People whom I thank the Most!

Who are the people in your life you love the Most?  Your Mother, Your father, Your Partner, kids & friends. Isn’t it? Do you have somebody else in your life? Name it! We all have somebody who are very near to us whom we love the most.

I love my parents the most! My Mother, My Father. These are the people whom I thank the most for the beautiful life, Wonderful childhood. I am deeply thankful to them for the opportunity they gave me to experience this life! I am thankful to my Teacher, My Friends, my well-wishers for the guidance, help, much needed contribution they have made in my life, it really ascended my life to new heights. I am thankful to even strangers who did act as signpost & showed me the path when I was wondering where I really have to Go?

But beyond all these people, there are still some people whom I thank the Most.  I am not in contact or in any touch with them but I am deeply thankful to these people. I haven’t seen them in years or even talked to them since a long while, I think neither they have seen me nor willing to talk with Me! You Might ask what I am talking about? Where this discussion is really going? I don’t know how many of you would like this discussion but still I feel its worth sharing.

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Thank You for Version 2.0

Its time to get straight to the fact. These are special people who really changed the course of My Life & they propelled me on the track where I really meant to be! The people I thanked in the initial discussion are all who made contribution in first phase of my life But the people I am going to talk about are very responsible for my Re-birth or the revamped version of My life. I can say they gave me a chance to discover New Me and to live version 2.0 of my life.

These People may be never liked me, never loved Me, never helped me in any course of my life, during the period they were in my life. They created lot of trouble in my life, made me face unnecessary problems. Like they came – they saw Me happy- they created whole lot of situation- made my life measurable & left without showing any concern. In simple words it was just like that. They Used Me, They fooled Me, They played with me & finally outplayed Me completely. To be very honest, they hated Me, they insulted Me, They stabbed Me in my back, ripped Me emotionally & caused a lot of Pain, made my life miserable to live, made it so unbearable that for a while I decided to give up. To just end this life & get free from this hell of living.


These people were really ruthless to Me. I hope you are getting what I meant to say. You must have come across such people in your life. We all have faced such people in our life at some junction of life. You must be hating them, cursing them for the loss they have caused You. You won’t leave a single chance to square up what they did to you. Your feeling are absolutely okay at your place. But I have a really new view to look at them, the situation & for the pain you have experienced. You must say thank you to them if you have really moved on & doing something worthy in your life.

You guys must be wondering how can I even thankful to them. I should just hate them! Isn’t it? See, I am not a yogi or some kind of saint who is preaching some message about forgiveness, when I was in that situation I felt even worse, I felt like go in-front of them , just shot one bullet in their head & the second one in my Head. Whatever they did with my life was totally unacceptable & beyond forgiveness. But keep the revenge thing aside for a while & Just be with me for a while, I have something really different view to divulge.

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To take the discussion further, let me ask you a brutal question? Have you came out of that problem or situation such people had caused in your life? May be it can be any Girl, any friend, any relationship, financial associate, your Boss, your colleague’s, anyone close from your family or any person who messed up your personal/business transaction. If you are out of such situation, then it’s really good.  but if you haven’t you have to come out of such situation really fast. I don’t know how? You have to figure it out. When I was going through such situation I really never knew what I was really doing for about for 2 years , How I made mess on my own, How I managed to fake smile and pose everything is going Good while I was totally shattered inside. Long story short. Somehow I came out of it after suffering heck of the mental, emotional, health & Financial Loss. You got to figure it out for yourself but you have to take control of your life & get out of it as quickly as possible, because you can’t afford to stay in a mess for such a long time. Listen from the guy who actively wasted about 2 years of his life.

So, Knowing you are out of such situation let me take the discussion to the conclusion, (those who are not yet can come back after a while read this discussion once they would come out of such situation, maybe that’s when they can understand this lucidly.)

So, I would ask you few questions!

  • Are you happy that you came out of such situation?
  • Do you feel different?
  • Do feel any difference in yourself now & before you had been into that situation?

