Be A Person of No Excuses!

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You Can Have Excuses Or Results Not Both! @ Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Listen to this conversation-

  • Phone rings – Hello!
  • Sir! Where are you? Why you didn’t you come to gym? You are missing since last 3 days? What a happened ?
  • Sorry, I was busy. I had lot of work in office! So, I got tired & couldn’t come!
  • What is this sir? Same old you! You missed the gym twice in last week as well.
  • Sorry Anil- Really, I was very busy!
  • Okay Sir! Come tomorrow Morning! Without fail!

This was a conversation between me & my trainer few months ago.

That justification did put me off the hook for a while but if you observe it closely, what it was? It was an excuse that I used to defend myself! It showed you guys – how comfortably I used an exaggeration to get away from the situation from responsibility and accountability of own health. Yeah, I do agree I Was bit busy that week but I could have managed somehow to visit the gym at least for 45 mins. I was really not that busy because I know how to manage time. I could have done better by reaching to gym than providing such excuse!

There could be some different opinion to this incidence. Some people may say that this is genuine reason, its not an excuse. You do not need to be hard on yourself. May be you are right But in my deep introspection I feel it was an excuse. It may not be excuse for few of you. That’s Okay. You got to weight yourself on your own, whatever necessary things you are putting off the track are because of reasons or Excuses?

The Excuses you use to defend yourself now would be the reasons that would destroy your future! @ Mahendra Kapady.

What is an Excuse!

Excuse is path of least resistance. Excuse is a shortcut that leads directly towards disaster in long run. Excuse is a like a small dose of drug that gives your relief for a short period of while but in long run it deepens your would, worsens your health. Excuse is a quality of people who will do nothing noteworthy in their life. Excuse is an identity of failure! We all give excuses if nothing happens as being desired, as expected. People feel it’s a good escape plan! Few people give excuses all the time. Few people just love to give excuses, So they Start Preparing Reasons (Excuses) that why this target cannot be achieved before even they make an attempt to reach that target.

Giving an excuse for one  day for reaching late to office, couldn’t submit report in time, failing to meet timelines for family, friends, all such things doesn’t look that bad as of now but if you behave in a same way, day by day, week after week, so month by month, it becomes disease from which it’s very difficult to escape.

Image result for excusitis

Yes, it’s very difficult to cure the Excuse disease.Its been said as Excusitis! it’s an Attitude disease! Finally you set an identity on yourself “ The Person of Excuses.”

I have read somewhere “You can get sympathy when you give excuses but not the respect”. That’s completely true, people might say ohh that’s okay, I can understand that but after a while you would lose your credit ability if you keep on giving excuses for not meeting their expectations or desired results.

In life, when you follow the path of excuses it will only lead towards Failure.

If you wish to reach towards success, you have to take diversion from the path of Excuses!

Image result for if you really want to do something you ll find a way if you don t you ll find an excuse

Don’t give excuses, just hit the problem hard, give it a go, try a different approach, every problem comes with diverse solutions. All you need is to look at them from different angles.

Excuses Will Never Grow You. Attempts, Failed Attempts And Diverse Attempts Will Definitely Make You Grow!

Remember You Can Have Excuses Or Results Not Both!


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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.


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