The Eccentric Choice Of Solitude!

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This is the incidence happened with me few days prior. Not a serious one, don’t worry! Sometimes not so serious moments send us some good message, we just have to be aware enough to pick the right clue.

Few days ago- As usual I was having my post Dinner walk! I was having my time, I was singing & talking to myself aloud. I was exploring myself and into some self-realization. I was into my own company and most important I enjoy my own company. I don’t need somebody to enjoy my time. Next day a gentleman from our society asked Me Are you lonely or depressed? I was amazed with that question? Such a big bouncer all of a sudden? I asked him why you feel like that? For a while I thought he must be talking about my day couple of years prior. Before I ask anything, He said I saw you yesterday, you were talking to yourself loud & you were murmuring to yourself! What’s the problem? Why don’t you have a company? Why do you walk alone in nights? (I thought I was getting followed and this guy is vigilante – Ha ha) I said I like that stuff, I do that deliberately, I do that on purpose. I am Neither lonely nor depressed! He said why you do like that? Nobody does that!That’s weird! Are you crazy? We both were laughing, I said May be! So, Instead of justifying to that gentleman I left the conversation with an excuse to catch something necessary.

Some people feel, I am weird, I am lonely. I don’t have anything to say over that, everybody is entitled to their opinion. It doesn’t matter what people think about Me, until and unless I know what I am doing is right and not invading someone’s life & deeds. I prefer to ignore the comments & opinions of people about Me because it does not create any difference to Me & My life.

Sometimes, I like to be alone and walk along with my own thoughts! It’s not depression or abnormal behavior.I ts a choice, Its the eccentric choice out of many choices I do have.

I prefer to listen to my mind in silence. So, I prefer solitude, I have devoted a NIGHT time to talk with my soul, My Mind , My Heart & My sub-conscious. In short I choose to talk with my inner person. Every night, I decide to walk away from all distractions, domination and the society. I allow to calm down my mind. I give my mind a permission to be in peace. For an hour, I prefer to walk in the woods in my own philosophy than getting driven into the chaos before I conclude the day. Yes, I disconnect myself from the chaos, from continuous interruption of nitty-gritty things.

Why Solitude is Necessary?

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I feel solitude is necessary! Solitude has 3 major benefits in my view, how it has added value to my life.

  1. It gives Relaxation & Peace of Mind!
  2. It helps you find some creative ideas!
  3. It provides you the honest feedback about your actions & yourself!

The solitude triggers the process of self-actualization & self-realization. It connects you directly with your inner person. It connects you with your soul. It provides an ultimate relaxation to ourselves when we are not bombarded by interruptions like Job issues, social Media, Tv, Ads, Gossips, News, family problems and the survival challenges. Everyday We all devote, mark our time for everyone else in our life. If you are living well balanced life and you are a responsible family person, You have time for your family, your kids, your friends, your job commitments, your cell phone, your Tv. You have time for everyone and everything surrounds you! You even have a time for the gadgets which are dead objects but what about you? Do you have time for yourself? If you don’t then you it’s time to think!

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Swami Vivekananda said talk to yourself! May be solitude is the right and only time to talk with yourself! Can you talk with yourself when you are surrounded by friends, family & all problems, distractions ? its not possible. you got to step aside for a while.

Its perfectly alright talking with yourself, it’s the time wherein some new ideas pop out of your brain. You may find some new ways to your old issues, problems. It’s not at all weird talking to yourself. Too many successful people employed this technique in their life. Knowingly or Unknowingly, I had been doing this for more than 15 years and it been really a wonderful experience for Me. The peace, happiness I experience in my solitude time is beyond sharing. I suggest you to experience it. Solitude helps me to find answers to my questions.

Robert Harris said – You find out what you think by talking to yourself!

Solitude provides a relaxation, refreshment it simplifies your life Because It makes you realize who you are, what you really want in life? It helps you what you really want to be over what others want you to be! My parents, My friends, our society wants me to be as Good executive, Manager and prolific corporate person but beyond that I want to be an impeccable and Humble Human being, I want to be good contributor, I want to be a Giver! I want to be a writer! I want to be a development phenomenon, I want to pursue excellence. Solitude explores your original thoughts, it explores what you really are as a True Human being, which is very rare to find, because throughout the day we are posing someone than really being true to our self!

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I figured out too many things in my own company. In my life before, I ask for somebody’s opinion, I take my opinion, my permission through the hour of solitude. I realized my attitude issues, I realized how my straightforward nature is turning into belligerence and its hurting my parents, my friends. It gave me feedback of my own actions, flaws in my attitude. What I should have done, what can do to improve upon the situation & so on. No hassle, No forceful suggestions, No domination, No Compulsion. All thoughts are calm, they serve as Auto-suggestions nothing else.

Give yourself a chance! For a day, for a while! May be every day. Stay away from chaos, Stay away from the distraction devices. Walk with yourself! Talk with Yourself! It’s not at all weird talking with yourself!


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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.


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