Watch Your Thoughts!

Hello Friends,

Its been said Actions speak louder than Words! Sometimes few words are more effective & enough to describe the whole situation. Today, I have only few words to share with you, from the legendary Author James Allen.


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Watch your Thoughts, One At A Time!

These words created a whole difference in my life when I realized the gravity of our thoughts. Let it be Good or Bad. Nature doesn’t discriminate with anyone. What you plant in the garden of your mind, you would get it back, a return in manifold times. Good thoughts Good fruits, bad thoughts bad fruits.

So, I suggest you to take your inventory of your thoughts & watch your thoughts through microscope, trust me you got to do that very very seriously. Bad thoughts do come to all of us(I understand) but do not allow them to stay in there & make a nest in your Garden! Do not allow the permanent residence of evil thoughts, derogatory thinking, depreciating views in your soul & body temple. # You got to Audit what you think & what you say about yourself! because your life is a manifestation of your thoughts, nothing Else!

Watch Your Thoughts!


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–  1Beginner!

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Written by Mahendra Kapady, 1Beginner@2018. All Rights Reserved.

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