner@2018. All Rights Reserved.


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