Happiness Is A Final Destination?

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Today we are going to talk about happiness, with A New View!

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Where is Happiness ? Now? Later or Never?


Happiness is something every human is looking for, He is not only craving for it but hunting for it, from one point to another part of the world. Human throughout the generation is hunting for happiness & looking for way that leads to happiness.

We all strive throughout our life for happiness, we look for the ways that can get to that place faster, quicker with the least resistance. In our lives we are fighting in the present for survival and growth, always postpone doing some noble or good thing in near future. We say I would do this good act when I would be happy, which indirectly concludes that we are not happy in the present. Does that mean we are on the walk of discomfort?

Happiness is A Final Destination?

In short, we have made a scenario that happiness is there at the Final point of life or it’s in distant future, like it’s a final destination? Isn’t it? This final destination of happiness could be anything, It has no measures as such, it could be a place, it could a time, it could be a condition, it could be a magnificent scenario, it could a stage of life. Its measure varies from person to person. So when we sum up all views- For most of us HAPPINESS is a glorious scenario & time after from where life would be smooth like butter and No issues. Like it would be cakewalk!

No fight, No struggles, No challenges, No Problems, No disappointments, No heartbreaks, No loss, No Pain, No darkness, nothing. Everything falls in its place & no sign of discomfort. That’s the final destination or Happiness point that most of us expect, we desire! It’s like a safe haven everybody has imagined in their dreams or heard from their parents, viewed from movies. But in reality no one has really seen or experienced such place/phase in their life but they still believe in this Happiness Station. Isn’t that a faulty belief?

So, what do you think about this destination of Happiness, isn’t that feels like a great option to stay or spend your life. Everything is Happy-Happy, No Problems, No difficulties. It looks and sounds feels great but the strange fact is its all imaginary & it doesn’t exist. Even if it had existed it could have been the dangerous place to live because it had never allowed us to grow, because we never grow through comfort, ease and mere happiness, we actually grow through Pain, Discomfort & Problems.

Famous spiritual leader, philosopher Sir Wayne Dyer said –

“In Life, There Is No Way To Happiness, Happiness Is The Way Of Life”.

Yes, he meant every word of this phrase. There is no way to happiness, happiness is the ultimate way of life! We should not waste our time, our present in a hope to land in the imaginary destination like the Happiness Station. The way it’s been shown at the end of all motion pictures. No, Real life isn’t that way. You would never reach a happiness destination, Sometimes you feel that you have reached the destination, it can be paradox. Even if I buy your say- May be you have reached this sort of destination in life but your stay would be for a short period of while. You would be disappointed again & keep hunting another happiness destination.

Happiness is always Now! If you think it later then its Never!\

Happiness is Now Or Never!

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Happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life. It’s the way we live our life, it’s the way we rise over the painful past, enjoy the defining moments of present to mould our future. It’s really the way of life!

I do not employ the psychology of “Happy Go lucky, live day as it comes & doing nothing”, No, Not at all. It doesn’t mean to say we shouldn’t have big aim in our life or not to follow your dream or Goals. It’s good to have a vision in life. In fact you must have a vision for your life. The world has become a beautiful place to live & endure because of visionary & missionary people. It has become so advanced, luxurious to live because of Dreamers & Achievers. The people with Goals & higher aim made it possible to achieve something in years which we couldn’t have imagine in thousands of years, I meant to say have Big Goals, Great vision in life but don’t forget to live in the moments by the time you reach there. Sometime it may take few months or 5, 10 or 20 years to reach your Goals, to convert your dreams into reality but meanwhile do not postpone your happiness. Beautiful moments are very rare, you have to enjoy them while you’re walking towards your vision.

So, people would say where are these beautiful moments of happiness in our life are, we can’t see them? See, these moments may not be like few weeks or relaxations trips or long vacations, it could be an open hour with an old friend, dinner with a sweetheart, movie with kids, trip with fiancée or young lad, An evening free felt talk with the family, it could be a long walk in the evening, it could be a Sunday long into the woods or a trek over the mountain.

See in my view- these happier times, wonderful moments wouldn’t come automatically to you, it wouldn’t give you signals to identify them and suggest you to enjoy freely. You got to take special efforts to create them, identify them and enjoy them and get lost into them. You heard it before “There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way of life.” You got to be happy from within, must have an internal satisfaction while you are reaching your goal & dream destination in life!

Nowadays, people have given a darker name to the unhappiness, it’s called seriousness, to have a frowning face all they time. They say you got to be serious if you want to achieve something in life. I know we go to be serious but when I see some people, I feel that they are actually unhappy rather than serious but they aren’t willing to accept it.

See, you don’t have to be so serious through the journey of life that you forget to experience the Happiness, real joy of life when you reach the destination! So, what the point of traveling so much if you are not happy once you reach your destination?

I have to say your time to be happy is always Now!

So, emboss the golden Rule in your mind-

Happiness Is Not A Final Destination? Its A Journey! 



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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved

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