Go For An Hour Of Possibilities!

The world We live In – 


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We live in a world with challenges & problems but we also live in a world with Endless possibilities! The problem with us is that we overlook the possibilities and put emphasis more on the problems. So, whom to blame here? I do agree Life/nature definitely throws some challenges at us at various intervals but at the same time it also ships the solutions through some different spectrum at different location. We have to reach there & unwrap the gift of possibilities. All we have to do is connect with the universe and discover the possibilities. There is no end to the possibilities which exist in this universe but the problem is with our view, it’s so blurred thereby we cannot see them. It’s like we put hands on our eyes & say why there is so darkness in the Room? That sounds funny but that’s True!

How to discover possibilities in your Life –

There are too many ways to connect with the infinite Universe & the life full of possibilities. You can have a good mentor, You can have a genius, true & selfless friend, You can Meditate, You can go into the Woods, You can immerse yourself into the Music. It can be any way where you get truly unison with the source, your origin.

My Way –

One of the ways I discovered to connect with My inner self is the Night Walk. You might ask what’s special in it. Most of you must be a doing post dinner walk. Let me complete, the way I do is entirely different, I guarantee hardly few % of the people must be doing this way. If they are doing they can directly connect with what I meant to say.


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The Walk of Endless possibilities- The way I do it.

  • I prefer to walk alone. It’s not a loneliness. It’s a preferred Solitude!
  • I walk at least 2 km. (sometimes 3-5 km), (takes me 30-60 mins)
  • I smile deliberately & laugh very often. I jump & bounce with Joy.
  • I do not carry cell phone with Me! (Most important)
  • Sometimes, I prefer to carry my Music player/IPod.
  • I throw myself into the limitless thinking.
  • I do not talk about problems,challenges in negative way (or this cannot happen way)

You can say these are some indirect conditions I have put on myself. Yes, it might sound bit stringent but I love it & I am doing it voluntarily for 10+ years now.

The dark Time of Solitude –

Not a Single day goes by where I do not go under this experience! No way! Even if I reach home at 11.00 pm at night, I still take a time to walk for at-least 15-20 minutes after my dinner. This is not a condition or matter of discipline, this has become a wonderful habit for Me. This is the most favorite time of my day. This time is all mine. It’s under no control of someone other than Me. I am free like feather in this time. I can walk, I can run, I can float and I can fly without seeking approval of anybody. I don’t need permission from anyone to enjoy this time. I do laugh on my own, I smile- I blush, I shout, I jump, I bounce here and there with enthusiasm. (Have you seen anyone doing this?), some people think it’s foolishness & I am out of my mind. Few even said this to my mother. But it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t even care what people think about me at this moment.

It’s the time where I truly lose identity of yourself. I don’t remember who I am? where Do I work? What are the financial, personal problems I am facing? I only picture about good life, resolution to the existing challenges. How I can reach my goals? How can I help people in my way? How can I live a better life? How I can convert my dreams into reality ? I am not a 25 year old guy ? I am not manager of a company! I am not the wise & society person. I am just Me here! Like a kid who isn’t worried about his surroundings!

While walking, I do get immersed in the life of endless possibilities. Our mind is rumbling throughout the day with all sort of thoughts. The good, bad & the garbage. This is the time where I allow mind to calm down & think in constructive way. The peace helps me to focus my senses to think creatively, explore the possibilities with the genuine and honest approach. I think about various possibilities of good life. There is no hook to pull me backwards. This walk is entirely free from “its not possible”. It’s a walk of extreme thinking. Negativity is not allowed here. I do not think with the Limits of life. I think limitless.

This is even time of self-realization. I look for a feedback from my inner self. I do Assessment of My talk, My words, My Behavior, My Actions & the Attitude I displayed throughout the day. It’s a review (of myself) I conduct for a short period of while through a selfless person i.e. Me. At this Moment, The mind is completely neutral and intact, under no influence & fully functioning in peace. I look for the opportunities i missed today. how could I have done better. What should I have avoided ? This is the time of self- Actualization to make better choices, to establish better connect with my inner man, to explore opportunities to become a better person for the new day. The process of self-actualization created wonders for me & I did come up with new habits. I got too many ideas for my book, this blog, my future.

I got too many ideas at this Moment. I rewind the good & special experiences I realized throughout the day. I relive the special moments. I smile & I laugh over it.  I reaffirm my Goals louder. I do some self-talk which helps me provide solidity to my faith. I make sure I am on the right track through the talk with My Soul. I spend a good time with my inner man to whom I cannot meet in the rush of life. This is the only time my soul (Inner-Man) is really with me & it shows me right path, some good ideas. It makes me aware about the new view, genuine view towards life.

In short, The benefits of an hour of Possibilities

  • A Relaxed Mind!
  • Coming at solutions of your problems on your own in creative & peaceful way.
  • Improved digestion & numerous health benefits.
  • A Cheerful life.
  • Better way to conclude the Day on good Note.
  • Healthy Sleep & ecstatic Feeling of carrying good memories to Bed!
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Ready for A long Walk! Give it a go Tonight! 

I suggest put your Jogging shoes on & go for an Hour of possibilities! Walk with your own soul for a While. Who knows you may discover the new person within you .Trust Me you would experience the Wonders!

–  1Beginner!

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Written by Mahendra Kapady, 1Beginner@2018. All Rights Reserved.















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