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Good Life May Happen But Great Life Must Be Created! @Mahendra Kapady.

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I ask You- What is your first decision of the day? It’s the big & important decision you have to take every day! Do you take it Right? Do you have any clue?

Life is mystery! It happens, how? Our life doesn’t happen in a decade or bunch of years. Our life happens in moments, it happens every day. Your life is miniature in days! You don’t live in years directly. You live in days! The day’s slips into Weeks, Weeks slip into months, months slip into years and after a while you reach someplace. But most of the people realize they have reached the place they never intended at the first sight? So, Where are you leading? Is it downhill or the Mountaintop?

On a positive note let’s consider you are leading to the Mountaintop. Are you sure about your climb? Are you trekking the right mountain! Is it the right decision? The successful life is all about taking right decisions! The decisions that you take every hour, every day! The decisions that you take every day puts you in a driver seat. The quality and firmness of your decisions affirm whether you drive your life or get driven by them!

How Successful Life Starts?

Successful life starts with a successful day. Great life is collage of thousands of successful days. A productive day Multiplied by n number days makes a way for remarkable life. Small right decisions, actions compounded over years lead to the mighty results.

Great Life is a compound effect of numerous small decisions taken over a long period of Time!@ Mahendra Kapady.

If you want to be successful in your life, you have to begin with a successful day, for that you have to make your 1st decision right. The 1ST Decisions of your day! Do you have any idea about this decision? The decision is to wake up before Sunrise! Yeah, the first decision is neither from your Office nor from your home, family. It’s neither financial nor a career decision. It’s a personal decision of wellness; it’s the decision of Accountability. Being accountable to yourself!

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The 1st decision is to wake up but how to make it up right is up to you. If you wake up at 1st instant when the alarm goes loud, Great! Wonderful, you hit bang on target, you are right on your course. But if you decide to hit snooze button and support your lazy mind with that 5 more mins tactics, then the decision has gone completely wrong. If you are hitting snooze button every 10 minutes, then you have made a disastrous choice to start your day. If you wake-up at instant, you have given a kick start to your day but if you have hit Snooze button, then you have kicked the day and its going be messy, as everything is going to into reaction mode.

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Leave The Group of 7Am Risers!

Don’t just wake up, wake up right! You have to take your 1st decision right! If not, you got to make it right the very next day! You have to start morning on your own in positive way. When you wake up early you get in control of your life but when you wake up late you would get controlled by life. Whether you drive your life or get driven depends upon the time you wake up. Don’t just wake up for survival wake up to create a difference! Do not just wake up to live the life, wake up to create your life! If you wish to create your life, you have to create a wonderful day, the wonderful day begins with a wonderful morning, and the wonderful morning doesn’t happen automatically, you have to create it with your 1st decision – To Wake Up Right!

Do not just wake up for sake of it, Wake up to achieve something!

When you rise early, you get into responsive mode to life. If not, you live life in the reaction mode, reacting all day for some reasons whether relevant or irrelevant, struggling to meet the means.

Wake up on your own will and enthusiasm not by force of anyone, under some pressure or for the need of survival.

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If you hit the snooze button, it shows you are not serious about you day, your schedule, your goals and your vision. In large picture it depicts you are not serious about your vision!

Let’s say you are 7.00 Am Riser, (which is average time of the 97% of the human beings) Imagine how life can be different if you decide to wake up right! How? Just by waking up just 1.5 Hrs. earlier. By waking up at 5.30 Am! If you wake up at 5.30 Am you have an extra time for yourself, you can do lot of things in that for you.

I found these few advantages in my life because of the 1st Right decision. I Suggest you to give it a go!

  1. You can read book for 30 mins and gain some wisdom,
  2. You can do workout & get in excellent shape, posture & improve your health.
  3. You can gain peace of mind by a walk in a garden or meditating for 5-10 mins.
  4. You can plan your day in advance to avoid the unnecessary hassle!
  5. You can have quality time & great conversation with your loved ones & have healthy breakfast with them.
  6. You can reach office & places in time or well in advance.

Isn’t that great, there can be many benefits over this! You can have your way! If you read the biographies of successful people you would understand there were early risers!

If They Can, Why Can’t We? If I Can, Why Not You?

You got to take the take your 1st decision right!


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Thank You!

– Written by Mahendra Kapady@beginner!

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