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The World Is Run By Those Who Show Up! @Ron Nehring.


What makes few people very very successful? Do you have any clue? Its bit of debatable question. People have diverse views over that. Some could say – Successful people are Gifted, talented, they have good memory, they are born courageous, they have gut feel. People suffering from excusitis might say- Some people get successful because they have good contacts, they have support, they have financial freedom, they had a mentor, they had coach, and they had everything in their favor. Some of these things might be right to some extent, but I have noticed that successful people have a peculiar attribute that’s found in very rare species on this earth.

The Attribute that make some people Elite over mediocre is To Show Up! If you can observe and differentiate between unsuccessful & successful people, the one thing you would directly notice is they have a discipline of showing up no matter what!


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Let me share a relevant story – In my gym a guy was constantly nagging or I can say he is complaining because His body is not taking right shape, He says “I am not gifted with physique.” He explained how these sportsman & few ones have a good physique and why can’t we have a physique like that! He justifies his comments very well. Everyone nods in agreement when he plays that cassette and he plays that very frequently (may be 3-4 times a month when we cross our path, when I ask his whereabouts), May be he is right but when I did some behind the talk searching, this is what I observed –

The guy hardly shows up 3 – 4 days a week with abrupt timings, in addition to that his mood is switched off most of the times. He is mostly interested about the song is playing and social issues. He spends almost 2 hours in gym without great synchronization in activity. On the other hand I have seen some people who  come to gym 6 am every day. They talk less and focus more on activity. They exercise only for about 50-55 minutes & they leave. And these guys have splendid lean, muscular physique. Why? Is it part of luck? Of course not! Then why? It’s because they show up! It’s because they are in sync. with the activity.

We are what we repeatedly do!

It’s been said we are what we repeatedly do! This is applicable to any endeavor of your life! You cannot be a marathon runner if you are putting your jogging shoes into run once a week and rest of the days making excuses why you can’t! You cannot swim if you are looking in the sky, fiddling with your mobile & paddling hard inside the water. It doesn’t work that way, you would get drawn! You just don’t have to be there but you have be there all in. You can swim comfortable & become a good swimmer iff you are all in there. You got to be there with your physical and mental well-being. This version/information is relevant in any function of life. If you want to be successful in any activity you have to show up all in!

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People who showed up- 

Successful people have this muscle of showing up! They employ it day after day to produce better results and get stronger. Bill gates showed up every day for about 10 years (without a leave) while he was building Microsoft! Can you imagine without any leave! Thomas Edison went through numerous failures. Despite going through more than 10000+ failures he kept on showing up, finally he created an Incandescent light Bulb! He didn’t have a school certificate, college degree or masters in engineering, all he had a will to show up & give all in. He knew there is no turning back. Like these, society witnessed thousands of legendary entrepreneurs, scientists, activists, artists who showed up for a cause and gave there all in. They worked day in day out to create a better life, they fought hard to make this world a better place .These people invented the things which created a life of peace, comfort that we are experiencing today. Never underestimate the power of showing up! It doenst matter how they feel, good or bad, Happy or nervous, if its important they show up!

That’s the standpoint of the discussion Successful people are not abrupt,They are not disconnected form their Goal. They are disciplined. They add value to their lives by being there every day. Successful People Show Up Every Day! They don’t just physical Show up! They Show Up All In!  They show No matter what! No matter whichever way it goes, whatever way it takes – they would show up. They would produce. They would be there every morning. They would be pushing & showing. There is no excuse! They are not accountable to anyone but themselves!

No Matter What, Get Up! Show Up All In! 


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– Written by Mahendra Kapady@beginner!

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