Views Of The Great Roman Emperor!

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Today , I am sharing views of the Great Roman King , Military leader & the legendary Philosopher. He was practitioner of Stoic Philosophy. Its basically knows as Stoicism, which basically focuses on personal ethics and its views on the natural world. The Stoic philosophy is especially known for teaching that “virtue is the only good” for human beings.

We are talking about the Great Emperor of Rome – Marcus Aurelius. He was a Roman emperor form 161AD to 180AD. His work is considered by many thinkers to be one of the greatest works of philosophy. his personal philosophical writings, later published as Meditations, are a significant source for the understanding of ancient Stoic philosophy.

I am sharing his top 10 views which made a lasting impression to my mind & to the millions of readers.

“Our Life Is What Our Thoughts Make It.”

“The Soul Becomes Dyed With The Colour Of Its Thoughts.”

“The Best Revenge Is To Be Unlike Him Who Performed The Injury.”

“He Who Lives In Harmony With Himself Lives In Harmony With The Universe.”

“Each day provides its own gifts.”

“It Is Not Death That A Man Should Fear, But He Should Fear Never Beginning To Live.”

 “Do Every Act Of Your Life, As If It Were Your Last.”

 “Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” 

“Reject your sense of injury and the injury itself disappears.”

“Waste No More Time Arguing About What A Good Man Should Be. Be One.”

My version

The first view “Our life is what our thoughts make it” created echo in my brain, it  touched my heart deep within & I understood the importance and gravity of our thoughts by continually monitoring them.I decided to let go my deliberate panic acts, my anger, unnecessary arguments, the rage for unworthy things and my grovelling thoughts which were ruining my peace of mind. i realized these thoughts are negative emotions, they are not making any contribution towards my dream. In fact they are robbing my joy from within & stealing my energy to do something worthy.

If you think you are mediocre & average, you would definitely become Mediocre & live your life that way justifying your thoughts but if you think you are somebody, you are none of a kind, you count and you are here to create a difference, You would lead your life in a greater way. You would be a class Apart! You have to change your inner thinking to see the difference in the external conditions of your world!


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