The Best Way ?

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We All Wish for Good Life, Aren’t You ?

We All Wish For A Good Life. Not just a Good life, In fact A Great Life!

We all wish for the better life, life full of Abundance, Prosperity , Achievement & Personal excellence. We all wish for it, We crave for it but Do we really work for it ? Do You seriously Work For It ?

Trust me , to be Honest, I was dreaming for it but I was not at all working for It!

I ask – Do we work on Our Thoughts, Our Attitude ,Our Health, Our Brain, Our Mind & Our Well Being? Do you work on your personality & On Your Dreams!

I have a serious question for you ? Do You Really Care For Yourself & Your Dreams? or You don’t have any dreams ? or Your Dreams are just (sake of it) Dreams ?

I feel Most of Us do not work on our dreams! Most of us do not work for a Better Future! Why ? Because We are not aware of it ? We just live our life in a survival Mode & life just pass by year after years. After a while we reach to a place and realize this is not a place I aimed to Reach.

Every time, I get in touch with new and familiar People, I ask them about their Ambitions, I talk about their future plans, I talk about their aspirations, I talk about their Dreams! I stir up my thinking & their thinking as well. Why ? It helps Me a lot! I get to know the aspiring personality within that person (which I may not know if i do not ask this way) and I feel pretty inspired When I meet someone like me or someone is doing far better than Me, Even I feel motivated by some people! I understand what is that person in real ? I get some new ideas, some new aspects.

But Sometimes, I come across few pessimistic views as well. People say – I don’t know what my future is ? I would go where life would drive me by! I don’t know what my destiny is ? I don’t know what to do ? if its there in my fortune, I would get it somehow! I am not going to Run for it ! Why to hassle ? God would give us when the Time is Right! To my surprise I have heard these statements from people who are in 20s & 30s, who have their whole life ahead, in their hand and they are feeling helpless and hoping somehow they would land on the Right Track over a Period of Time ? Does it work that way ? I don’t know, it never did for Me! Unknowingly or Due to lack of seriousness, awareness  (don’t to what to say) I waited/wasted for about 7 years with apprehension but nothing happened.

I say- you have the control in your own hands. they (people mentioned above) are sitting in the passenger seat blindfolded (with their arms open) and wondering where they are going in the Drive. They are Complaining & cursing the God. Blaming somebody unnecessarily for the uncertainties of life. I suggest them open their eyes & get into the driver seat. Take the control, steering in your own Hand, release the mental brakes of vague and pessimistic thinking and press on the accelerator towards your future. Let the optimism fuel your Vehicle and Journey of life. The road may be patchy but its really worth driving on Your own. That’s the only way to experience the journey of life. To live life to the fullest. Not with An vague Apprehension but with a definite Anticipation. Drive your life, don’t get driven!

Why We are Waiting for Future? Why relying on God or someone to design your life and future ? Maybe God doesn’t do that way anymore & He has passed the key and control to our hands and expecting us to take charge of our life. The future is not necessarily what happens to you, but it is something that you design through your Thoughts, Actions, Efforts & Persistence.

The best Way To Get Something Done Is To Begin! @Anonymous.

I suggest you to draw the Blue Print for Your Dreams, The future you want to have for you you family, the life what you really want to live to you! I do agree, it would not be exactly the same way you are expecting it but at least it would someway coherent with your blue-Print! Stop Wondering This way or that Way. Some one said- If You cant find a way, You Create a Way! 
Your Future Is What You Design It! I share a wonderful quote by Abraham to Lincoln in this relevance.

“The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It.” Be A Victor than a Victim. suggest instead living as Helpless, Be A Designer! Design your Own life! Start drawing, Start Creating! In this Journey, You can have multiple design over the Years. Many designs could go wrong, some designs could be messy but eventually they would improve! You would reach to the destination where you are Aiming, not immediately but Definitely.

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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.


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