Are You Serious About Your Habits?

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This article is a First part of 3 episode series of my idea Billion Dollar Habits!

Part 1– Are You Serious about your Habits?

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We First Make Our Habits Then Our Habits Make Us!@ John Dryden!

 Do you want a good life? Yes. Of course. Everybody wants a good life, but does everybody gets it! Nope. Why? Because good life doesn’t happen to you, you have to create it through the deliberate efforts! Great life is not a matter of chance but a matter of intentional choice. Yes, you have a right to live a good life, in fact a great life but that’s possible only by choosing the good habits!

It’s been said- “Good habits are difficult to form and easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to form and difficult to live with!

We all wish to be millionaire & billionaire and wish for the life of success, Health, Wealth, Happiness & abundance. Can you have it? Is it possible? Yes. This life is possible! There is no hidden formula as such. It’s an open secret! You can refer to it if you want to! It’s a matter of choice. The real question is – Do you really want to take that climb? The climb is possible is only through you & your habits!

So, what about your habits? Have you taken them on your radar? Are You Serious about Your Habits?

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I have 3 questions for you to test your awareness about importance of habits! I request you to answer them honestly. Because it’s in total benefit of you & no one else.

  1. Do you have any good habits? How many good habits do you have?
  2. Do you have any bad habits? How many bad habits do you have?
  3. Do your Good habits outweigh your bad Habits?

The 3rd question is of uttermost importance. If you are honest enough, You would see the difference. If your good habits outweigh your bad habits by good factor, you are on right track of life, you can grow but if your bad habits outweigh your good habits then it’s an alarming time for you. See, it’s not a rational formula to compare. You have to measure the factor of outweigh-ness for you, you can do that by measuring the results you are bringing in your life. If the results are not so good or as wished/expected by you, then it implies your good habits are not good enough & you need to push them to next level or you may have to form new one by eliminating the old bad, not so good ones.

I feel Your habits is the bridge between the mediocre life and the successful life, the life of your dreams! It’s been said we first make our habits, then our habits make us. This statement is 100% true. Your habits create your character. The character you create define your life, Your destiny.

Knowingly or unknowingly you create your habits. Habits doesn’t happen automatic or drop out of sky .Your habits are intentional before getting automatic. Habits doesn’t stick to you or of ill luck or misfortune. They Happen! Habits don’t stick to you, you decide to stick with them or allow them to be with you. Life comes with a choice, everything you choose, repeat and feed becomes a Habit over period of time. Then these habits starts controlling your life. It not only controls your physical aspect but your mental region as well. Habits doesn’t stay limited only over physical activities like eating or sleeping. Sooner or later they get transformed into the regions which you can’t even see. You habits transform your Thinking, your feelings & situational behavior. Most importantly your habits alters your attitude towards life.

The way you eat, the way you talk, the Way you shake your hand, the way you sit, stand, the way you think in particular situations, the way you react, the way you respond, the way you feel under diverse scenarios is all the effect of your habits. May be the place where you born is not your hand but the place where you land is definitely in your hand. Your habits is the vehicle that makes you reach there.

Bad habits doesn’t come by default, you cultivate them by greed, lack of self-control or awareness. Its applied to any sort of bad habits, let it be outward bad habits or inner bad habits!

Story of my Bad Habits –

I was very much aware about the health, but knowingly or unknowingly I got clung to few bad choices & became habitual to some things. Even though I was not doing them on very regular basis but they were affecting my life. Instead of accepting it and working over it, I was blaming my genes, body structure etc. When I went into the right environment I got to realise the importance of right habits.

Few Bad habits I was struggling with-

  1. I was drinking cola about 3 – 4 times a week.
  2. I was over talkative, Very bad listener, I was impatient.
  3. I was not remembering important facts, names of people, I never thought that’s important.
  4. I was very defensive & close minded when it came to change.
  5. I had an attitude “I know it all, do not try to teach Me.”
  6. I was very much resistant to reading & learning new things.
  7. I was overeating, I was eating some sort of unhealthy, garbage stuff very frequently.
  8. I was consuming small amount of alcohol 2-3 times a month.
  9. I was oversleeping. I used to remain awake till late & waking up at 8 Am.
  10. I was overspending, I was under saving.
  11. I was adamant, belligerent, uncontrolled and exaggerative in many small & irrelevant situations.
  12. I was not behaving properly with my parents & closed ones.

There could be few else but these were few I found out of my introspection, inner study and feedback through my loved ones. If you found anything else, let me know, I would love to work on it.

Some of you feel – These habits didn’t sound that dangerous or like addiction. Even though these habits doesn’t sound that bad, like most of us are into it right now but I was very concern about it when I decided to change my life, why? Because I was thinking long term! Because when I went under the change, I started observing people’s behavior from learning point of view. I came to see few people behavior is very strange, unacceptable but they are least bothered, not aware about it. Their so called bad habits, improper civil behavior, lack of courtesy, lack of civic sense is so automatic that they are not even aware about it. What it seems as unacceptable or bad habits (to us) is the normal & casual occurrence for them. I got alarmed by seeing it, when I saw myself in mirror, I found few traces of bad habits, behavior and I decided to be different.

So, Are You Serious about Your Habits? I think you are not, like most of us. Because 4-5 years prior I wasn’t at all. Even though I wasn’t an addict or waste but my good habits were very few, looking minuscule in front of mountain of bad habits.

If your habits are good they create a person you wish to be! If your habits are bad or not good enough they would create a disaster, devil or the person you hate, or never wished to be. It’s all up to you. You cannot blame someone else for your habits. Some people say my friends made me addict, I am this way because of my family. I do agree to that not fully but to some extent. I do agree that someone triggered you at one instance for some bad choice like drug, smoking or alcohol. But – this is a big but! your habits are not formed over the night, they are formed through repetition, desire, will or due to lack of self-control and awareness. Habits can be good or bad. The same attributes are responsible in forming the good, bad or disaster habits. So, someone might have triggered a bad behaviour or choice but you chose to be continue, then it became a habit. So, You & only You are responsible for bad Habits, Nobody Else. I am firm with this statement.

If your habits are good they charge you, Push you, Elevate you towards new future, they inspire you, motivate you to do good. They help you focus, they charge you to jump out of bed every morning to work ?& wake till late nights But if they are not, these bad habits would suck your all energy bit by bit, it would drain you out, make you restless, helpless & dependable to some vices over a period of time.

I suggest you to take charge of your habits before they take charge of you & Your life! Be serious about your Habits!

Please note – Tomorrow we would talk about science, the background about habits, how to form them. Stay tuned for the next article of the 3 part series of Billion Dollar Habits!


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– Written by Mahendra Kapady@beginner!


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