Lift Weight’s With Your Mind!

Today’s blog is in relevance with Exercise & I have message for you- Strong Mind, Strong Body!

Its been Said Health is Wealth! You must have heard about this saying. Do you agree ? I completely disagree with that statement? why ? Because Health is much beyond the Wealth! If you lose wealth you can get it back after while with some efforts but I am not sure that you can do the same with your Health!

Its been while together now. we are on this development journey for a long while. I want you to grow mentally as well as physically. I hope by this time you must have got motivated enough & you have started doing some exercise, started lifting some weights to revive your most valuable Asset, your Health. If not, just drop this post & go for a walk for at least couple of miles because Great thinking must be accompanied by the Timely actions or at least by Smallest contribution in the beginning. If your thinking isn’t accompanied by your timely actions then its nothing but a clutter, (good clutter I can say) that occupies your mind but at the end of the day clutter is always clutter and if not used wisely it turns into garbage, sooner or later you have to dump it somewhere.
Robin Sharma has said “smallest of actions are better than the noblest of intentions”, so I suggest start lifting some weights now & get in some good shape.


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My Learning Experience

I was very thin and underweight in my college days (I was probably 47-49 kg in when I was 20 year old) but I was very active in sports and athletics (though I didn’t win any trophy in those days) I used to feel that I am a sports superstar. I used to lose my stamina in a short while & feel tired after some physical activity. So, at age 20 I joined gymnasium in order to gain some body weight and muscles to develop my personality. I joined the gym and did exercise with ultimate commitment towards exercise regimen.

I did exercise for 3 years but I was lifting the similar weights for this period (or near above on higher side). The weights were same as I was lifting in the beginning. I used to look at some people who used to lift some gigantic weights (may be 2 to 3 times what I was lifting). Whenever I saw them ,I felt fascinated & ask myself how they do that? One day a trainer asked me why don’t you lift some higher weights? I said I can’t, I am not meant for them! only those guys can do it. May be they have got something that I don’t, the trainer laughed at me & went to train somebody else.

Then after a while, I lost my interest due to lethargy and gave up exercise and started doing some part time workout, running & long walk about 10-15 kms. After a while I took an active interest in long distance cycling & enjoyed that process for about 15 months & lost lot of weight due to non-diet & enormous excursion. I was weighing 76 kg , well built in 2014 &  I was looking thin like a carrot in Nov-2015 , weighing just 57 kg, lost all my muscles. Looking skinny & probably like a coat hanger.

Then I went through the personal development regimen, I started running & joined Gym again but this time with the joining scheme I got a Personal training free for 1 month.

I was pretty happy with the change & new discipline because I was back on track again, I was doing light exercise in the beginning. After a week I started lifting the same weight as I was lifting in last week and 2 years prior. My trainer Anil was very benevolent and understanding, he just took it my way for 1 more week. Then after 1 week, when I went to lift the same weight, he said how long you are going to lift the same weights & he gave me a dumbbell 15 pound bigger than I was lifting. I said I can’t, He said why? So, I gave him all excuses through my faulty thinking, but my trainer Anil was stubborn, he didn’t agree, he said you have to do it, no excuses. So, I lifted the weights somehow, still lot of confusion and inconvenience in my mind to do the repetitions.

So, he came very close to me, looked in my eyes and said before you lift these weights with your body, you have to lift weights with your Mind! What a powerful thought it was! He said close your eyes for a while and convince your mind that you are lifting these and higher weights very passionately and successfully, imagine a picture doing 15 repetitions with ease. Imagine the roaring sound while doing repetitions. He said it all begins from up here (from your mind) then it goes to your body. If you can lift with your mind your body will definitely associate with this dominant master. He said you have the potential in you but you have to trust yourself and walk away from old belief! You are limiting yourself on your own. Don’t come in between your own potential, You have to master your fear!

He was absolutely right, it was a faulty belief that I had locked in my mind since a long while. Then I started following instructions and regimen assigned by my trainer. Within next 6 months, I was lifting 2.5 times more weight than I was lifting in those 3 years. I was really astonished. That statement from my trainer Anil, a concept of healthy will was really an eye opener form me. It really changed my view and showed me what we mean by limitless thinking?

You can definitely apply this idea or a principle to any endevour of your life! Employ limitless thinking, Do not limit yourself by some faulty belief or over a misconception.Never say I can’t! Before you say, I can’t! Give that thing a try ,one more try & one more Try again! You would do it if you really want to do it!

So, I suggest to lift Weight’s with your Mind first. Be Strong, Be Healthy & Be Successful!

–  1Beginner!

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Written by Mahendra Kapady, 1Beginner@2018. All Rights Reserved.

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