Just Ask For It!

“You Get In Life What You Have The Courage To Ask For.” – Oprah Winfrey.

In our childhood, we asked something from our parents and our parents gave it, if not immediately but at least after a while. Fast forward 20-30 years, we grow up, become an Adult & society person. But what happens to us when we grow up, we don’t ask, we just wish for it. We keep on wishing and wishing without really asking it to the universe what we really want!

Is there any problem in asking? Here, I am not talking about asking from people. I have different viewpoint to share. I am saying about asking to yourself, asking to the universe!

What really changed us? Don’t blame the circumstances. Don’t blame people. Don’t blame the situation or challenges of our life. It’s our conditioning. Our faith got weakened as we grew. We stopped believing that we deserve it. We started living our life from the standards that other people set for us. May be I would not get it so, why should I even ask for it? I should live the way I have. We termed it as Satisfaction. Hence, we stopped asking for it. Isn’t it?

But, I say, what’s the problem in asking? There are only 2 possibilities of this question. Either you get it or Not. The probability of getting is the thing that you want is almost 50 % but what we do? We prefer to focus on the rest 50 %. We put our emphasis on the probability of not getting. In my view, if you ask, you can have probability of getting something is almost 50 % & if you fail to ask the probability drops to almost 0%. Which one is better? 0 or 50%. The chances of failure if you don’t ask is 100%. So, why do we hesitate to ask?

You know where is the problem? What people might think if I ask for it? They might feel that I am greedy, I am selfish, I am self- centred. Its better I should not ask for anything! That’s where we make mistake about it? It’s not the people who provide something to you. It comes all the way from universe. You got to see yourself a deserving candidate and qualified student to receive the grant from mother earth. You have to ask first to yourself & then to universe. No, matter what people think about you or say about you. Don’t worry about people! Don’t let their mediocre thinking affect your lofty dreams.

You have ask for your Dreams! You have to ask to yourself, you have to ask it to universe! Don’t just ask for sake of it? Ask Big! Dare to Ask Big!

In order to conquer anything in life.

You must Ask – Believe – Receive!* (Source – The secret)

Asking starts the whole mechanism of receiving. It pushes you into thinking & Action. When you ask with faith, your whole mind starts connecting to the road where you want to reach in order to get what you want. It opens the endless possibilities & numerous ways to make it happen. You have to believe in yourself. You have to nurture the faith. You have to initiate the actions & work till you receive it! It’s not going to appear directly overnight, you have to walk towards it, you have to achieve it through diligent efforts & proper course of action. If you do this, no one can stop you from getting what you want.

Remember, there is no punishment for Asking. There are only rewards, rewards which you may not see now. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Asking shows your faith, asking reflects your Belief in achievement of the task. Asking propels you into the massive Action. You must dare to ask Big!  In interview with few Billionaires. Too many successful people said they earn millions & billions of Rupees now. Which is not a big deal. It was asking to universe & believing in the process that we would have it was the toughest part of it. Your asking strengthens your faith, your belief. Its shows your firmness, your confidence. It ignite your mind & body to act, to work towards the realization of your want.

  • I say you deserve a good life, Just ask for it!
  • Remember you don’t get what you don’t ask for!
  • There is no one to blame for your lack. You are responsible for it.

The other side of Not Asking

Not Asking? There is always another side to choose. The side most of the people prefer. The side of Not Asking! Few ask and rest prefer not to Ask! Our mind is Reader, it absorbs the things what you see, what you say & what you do. It knows your secret wishes, desire for something. If you do not express it, you would feel uncomfortable. Your inner self want something but your outer self is not bold enough to ask for it, so you might feel suffocated, because your inner Person is incongruent with the Outer person. If you are not asking what you want you are indirectly asking for what you do not want. If you don’t ask for joy, happiness, Abundance, prosperity then you are asking for lack, bare minimum, mediocrity, chaos. What’s Next? Our life prospers to what our mind secretly harbors for! It would appear in your life sooner or later but it would surely come. I hope it’s not garbage!

I spent first few years Not asking & not to surprise, I received what I did not want. I blamed my luck, cursed the life. After a While, I started asking what I want openheartedly & started receiving what I desire (of course through Work). Then I asked for Big Dream & now, I am working towards it. It’s yet to realize. I am sure it would happen in the near future.

  • If you want a good life, Ask for it to the Universe.
  • If you want Your Dream to come true, Ask for it!

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Let it be any object, Goal or The Dream, you must dare to Ask for it. Remind yourself very often & work towards it. Day in day out, Morning hours, After Hours. Meditate on it when you actually not working on it. Sooner or later you would receive it. There is only one things that comes between what you Ask & what you about it Receive? That’s none other than you!

Life can be different altogether, If you Just Ask for It! @ Mahendra Kapady.

–  1Beginner!

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Written by Mahendra Kapady, 1Beginner@2018. All Rights Reserved.



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