Success Philosophy From My Mentor!

I was not like the way I am Now! 

I got financially independent at age 21. So, I Switched into Independent & relentless mode. I never read books, I was not following any orders from anybody at home or in my office, I was cherry picking the learning about development, I never listened to my parents, I never associated with somebody, I always thought I am smart, Nobody on this earth is like Me, I am the Best. (Isn’t that foolish & exaggerating, but trust Me I was really life that) I was totally immersed in such faulty thinking. I realized my thinking, my version of myself is a vague notion when I made few mistakes. I got to know this smartness is not at all helping me to come out of mistakes I made. I realized my version of Smartness is nothing but a beautiful misconception around which I have weaved my life, thereby I not only hammered my finance, relations but the important 5-6 years of my life as well. I made mistakes on all aspects of my life, Emotional & interpersonal relations. I was hollow from inside but I couldn’t admit my blunders & mistakes. why ? Because people might laugh on me. I might get booed by my friends & relatives. I was thinking the whole world is against me & why these things happened with Me at first? The only question was Why Me? I got into victim mode & I was blaming my parents, people around me for my mistakes. Instead of getting into acceptance and Responsible Mode I got into the Why Me (complainer) mode! I was playing as a victim of life! Nothing was going right, I spent almost a year plus time with undisclosed depression. I was into Me & my faulty thinking. I was living for sake of it. I was not happy but I was faking smile & I was laughing for sake of it.

The day that turned my life around – 

I was living my life without any goal or any motive, I was pushing day after day, hoping for some magic to happen, So I can go back, wipe out all my mistakes & live my life same way I was leaving prior.But it never happened. I totally disconnected my self from social Media & people to avoid intervention or communication from others. One day I was spending my time over you tube , I got a recommendation video. I clicked on to it- the first few words & depth of the voice touched my heart. the words were –“you can have more than you’ve got because you can become more than you are.” His views & version of success, ideology of successful person really struck Me. He explained the cycle of life beautifully by concept of seasons. He is my Mentor! He is nothing but the legendary Philosopher Jim Rohn. In the next 3-4 days, I read all articles across google about his success philosophy, I saw his all videos in a week. I saw them over & over. I was not only listening to his philosophy but I was impressing absolute version of life on my mind. I read his books & I got really excited to change, to play second inning of my life with victor mode, leaving the victim mentality behind.

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Thank You Sir Jim Rohn!

I got too much inspired by the views of Sir Jim Rohn. I never saw him, I never met him but I still consider him as my Mentor because his legacy changed my life. I still listen to his speeches over and over. I read to his blogs & books very frequently.

I am sharing few views  of my Mentor Jim Rohn , which made a lasting impression on my mind.

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“For Things To Change, You Have To Change. For Things To Get Better, You Have To Get Better.”


“Success Is Something You Attract, Not Something You Pursue, Success Is Looking For A Good Place To Stay.”


“If You Really Want To Do Something, You Would Find A Way, If You Don’t, You Would Find An Excuse.”


“If You Work Harder On You Job, You Would Make A Living, If You Work Harder On Yourself, You Make A Fortune.”


“Discipline Is The Bridge Between Goals And Accomplishment.”


“Don’t Wish It Was Easier Wish You Were Better. Don’t Wish For Less Problems Wish For More Skills. Don’t Wish For Less Challenge Wish For More Wisdom”


“We Must All Suffer From One Of Two Pains: The Pain Of Discipline Or The Pain Of Regret. The Difference Is Discipline Weighs Ounces While Regret Weighs Tons.”


 “You Cannot Change Destinations Over Night But You Can Change The Direction.”


 “Never Underestimate The Power Of Purpose.” 
“Take Care Of Your Body, It’s The Only Place You Have To Live In.”

Sir Jim Rohn was an entrepreneur, Author, Motivational Speaker & very successful person. He was not just a Philosopher but the designer of Life. He was a success Designer! He created difference in lives of thousands of people worldwide. I listened to his views, I absorbed his ideology, I followed it rigorously, Its been 3 years now, I am still absorbing his ideas & making myself better. It really altered course of my life.I really changed myself to who I am Now. I say thank you to Jim Rohn from bottom of my heart.



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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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