Life Appears All Different When……!

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Its been said Life Is A Journey, Enjoy The Ride!

I have to say further – Life Is A Journey, Not A Race!

We live in fast moving world. Since thousands of years, days have 24 hours, earth still takes 24 hours to make one rotation around the sun, year has 365 days, it still takes almost 9 months for baby in a womb prior to his arrival on this earth. All natural phenomenon which made us survive and flourish still take the same time, no more no less. Its only our life has become fast, societies and generations are moving faster.

We all say , nowadays life has gone faster than before,” if you want to win you got to Run”, if you slow down you may get crushed and would not grow in this fast moving society. With, this perspective we all are running from Morning till Night, only Reacting to life. Not only reacting but fighting, hustling, struggling over small, unnecessary and irrelevant things. People are running day in day out. Sometimes I don’t understand that its we who are in control of our life or life is controlling us & dominating us? Ask Yourself Who is in Control? Are You In Control? We are in so wondering hurry that we don’t know whether we are winning or losing, doing something which is absolutely necessary or doing just for sake of it. We have become so addicted to this unnecessary pace of life that we only know that we are moving but the real question is it in the right direction? Is it the place where we intend to go? Are we becoming, what we intended to become? Are we good human beings of this life of just a part of mechanical system which runs on a command but doesn’t care about feeling, emotions of other Human beings!

Life is not an Emergency-

In book of Mr. Richard Carlson, Don’t sweat the small stuff! He made this point pretty clear, we are living life so fast that we don’t know what we are really doing. We are living life just as it’s a big Emergency 24 by 7. He elaborated it very specifically with his philosophy towards life.

When I really thought in deeper perspective, I got the deep meaning behind it and I felt a lot of resemblance in my life with what he really meant to say through this notation.

Life Is Not A Big Emergency!

I really took it into practical application into my life, I decided to slow down all my activities after I leave from office to home till the night. Morning was high time of hassle, Reading, Meditation, Prayer, Gym, Breakfast, getting prepared for Office, some house chores, time-table, to do list and few abruptions. I was feeling too much overwhelmed to have all in that time frame & sometimes I was losing my cool and composure. So, I decided to spend 15 minutes less in gym in the morning to avoid the unnecessary rush and hassle of the morning, I kept these 15 mins for any interruption or unexpected pop up ,so that I wouldn’t lose my cool and wouldn’t lose track of my time table. I decide I am not going to hassle over these small, things I kept a slogan in front of my mind “Life is not an Emergency”. I do understand and maintain the sense of urgency but I decided I would not make this sense of urgency as an Emergency! I would not rush myself unnecessarily, I have to slow down little bit. I am hyperactive guy, for me it was very difficult for me to get this thing into Me. Because I was very different, high energy, high reaction guy. I used to do 10-15 things in one day at few different location and used to hassle myself a lot, used to consider myself as Master of Multi-tasking. I used to do 2-3 important things one day along with 7-8 minor things inside them, all in mixed within the short time frame with help of my to-do list. I used to feel that I achieved a lot in the day, did lot of hard work and made the most of my day. But later on when I went back to what I did in those days, I found that those tasks which were done in those period of hassle, (all reaction no response time) were either incomplete or had gone horribly wrong, not as what I had actually intended in my mind. So, I may have to go again on few of those small tasks and re-work on them to have it the way it was expected by me. I realised that I am not saving my time through this multitasking or fast pace of doing things but actually I am keeping my things, tasks incomplete or left in between, later on when I have to get back on them it would take more time and energy to complete them than it could have taken If I could have done that with little bit understanding of temperament, Proper Pace, slow approach, steadiness & with the art of reflection instead of reaction.

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When I embedded this principle Life Is Not A Big Emergency! I decided to slow down a little bit, I declared I would respond to the situation than reacting to it. I would do one thing at a time with all my energy and focus and schedule the tasks appropriately. I kept few more minutes than usual to complete one task. This really helped me to control my emotions, to avoid unnecessary rage on people of workplace, office, banks, public place, in pathways or whomsoever I came across. When I went through this way of life day after, I started seeing people through the eyes of understanding, their problems, their issues, day to day challenges they have to overcome. How they struggle day by day to keep their going the way they are going.

I got to know that some people are pretty hardworking, diligent and honest in their work. The clerk which seems slow in a bank isn’t doing it deliberately, he is doing his best with the resources he has and with the challenges, tasks he has to handle in his workplace day to day. I really got to know that people are hardworking, their challenges are so genuine that they can’t even help themselves still doing their best to serve us. The traffic police on the busiest highway doesn’t seem to be shirk but seems helpless with the enormous work pressure, still working diligently in the traffic where people are not willing to follow the rules.

I am not advising slowness or laziness, losing your sense of urgency but to adhere with bit of patience, understanding, calmness, peace within yourself in this fast world. Asking for the art of reflection than Reaction. An appeal for you to Try to see things as they really are instead of your mind’s preoccupied negative version. Instead of landing into situation, falling flat on your face and feeling resentment of I shouldn’t have done that or said that. Take time to respond, to see the real version of situation and the best you can find, learn from it.

I don’t know in what way you take this discussion, but give this stance a shot. Just slow a little bit over your life, in your mundane or even the smallest activities. Slow down at the billing Counter, crowded highway or usual packed traffic signal, banks, in your workplace.

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Robert Wilson said – If you Slow Things Down, you Notice Things You Hadn’t Seen Before!

I suggest you to Just slow down and observe, instead of running all he time, reacting & blaming somebody for their inefficiency, just look over few things, observe carefully, listen patiently and respond to what’s happening. Just experience the difference, the changes that has happened in the place over the time. How the situation is better than that what it was few years prior, though there is a bit of hassle today but lot comfortable than it was in the past.

May be the Co-worker who does lot of mistakes doesn’t appear to be that bad employer but a genuine Human being, He is not giving excuses for sake of it but there is a problem He is really facing, there is a small matter of fact he is telling you, what you were missing all these days because you were not responding to him but hurriedly reacting to him & situation through your own view, perspective you had about him. The people around you look far better and helpful, somewhat a better version of themselves what you were feeling about them.

So, I have a genuine advice for you-

Slow down a little bit! You, Your People and Your life would be all different that you may never had experienced before!

Life Appears All Different When You Slow Down! @ Mahendra Kapady



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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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