I know the answer for all these questions could be somehow Yes. If they are No, Then you got to Re-think. If the answers are still No, then you are going totally in the Un-wanted direction. Let me ask you, would you jump into such situation again ? No, definitely Not, So haven’t you become wise enough to differentiate between What is really good & not so good for you. What about the experience ? Isn’t that worth having ? Don’t you feel that somehow you have become Strong now. I was very vulnerable & emotionally weak person but today I feel I am pretty strong and in my control. Such situations in future wouldn’t deter my peace & pace of my growth by large extent.

Why don’t you see it as a difficult experience that you were needed the most, seeing the pain involved, I can guarantee you had never opted for one! Don’t you feel you have emerged as a better, in control personality after such bitter experience? Haven’t you learn the importance of right people in your life? Don’t you feel totally different one.

I discovered my parents I needed the most in such times, I got to know their real love & affection which I couldn’t see in all those years. In fact I discovered my parents, when my facade of smartness & ego shattered after few bitter experiences. I learned to value emotions, feelings of my closed ones. Started valuing relationships, bonds. I learned to genuinely respect people, admire people.

Whenever I see backwards, I don’t just see the pain, I see something beyond. I see what I have become through the tough period. I see the New Me. These people gave me the Pressure, Pain, headaches, Punches & lot of bruises that people can’t see? & I never showed to them but in the process they taught me very important lessons, How to identify people? Who are your real people & who just pose to be like your people? How to see beyond your own pain? How to not trust some people? Whom to trust? How to take decisions? how financial decisions need to be taken? The real faces of few people & their intentions. How to fight the battle of stress ? and many more lessons that I couldn’t  note here.

I am sure it was a bitter experience but I had never received it if I had never came across such people. Even though the loss was inevitable but I feel it was necessary to learn few lessons of life. These lessons are not covered in any educational syllabus. These lessons can be learned only through the school of life & through such bad people whom I see as difficult teachers.

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These people are complete strangers to Me now, still I thank them a lot. They are not strangers , they are My haters. The Haters I needed the most. These people really gave me the Strength to tackle the unexpected situation, wisdom to handle the disappointments, endurance to bear the pain of some loss. I decided I am not going to live like this. I am not a victim but I am A Victor! If I am going to die, I would die Big. May be I have lost some good part of my life but I am looking to start again. They gave me all new enthusiasm to bounce back. They indirectly helped to propel me back on the track from which I was derailed or I never walked upon. They really helped to define vision of my life about which I was not at all serious!

“I am glad that somehow I managed to gulp the bitter dose that life gave me through these people.”

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Design your version 2.0 –

Don’t waste your energy thinking bad about them, wishing them ill Luck. You might spend your days, month & years doing that. Would that Help you ? Trust Me ! it would not help you even by 1% to Be what you really want To Be! You are spending your priceless years over the haters or few bad people who are complete strangers to you now. If you are in regret, feeling guilty, ashamed & wasting your time about replaying the old tape of mistakes, its of no use. may be your haters want the same, that you waste your energy, time & charm over them. Do not crush your life, dream over such evil people. Destroy that negative energy! Use the same time, same energy to do something constructive in your life. Live your Dream. Create a New Dream! Chase your Dreams. Elevate yourself, reach new Heights. Make them uncomfortable with your success. Be An Elite person. Be an Aristocrat! Create a difference by choosing not to be like them. That’s the Right Choice for your Version 2.0

Don’t see what they gave you, see what they have made you in the overall process. All My Haters Taught Me to How Love My Life. They showed me A way to – Do what I can’t!  They vacated Me from inside which allowed Me to fill the My Brain, My Mind , My Body with goodness. My Brain thinks creative & marvelous thoughts, My Mind is Focused , Enthusiastic & in my control & My body is Ecstatic about living this life.

My Soul is immersed with happiness despite of the any Situation. The Problems, Challenges may occur in life. I am prepared for it Now. I really love this life & My reloaded version 2.0 .

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Thank you haters for this Re-birth & Everything, nobody could have done this better than You! You might be still Hating Me but I have No rage for You! I say Thank You, Thank You & Thank You!


–  1Beginner!

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Written by Mahendra Kapady, 1Beginner@2018. All Rights Reserved.

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