Insightful Views Of The Siddhartha Gautama!

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Today we are going to talk about a Person Who gave up his Prestigious and Aristocratic Prince life, his emperor ship at very young age to seek enlightenment & Peace. He gave up the luxury, wealth, all material possessions at the very age of 29 to seek the knowledge of Spirituality, the sentiments of Human Life. He spent years of his life in service, spiritual studies, Meditation to find the answers for the numerous questions which were rumbling in his Mind. He discovered (invented) the inner peace of Mind though his relentless efforts. He invested years of his life in serving people, society to share his insights to help sentient beings end rebirth and suffering.

We are Talking about Siddhartha Gautama also known as Buddha.Gautama is the primary figure in Buddhism.He is also known as Founding father of Buddhism!

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Today, I am sharing his views that made a lasting impression on my mind and made me think beyond the mediocre and pitiful thinking like majority of us are living with.

“The Mind Is Everything, What We Think Is What We Become.”

“You Will Not Be Punished For Your Anger, You Will Be Punished By Your Anger.”

Peace Comes From Within. Do Not Seek It Without.

All That We Are Is The Result Of What We Have Thought.”

“Better Than A Thousand Hollow Words, Is One Word That Brings Peace.

“Do Not Dwell In The Past, Do Not Dream Of The Future, Concentrate The Mind On The Present Moment.”

“Patience Is The Best Prayer.”

“No One Saves Us But Ourselves. No One Can And No One May. We Ourselves Must Walk The Path.”
“Each Morning We Are Born Again. What We Do Today Matters The Most.”

“To Keep The Body In Good Health Is A Duty… Otherwise We Shall Not Be Able To Keep Our Mind Strong And Clear.”

I suggest you to read this again and again to experience a peace of mind, enlightenment and deeper understanding. We all have problems, You must be having some problems just like me, All the answers you are looking for are within you, all you have to discover them through peace.


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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.






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