The Success Philosophy Seminar!

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Back from Yesterday

Yesterday, I shared views of my mentor Jim Rohn which created a lasting impact on my life. His views, His ideas changed my life, In his words my life exploded into change! Nobody forced Me or pushed me to change but I decided to change my life voluntarily. I got pretty excited about the restart. I decided to design new version of my life than to live the by-default mediocre version of my life. It was bit of a challenge to Me at that moment. I was neck immersed in the negativity due to my faulty thinking But his ideas really helped. Jim Rohn’s life changed because of his Mentor Earl Shoaff, same way He changed mine. Its been 3 years I have been working on myself. I am getting better day after day & I have long way to Go. Why? Its an unending challenge for Me, I am still working on it. Personal development is not a one time assignment, its an unending journey of excellence.

Please read to my previous Blog- Success Philosophy From My Mentor.

Yesterday , I mentioned about the video that changed my life. Actually it was a Success seminar by Jim Rohn. somehow, I couldn’t share that with you yesterday, but now I am sharing the same with you. Is suggest you to book your 2 hours or listen to it during your travel time (I did the same) than listening to the music or Radio. Trust Me, its wonderful. His ideas are exceptional & extremely easy to understand. Its been 3 years I am listening to it frequently, every time I listen to this seminar, I discover something new. I find a new view in relevance with my life’s problems or challenges. I must have heard this seminar probably 150+ times in 3 years. I suggest you to listen to it & pick a thought that you can apply to your life. There are hundreds or ideas in this Seminar if you really listen to It!


If you find it useful, do share with someone who is stuck or someone who wish to change!



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