Stay On The Ground!


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Nothing in life is Permanent, Stay Humble! – Anonymous.

In life, we all Dream of reaching new heights, achieving greatness. We do strive to live the life of our dreams. We strive a lot, we hassle, we work hard, we give all we got, We try a lot & we cry a lot as well. We go through some inconvenience, the pain, We go through the nasty swings, difficult time, harsh winds of life, with lots of up & downs, then we do achieve it what we were really looking for!

All of us agree that the great journeys to the highest Point, Peak originates from the Ground. We all begin from the Ground with a dream of reaching to the sky. We incept from our feet on the ground, we do start very humble in the beginning, that’s how the doors towards wisdom opens, abundance clears its way for you even through hardships, setbacks  and unfavorable conditions. But do we remain the same person as the person who has started the journey?

As, I and most of you must have encountered that we do not remain similar! I have seen many people changed a lot, in their journey of achievement, some financial success they have completely lost themselves. They have lost their humility and the Ego has taken over them through the mask of their achievements and they mistakenly resembles their ego with the Proud. I do understand, we must be proud of ourselves, since it’s necessary to keep our self-esteem and self-confidence intact but to what extent?  We should know the boundaries, we got to draw the boundaries on our-self, our behavior through the watchfulness eyes of Humanity. There is a thin boundary which majority of cross, so instead of being proud but humble they become Egoist.


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I have seen few of my college friends, we use to laugh a lot in those college days when they were nothing but students. Now they have become high rank executives, Managers, experts in their field, they are overtaken by the false pride. They carry frown face, No smile, No great response, No interest to show up and talk and non-responsive behaviour indicating they are busy in their work. No response to the call, Messages, displaying “you are no important to me.” They feel offended with the funny comments in the rarest of the rare Get-togethers. I thought what happened to these guys? It’s been just a decade and they are so changed. They have become so dull and apathetic! How can they be? What they think about themselves? They are not the same beings with whom I spent my beautiful college days. After a while, I decided to move on from these people and decided that I would be in touch with very few who are still on the ground despite of their achievements.

Most of the Humans, during their journey of Achievement and Goals, they completely lose themselves over some financial and career achievements. A man perceive success as the only destination, doesn’t value people who are of lesser position than him, ignores friends who are not successful as him, always postpone and avert the family time, feeling it’s a distraction. He keep on climbing the heights. When he reaches there (on Top) He realises he is completely different person than the one who has started the journey. He has created a difficult situation to abridge distance with his family, His kids have grown up and they don’t value Him. He has lost contact with all his pals. He is on the top now but He is all alone, He has nobody along with him to enjoy the fruits of his achievement. Even though he has lot of accolades with him but he has no smile on his Face, no ways to feel happy so he disregards himself and feels discontent.

People wish to be great in their lives but they don’t wish to be humble. They feel being Humble, Compassionate is quality of a fool. Displaying emotions, courtesy to other people is a sign of a weak person. They feel helping others is waste of time and people would take them granted and wouldn’t respect them if they become polite. They just lose their ground, they just float in the Air all the Time.

For them, the people with a rank above them are only significant, rest all are irrelevant, like they don’t exist, they are only interested in their highest good, and for them everything else other than their benefit is piece of Crap. They have very concern only about their honour and appraise but others dignity and appreciation is far away from their Mind.

But I to say, something which I heard – the great and successful man is known by his Humility. The great person isn’t identified only by his accolades but more by the way what sort of Person He/She is! Whether He is just an achiever with lot of false pride or He is winner with the jewels of Humility. That makes him Super-achiever and creates a place in the hearts of people and generations. Being humble isn’t a weakness but a virtue that defines a Great man than just an Achiever. Its moral excellence over false pride!

I idealize Sir APJ Abdul Kalam for his impeccable and down to earth attitude towards the people. He never categorized people, he always responded same way with all sort of people in all part of the world. He was a missile Man of our country but we never saw any false pride or the even the minor glimpse of the ego in his eyes during any interactions and in his life. He remain unaltered as a human being even though he reached the highest appointment of our Country. He always stayed on ground.

That’s why He would always remain in the hearts of the Youth and our generation. Hardly anyone can replace him from our hearts!

No one becomes a Great with what he has done for Himself, what accolades he earned in his life, how richly he lived but a person who creates a difference in the lives of others through his existence, through his virtue He leaps beyond. I am firm that your humbleness than your accomplishments do create a difference in the lives of people around you!

Be Humble, Stay of the Ground! Greatness lies within the People who are really really humble!



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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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