The Eye Opening View From James Allen!

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Its been said ” Thoughts Become Things, You have to choose them Wisely” One of the Important channel or medium to live a successful life is though Elevating Your Thoughts!Your thoughts of today are inception of your tomorrow. It can be good or Bad, its not depending on your fortune/luck but its completely relevant to your thinking towards your life. Your Thoughts are seeds of your future, your destiny. What you think is what you become! Its all up to you what you want to be ? So, you have to sow the seeds in Garden of your Mind accordingly! If you want to live a good life you have to plant good seeds in your Mind. Else weeds are gonna grow automatically without your permission & destroy the wonderful place. Today, I am sharing a wonderful quote form the legendary philosopher James Allen which depicts the importance of our thoughts in our life & its impact on our Present & Future! The Quote itself is self explanatory, it created a lasting impact on my life. When I was Cursing to my life over some situations, I was damn frustrated & struggling, I was asking why Me? Why I am living like this? Why This Happened With Me Only ? With Lots of Why ? I was looking for the Answers but I couldn’t find any. Later on, after a While I came across this view & I got answers for almost all questions. It wasn’t my parents, my relations, my finances or anything else It was the thing inside Me. I got the Link, Beyond that I got a Hint what I have to do in order to improve the conditions in my life & the pathway to live a enriched, Successful and Meaningful Life.

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Isn’t that true ? Its not just a rhyme of play of the words. Its Fact of the life. If You take inventory of your thoughts from Past, You would come to know that your thoughts are the prime reason for your present condition. If its not so good, then you have to work on it. If its okay & you still wish to improve it, you have to work on your thoughts very carefully. Everything else The circumstances, The Money, The Resources, The Relations is secondary.

If You work on your thoughts, Elevate your thoughts, choose them carefully towards you & other people. Everything around you would change, not instantly but definitely.



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