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Hello Friends , Welcome back to my blog Beginner! Thank you for tuning in for the daily Post. #Inspiration.

Today’s viewpoint is about the Attitude!Its been said- “Attitude is Everything.” that’s not exaggeration or just mere play of words or some made up fancy quote. Why Attitude is Important? People spend years and years, almost decades of their life to resolve the mystery. The big question of their life – how to be Successful. How to be happy, how to achieve a peace of Mind, to live a life of significance.Because Being successful is about following some simple set of rules.They are simple but not easy. So,there is a catch these simple rules are very simple but need to be followed day after day, everyday.  There is no time-out, No break! You cannot give excuses, why because no body would listen to it! Its like you are standing in-front of Mirror and answering yourself! Do you give excuses when you are standing in front of Mirror ? No, you Never! because its of No use, nobody is there to listen and sympathize you. You are accountable to no-one but yourself!

Having a Impeccable Attitude is one of those simple Rules!No, one demands this from you! No one is going to punish this if you don’t have it. You would get punished by yourself if you don’t have it! But if you have it you would see the difference between you & others! The difference is substantial and Your life is remarkable!

In my view- Few things are possible with the Talent but with Good Attitude Everything Is Possible! You can have a good life with your resources but you will have Great life with your Attitude!@ Mahendra Kapady,

Its not about the education, its about the talent or gifts, its not about your background, wealth or any thing else but Its mostly about Your Attitude towards life! I am not talking about materialistic success or educational certificates or show-off success. I am talking about real success. Real success is about living a life of purpose, being content & leaving a legacy behind! Your real success in life is totally relevant with your Attitude!


Image result for your attitude not your aptitude determines your altitude

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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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