The Man Who Defined Persistence!


What is Persistence ? How can you define it ? Lets read the dictionary meaning of it.

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We all know the Definition of Persistence. but how many of us have really understood the Persistence?What really happens in the process ? In my view Its not a word, its long journey. Do you have anything to share about your story of persistence.

Let Me share Story of A Man who really defined persistence. I am sharing journey of his life from Rags to riches. From Nobody to Somebody. His journey made me think if He stood through so many obstacles ? Why Cant I ? Why cant you ? Why cant We ?

Let me share the series of obstacles that he had been through for years.

  • Year 1818- He lost his Mother.
  • Year 1831- He got failed in business.
  • Year 1832- He lost his Job & Ran for state legislature election , which he lost.
  • Year 1832- He did wish to go to law school but couldn’t make it.
  • Year 1833- He started a business & lost his money, Went bankrupt & with huge debt.
  • Year 1835- He lost his beloved Wife , He got heartbroken.
  • Year 1836- He had nervous breakdown.
  • Year 1838- He sought to become speaker of the state legislature, got defeated.
  • Year 1840- He sought to become elector, got defeated.
  • Year 1843- He Ran for nomination for the Congress & lost.
  • Year 1848- Again, He Ran for nomination to Congress but lost.
  • Year 1849- He Sought the job of land officer got rejected.
  • Year 1854- He Ran for Senate of the United States & lost.
  • Year 1856- He got defeated for nomination for Vice President
  • Year 1858- He Ran for Senate of the United States again & lost.
  • Year 1859- He continued? He Gave Up? (He was 50 year Old now)

In year 1860, this gentleman got elected as 16th President for the United States Of America & we know He is none other than The Great Abraham Lincoln. He Remained as president of USA till his Assassination in year 1865. During His period as President He led America in difficult times of American Civil War. In his tenure He abolished the slavery, gave equal rights to blacks ,strengthened the federal government, and modernized the economy.

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The Man of Persistence – It was said that Lincoln did not have any degree or formal school education due to his poor family background & adverse financial condition. He was wholly self-educated from his childhood. He didn’t have any educational degree that doesn’t mean he was not educated, he kept on reading & learning the new things, absorbing the knowledge in his entire lifetime. The point I have to state here – This person had been through pain from his early age, he lost his mother when he was 9 year old. He went on losing in the diverse fields of his life, year after Year. He had been through Financial Loss, Personal Loss, Mental stress. He had been through physical & Mental Breakdown. He was struggling in his career to establish himself for about 28 years before He got elected as President of USA. Can you imagine this fellow had been through failure after Failure for about 28 years? For whopping 28 Years ? Almost 30 years of pain, failure, setbacks & loss. After reading those catastrophic events do you feel there was any certainty of the good life? Can we persist for almost 3 decades to chase something worthwhile ? Can We ? Can You? We don’t even persist more than few months. 3-4 attempts we give up. Its not my cup of tea, there is fault in my stars & all nonsense phrases we Hear from people all around. I am old now, I cant take risks , this is not age to experiment or try something in my life. How can we say that ? Abraham Lincoln was struggling to define himself in his 50’s. Finally his efforts paid off well. I am speechless to praise the efforts, persistence of this Great Man. I don’t have any more words after this story. I read about him in my childhood but I did not understood what really persistence is ? Few years prior I read the Autobiography of A.B., hence I felt I should share this story with You. I got to know – Every time he felled, he picked him up & started walking. This is the really the definition of persistence.

“Arise, Awake & Stop Not Till Your Goal Is reached”- Swami Vivekananda!       

You should never stop till your reach your goal irrespective of anything. That’s Persistence! read my previous blog –

Nobody can define persistence better than Abraham Lincoln. Everybody can say good things, Act good & Try for something big & worthwhile when situations are in his/her favor. You can aspire for new heights when we have our finances, family, health, mental strength is Intact but what we do in the extreme conditions ? What we really do in such times when nobody is with us or believe in us ? You are not who you are by what you do when conditions are in favor but you get defined by what you do in your Tough times.

Its been said “When Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Going”

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Be Tough, Keep Going, Make it Happen!

Never underestimate the power of Persistence. More than anything you need persistence to achieve you dreams.

Remember this story & the tough person, Abraham Lincoln before you give up over the dream of your life. Be Tough, Be Persistent. Write you new story of Persistence!

–  1Beginner!

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Written by Mahendra Kapady, 1Beginner@2018. All Rights Reserved.






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