Walk Under The Sunshine?

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As Usual I would start with a question! 

When it was the last time you walked under the sun? (Of course this question is irrelevant in rainy season) Can you remember when it was the last time you did walk under Sun?

We live in a modernization where we the whole generation is craving for luxury, easy & comfortable Life. In short we can say, most of us have only 3 hobbies – we are looking for Comfort, Convenience & Luxury, that’s all, nothing else. We have got so addicted to luxury that we do not wish for any experience any discomfort, even if its necessary or I can say some natural inconvenience which is necessary for our body, our system like sunlight.

We do not go under Sun! Do We? We don’t! Why? Because it’s hot out there, we would have sweat, it doesn’t look cool! It sounds ridiculous, Same for outdoor play. I was an athlete in my school and college days, in fact I am still athlete, but I observed nowadays kids don’t play because of sweat & inconvenience of heat and to my surprise, even their parents insist them to stay indoors and watch TV or play video games rather than playing under Sun?

Why ?

We need sun-rays, sunlight to fall our body! But what we do? We avoid it! Why? We run away from it! why because it’s hot & we feel much sweaty and of course there is lot of inconvenience.

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Since last 2-3 Years, I don’t know, knowingly or unknowingly I was not getting into sunlight, may be because of my hectic work schedule & I was occupied into my writing. I was doing workout rigorously on regular basis everyday in early morning, One day all of sudden my fingers were feeling bit uneasy & bit of swelling in the joints, I waited for few days and didn’t work out, i thought it may be due to over exercise but it didn’t stop, the pain was still there even after 2 weeks. So, I consulted my doctors, he suggested to visit orthopedist, who gave me a list of medicines. I asked him why so many medicines? What’s the problem? He asked me the same question that I asked you! When it was the last time you did walk under the sun? Lack of Sun-rays dude, lack of Vitamin D, take this medicines for 3 months, if it doesn’t stops you have to take it regularly & advised me to be under the sun for 30-45 mins in the morning or at least for 20-25 mins somewhere in any part of the day (because lack of vitamin D at this young age is not a good sign-his words)

I observed my schedule, from 6 to 7.15, I was in Gym or Garden, then I reach office around 9.30 Am, I am in office till 5.00 pm then in vehicle? Where is the contact with Sun-rays! Where is the Sunshine Vitamin? I decided to change my schedule and I started taking some early morning walk under Sun & in afternoon, post lunch hours.

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Get the Right Amount of Sunshine! Take the Sunshine Vitamin!

So, I suggest all of you to get under sun for a while, so you don’t have to take go for vitamin-D through such artificial sources! Get healthy, Health is not wealth! Health is much beyond Wealth!

So, wake up & Get bit uncomfortable, Have a Walk Under Sun Shine, get your right dose of Sunshine Vitamin!

– 1Beginner!

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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved

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